Epson L130 printer giving out blank pages on Ubuntu 18.04

Please consider this as an emergency and help me. I upgraded my system to Ubuntu 18.04 from Ubuntu 14.04. My Epson L130 printer was working fine on 14.04 but even though I added the printer to the 18.04, it doesn’t print documents from Libre Office and other PDF readers. The paper just goes inside, the printer head does some motions but the paper comes out blank. I see that I can print test pages from the internet and from the printer, but no documents can be printed. I tried installing the driver and printer utility from the Epson site. Please suggest some things that I can try out to make it work. Any additional information can be given on demand. Thanks in advance!

Cannot install HP printer: plugin installation not successfull

I am trying to setup my HP LaserJet P1102 on my Ubuntu 19.04

I have downloaded and installed hplip 3.19.5 from here

At first the installation seems to succeed. It asks for plugin to be installed, then it says “Plugin installation successful”. But after I click OK on this message, it returns to the window in which I should choose which printer to install, and another message pop-ups:

error: The device you are trying to setup requires a binary plug-in. Some functionalities may not work as expected without plug-ins. Please run ‘hp-plugin’ as normal user to install plug-ins. Visit for more infomation.

error: hp-setup failed. Please run hp-setup manually.

How to hack the printer driver to measure ink used for each print job?


I have done a bit of research and noticed a lack of this feature in the official software by the major inkjet printer manufacturers to measure and record the amount of ink used in each print job.

This is useful for home users and critical for commercial users to find out the true cost for each print job.

I found one by Epson(official software).


Review of the software:

However, it is closed proprietary software and device dependent, Ie, only meant for Epson printer.

For printer companies are widely known for their excessive ink profiteering, it is very hard to imagine that they would open their platform(API) for third-party developers.

In the spirit of the maker movement, I would like to gather more information around this area and hopefully hack out a solution for any chosen printer.

Ideal Solution:

1) Before Printing: To anticipate the amount of ink to be used for the print job.

2) After Printing: To record the actual ink used for the print job.

3) The amount of ink used/to-be-used to be listed by their colors(refer to screenshot in the review link).

Implementation Options:

a) Hacking the printhead driver.

This method mainly revolves around messing with the software(driver). It also takes a lot of time in codes digging and writing the hack. But to do it at the driver level, it could potentially accomplish all #1, #2 and #3. However, this method may not be even possible as drivers for non-Epson printers may not be addressing ink usage at the get-go.

b) Adopt an ink tank system and attach a “valve meter” on the tube connected to each ink cartridge.

This method is more of a hardware/electronics implementation. It may involve a microcontroller/sensors at the “valve meter” level to monitor ink flow and record ink drawn from the tank. Data will be saved, manipulated and displayed on an external dashboard in whatever way we want it. It seems like a neater solution in theory. However, it wouldn’t be able to accomplish #1 (which is not a bad trade-off). But this creates a one-off solution that is device independent, Ie, virtually works on any printer with ink tank system. Huge plus!

If you have any suggestions and/or know-how, I would be delighted to hear from you and love to see this project through.

Give a short name / nick name to a printer in iOS?

In iOS is it possible to give a short name / nick name to a printer ? I have several printers of the same spec distributed through out a building, that all show up as Epson-7620.

I know there is a feature where you can “identify” a printer, which will make it beep. But this is slow if you have to go through 5 printers to find the one you want.

Im currently running iOS 12.x on an iPhone 8.

Accessing Printer via Internet when in external network

When present in external network by using CUPS I can detect the usb printer running with raspberrypi , which is on LAN.But given print command no print is been given and gives below message:- “Unable to locate printer “raspberrypi.local”.” When the client and Printer are on same network , I get the print test pages successfully.But when accesed thru external network no print.In this case the job of print is pending i guess because when I shutdown the printer and again start it the pending print comes out.Please help me to solve this issue. Am I missing something?

canon pixma mp145 printer driver software free download for windows 7

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canon pixma mp145 printer driver software free download for windows 7

How to find the type of devices that are connected on my network for the given IP? For eg: Printer, router, phone, switch, etc

I’m trying to find out what are the type of devices that are connected on my network. Will try to implement through python code to get the details.

I tried using tools like Advanced IP scanner to scan manually. But was able to get only the Vendor/Manufacturer details.

Would appreciate if you could provide any python code block or any other suggestion on how I can find the type of device connected.