In lore has Annam ever returned in previous editions/stories

I am working on a campaign setting idea where Annam returns and then triggers a series of cataclysmic events.

Much of my inspiration for this is the initiation of Ghehenna in the world of darkness series and there is a strong possibility my campaign setting will be brought to a total end, or at least be forever changed.

My question is, in the history of DnD and the many published stories, adventures and campaign settings defined has the potential/actual return of the God of giants, and what the potential outcomes of it could be?

After death & reincarnation does a wizard need to recast Find Familiar? Does he or she get the previous one or a ‘new’ one?

A wizard dies – but his familiar escapes unharmed. He &/or she (the wizard) is Reincarnated, via the spell. He &/or she gains a new race with new abilities. Basic skills, proficiencies, physical (Str / Dex / Con) and psychological abilities (Int / Wis / Cha) all change as RAW dictates (‘its complicated’).

He &/or she had a familiar previous to death. The familiar survived, as noted, as he &/or she &/or it (possibly spayed?) was off on an errand and did not die.

What happens upon wizard seeking his &/or her familiar?

Does the wizard need to re-cast Find Familiar? If he &/or she does (&/or does not), does this wizard gain the same old shape (fae, celestial, fiend) & style (possibly spayed?) familiar as previous – or is it a brand-spanking-new fresh off the press familiar out of the Outer Planes?

Repeat of Question: Wizard has familiar. Wizard dies YET familiar is okay. Wizard gains a new body. Wizard must re-cast Find Familiar: yes / no? Wizard gets a NEW familiar, yes / no?

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What are some good feats for sorcerer’s from current or any other previous versions of Dnd? [closed]

I am playing a shadar kai, Giant Soul(strom) sorcerer(level 06).
I took the crossbrow experties feat at level 1.
I have +4 mod on both Dex and Cha, and a +3 mod on Con. (I have +6 bonus on Con saves).
With haste, shield, absorb element and shadar kai’s necrotic damage resistance I fight in melee.

My my usual attack pattern is-
1.Go in mele use shocking grasp
2.haste atk-use a hand crossbow
3.bonus action-another hand crossbow atk(Through crossbow experties feat)

Why min-maxing? Because eveeryone in the party does. If I don’t I will feel useless in combat. The DM has allwed a lot of previous version material to the other players.

I have already thought of war caster, but with the defence I have conscentration is not a big problem. Also, if shocking grasp hits I can back off without provoking opportunity attack and have the 60′ movement due to haste.

With this build of mine what would be the best feat for me(any verion/any book)?

Does regret change when the loss function is dependent on the previous predictions?

The loss function of each expert in the expert advice problem(or any online learning problem) depends on the time($ t$ ) and expert advice at that time($ f_{t}(i)$ ). suppose in this problem, loss function depends on the previous prediction of the algorithm. $ $ l _{t} (i) = p_{1} p_{2} \cdots p_{t-1}f_{t}(i)$ $ such that $ p$ show prediction of algorithm.

Does the upper bound of regret change?

How to create another shipping method which based on the previous shipping method

I have two shipping methods,

  • Standard
  • Express

Standard shipping method will be calculated based on the items amount and other data. In the express shipping method, I just want to add x amount. Let say if the standard shipping is 50 then it will be increased in the express 52. and if it is 60 then it will be 62. So basically increase the express shipping cost by adding 2 to standard shipping cost.

How this can be done?