Are Ogres allowed to become Priests of Vaprak?

The Complete Book of Humanoids allows for PC Ogres with a level limit of 3 in Shaman and no other divine spellcasting class allowed.

Monster Mythology provides details for Vaprak’s (the god of Ogres) priesthood, with a level limit of 3 for Shamans and a level limit of 7 for Speciality Priests.

My understanding of Specialty Priests is they are something that can be taken instead of Cleric. Is my understanding of Specialty Priests flawed or is there something else RAW that addresses this?

Monster Mythology additionally states in the intro that other races can become a Specialty Priest for any given god, but if they are not the god’s race they have the same level limit as the Shaman. It seems clear the intention was to allow Ogres to get to level 7 Priests under Vaprak, which is how I’m ruling it in my game, but I’m hoping to find something RAW to further justify that decision.

What title do priests of the Sovereign Host use?

Eberron Campaign Setting and Faiths of Eberron refer to the faithful of the Sovereign Host as “vassals,” and indicate that the various congregations of vassals are led by “priests,” in a mostly-decentralized manner. Quite a lot of detail is offered on what it means to be a priest, how one becomes one, and so on, but one thing seems conspicuously absent:

How do you address one?

Most real-world clergy have a particular title used with their names to indicate their status, and I assume the same is true in Eberron as well, but I can’t seem to find anything saying what those titles are. The Church of the Silver Flame has quite a lot of detail (being a very-thinly veiled proxy of the Catholic Church, it uses “Father,” “Bishop,” and “Cardinal”), and other cults are small enough that I’m not terribly worried about them, but the Sovereign Host is the majority religion for most of the continent: it’s a big deal.

So is there anything out there I’m missing that describes the naming? Even just a named example priest NPC, so that I can see how they’re named in a statblock, would be useful, but I can’t find even that.