what is the event for this product price print in home page in magento 2

enter image description here

when i open that Lenovo storage 1.2 T


enter image description here

I customized the product price by this event




but home page products showing the wrong price

how I can fix with my customized event product price for those blocks??

my Magento ver 2.2.6

Are “print” links needed on a website?

What do you think, does a website for a general audience need a “print” link or will the users know how to print the page for themselves (using the browser controls)?

Some background:

  • It’s not a content-heavy website, so printing won’t be a primary usecase.
  • The design has a quite heavy background that can make people stop and think before printing the page, therefore having the print option may also give the right signal to the customers that the page can be printed properly.

como faço para printar em json com a função print jason_encode?

o codigo:

//Pega os input da URL $  ramal1=$  _GET['ramal']; $  quantidade1=$  _GET['quantidade'];     //Verifica se as codições são verdadeiras if(strlen($  ramal1)!=4 || is_nan($  ramal1) || is_nan($  quantidade1)){ die;  }   else{     for($  i = 1;$  i <= $  quantidade1; $  i++){          $  arquivo = file('nomesFemininos.txt');//Transforma os dados do arquivo em um vetor         $  numero = mt_rand(0, 55250);//Sorteia um número aleatório         $  nome1 = $  arquivo[$  numero];//Pega nome sorteado                   //Adiciona no Banco                 $  add_no_banco="INSERT INTO agentes(nome, id) VALUES ('$  ramal1-$  nome1','$  ID')";                  $  roda = mysqli_query($  KeyDB,$  add_no_banco);                 $  ramal1+=1; // Ramal é alterado                    print json_encode("id=$  ID-$  ramal1-$  nome1");//aqui eu quero formatar em tipo em array na pagina mas ta saindo assim:"id=11-2324-WEVELLYN\r\n"             }         } 

Convert Kindle To Createspace KDP Print Paperback Book Cover for $35

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i want all order attachment to print once i “print all” with the invoice in magento sales grid

On the Magento sales grid, there is a dropdown tab that says “Print All”. When I select this, not only do I want the order invoice to print, I also want all the order attachments to print. The order attachments are uploaded using the default Magento custom product functionality as either jpg or pdf files. Please i would be very greatful if you can help me out with the code or solution.