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I read a previous reply from something else asked and your reply has prompted my request. In that reply you said you would be happy to help know if a device had been hacked and could provide a walkthrough on how to regain control of the device. Pls assist, many thanks.

How to redirect to the previous page after submission of a form in a block

I have a view of nodes of type task. I created a block with an inline task create form (using form block module) The block is next to the view on the same page.

Question: After creating a new task by using the block, it shows the task full node. Instead, I want it to be redirected to the initial page (the views page) where the task was created.

I understand that the block is not aware of the URL, neither is the task create form in it. That is why a return to previous page in for example business rules, does not work.

How can a redirect be accomplished in this case?

PREVIOUS Visa refusal Query -Uk

I’m planning to apply for Uk Visa but in October last year my schengen visa from Greece was rejected stating:

1- Justification for the purpose and conditions of intended stay was not provided. 2- The information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of intended stay was not reliable.

Basically I feel the issue with my Greece application was that i did not provide a cover letter explaining the purpose of the visit. A brief background abt myself: I’m single working for a bank for last 4 years. Living with my family in Uae for last 8 years. I hardly travel but last year was awarded a travel vochur by my employer and now this trip is to redeem the same.

So kindly advise how should i address the the below question in Uk visa application.

“Have you ever been refused a visa to any another country other than Uk and kindly explain what happened”.

Unable to get content of previous version of File while migrating file

I am trying to migrate file from one SharePoint site to other using CSOM, But while doing same only current version data is coming @ destination site and found that current version data in previous version also although @ source previous version data is different in each version.

Can anyone help me with CSOM code to achieve expected result

Revert back to the previous dev version of a module using composer

Current last dev release of the Field Group module for drupal 8 was out on (29 Mar 2019). However, I need to download the previous dev version before the dev version release mentioned above.

The last dev release was out on (29 Mar 2019)

but I need the previous dev version which was out on (10 May 2017)

It is important for me to record this specific dev version in composer.json file so the same dev version of the module will be used on all environments.

How can I do that ?

Note: i can use any of Composer, Git or Drush commands.

(Count on today) minus (count on previous day) for 1 Month duration

How to query the sum of today count that need to be subtracted with sum of previous day count, daily for duration of one month.

SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT member_profile.memberProfileNumber) FROM member_profile LEFT JOIN member_token ON = member_token.memberProfileId WHERE member_profile.memberProfileNumber LIKE ‘MM%’

I have two tables and columns as below:

Table member_profile
memberProfileNumber id

Table member_token memberProfileId createdAt

Expected result: Expected Result

An arrayformula to find the previous non-empty cell in another column

In Google Spreadsheets, without using Apps Script etc., is it possible to achieve the following with a single formula, such as arrayformula (or maybe mmult or something strange, but no fill-down) at the top of Column B?:


Column A: cells are empty or non-empty


Column B: contains the last non-empty cell of column A


input | output ===============     a | a ------+--------       | a ------+--------       | a ------+--------     5 | 5 ------+--------       | 5 ------+--------     c | c ------+--------     c | c ------+--------       | c ------+--------     a | a ------+--------