Ubuntu grub os probe creating bad entry for Arch

I recently did a new build, and wanted Arch on it – I have heard good things about it. Naturally, I also wanted a few others on there to make sure I had something I ‘knew’ how to run. Neither Ubuntu 18.04.2 nor Ubuntu 19.04 was capable of creating a grub entry that could boot Arch, even though they both found it.

Apparently they got fooled by the existence of a microcode update in EFI boot, and attempted to initrd ONLY the microcode, not initramfs-linux.img as exists in the Arch boot setup. I have tried editing the grub.cfg (yes, I know that is not persistent) just to see if that was the (entire) problem, and it appears to be so. The question then, is how do I fix it in a persistent manner?

Thoughts that occur are an attempt to modify the 30_ entry in /etc/default so it works better – skipping 30_ and doing a 40_custom for the other distros – using another boot loader? Is there an even better way – that doesn’t require modifying each additional distro after installation, perhaps? I would hate to have to add “/initramfs-linux.img” to the Arch entries in grub.cfg over and over…


Can Wifi probe requests be abused to trick clients into connecting to a fake AP?

I just read about WiFi probe requests and that it is possible to track clients by the MAC-Address in the request.

I was wondering if it would be possible to set up a malicious AP which responds “Yes, that’s me” to every probe request from clients, resulting in clients automatically connecting to that “known” network. A malicious AP could for example sniff the traffic from smartphones of people walking by whose devices automatically connected. Is that possible in theory?