Problem with Yelp Scrapper ..

So this happened twice , I had been sraping yelp and got almost 10 K results after almost about a day’s harvesting , then the scraper hanged , I had to stop the process. Now the session had to be closed which I did through task manager after waiting for hours for it to close (same thing happened with proxy harvestor or email graber ‘ when I stop it ‘ the threads get stuck at two and the application doesn’t closes) So now I went back to check the harvested data its in the autosave folder, but how do I use that ? where to open it as thats in text file format and I need that in excel sheet form.

Please advise.


Problem with creating program flow in java database application

I have created hardware shop database in SQL. Database needs to be connect to java, everything is done so far even the screen designs. However, there is problem I can’t picture/design how to application should work as program flow. There is login for employess, and employees use this application in their shop. When customer comes in and what to buy something. I realize that is very vague and weird question but how could do this?

Share Facebook WordPress Problem

I have a big problem. In my WordPress site sharing on Facebook does not work… I tried everything but did not want to work. The open graph inserts them, they are present, but I do not see nothing if I share on Facebook. Attached what the debugger tells me. I do not want it to be a problem of subdomains or SSL. Until recently it was all.

This is response Debugger Facebook:

I forgot to put the link of the portal that gives me problems: