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Fast Poster problem

Hi folks.. finally i can post on here after ages of waiting for the registration system to be fixed lol

I love the autoposter , but I’m having one problem.

In loopline’s tutorial he uses site: to get all the internal pages off the blogs that auto submit.
When I do it using his method I just either get the bit after the url /blogpost/comment/  etc or if I use a merge file I dont actually get any blog posts just the not post pages ??

What am I doing wrong, I have followed the tutorial 3 times to the letter with the same results.

I have noticed he does it on a very old version off SB, has something changed ?

Problem setting modified date for iCloud directories

I wrote a shell script to change the modification date (using touch) of a set of directories to be the same as the date of the most recently modified file in the directory. (To make it easier to sort projects by date.)

This works perfectly for directories that are not stored on iCloud. But for iCloud directories, the date is changed and then immediately changes back to today’s date.

Any suggestions as to why this happens and how to get round it?

Find the Dual of a Primal Linear Programming Problem

Consider the problem $ $ \text{min}_{x\in\mathbb R^n}\lvert Ax-b\rvert,$ $ where $ A$ is a $ m \times n$ matrix and $ b\in\mathbb R^m.$

Rewrite the problem into the form$ $ (P)\qquad \text{Minimize }\lvert z\rvert, \text{subject to }Ax-b=z.$ $

My problem is how to show the dual problem is indeed $ $ (D)\qquad\text{Maximize }b\cdot y, \text{subject to }\lvert y\rvert\le1,A^Ty=0.$ $

My attempt:

I tried to use the Lagrangian Dual (c.f. )

The Lagrangian function will be $ L(z,u,v)=L(z,v)=\lvert z\rvert+ v\cdot (z+b-Ax)$ , and $ g(u,v)=g(v)=\inf_zL(z,v).$ The Lagrangian Dual theory says that, $ $ \text{maximize }g(v) \text{ for }v\in \mathbb R^m,$ $ is the dual problem $ (D).$

But I can’t show that $ g(v)=b\cdot v$ , and I don’t know how to get the constraints $ \lvert y\rvert\le1,A^Ty=0$ from the Lagrangian Dual. And furthermore, since $ x$ is changing, $ L$ should also depend on $ x$ . But in the Lagrangian Dual theory, $ L$ can only depend on $ z$ and $ u,v$ . I am quite confused with this point.

Hope someone can help me out of this.

Any help will be appreciated.

Showing local tasks in toolbar with hook_toolbar: caching problem

I’m creating a module using the toolbar api showing all administrative functions in a more compact toolbar. I’m having “cache” troubles showing the local tasks in the toolbar… How can I keep these items outside the toolbar cache?

In my custom module I use hook_toolbar to add the local tasks

/**  * Implements hook_toolbar().  */ function compact_toolbar_toolbar() {      $  items = [];     ...      $  tasks = _compact_toolbar_local_tasks();     $  items = array_merge($  items,$  tasks);      return $  items; } 

And a function to generate the toolbar local tasks…

/**  * Create local tasks toolbar items  */ function _compact_toolbar_local_tasks() {      $  items = [];     $  route = \Drupal::routeMatch()->getRouteName();     $  manager = \Drupal::service('');     $  primary = $  manager->getLocalTasks($  route, 0);      foreach($  primary['tabs'] as $  key => $  tab) {          // add toolbar tab         $  items[$  key] = [             '#type' => 'toolbar_item',             '#cache' => [ // Can I overrule the toolbar cache here?                 'max-age' => 0,              ],             'tab' => [                 '#type' => 'link',                 '#title' => $  tab['#link']['title'],                 '#url' => $  tab['#link']['url'],                 '#access' => $  tab['#access'],                 '#attributes' => [                     'title' => $  tab['#link']['title'],                 ],             ],             '#weight' => $  tab['#weight'],         ];          // check if task is active         if($  tab['#active']) {             $  items[$  key]['tab']['#attributes']['class'][] = 'is-active';         }          // get secondary tabs for each primary tab         $  route = $  items[$  key]['tab']['#url']->getRouteName();         $  secondary = $  manager->getLocalTasks($  route, 1);          // get secondary tabs as tray         if (!empty($  secondary['tabs'])) {              $  links = [];             $  items[$  key]['tab']['#attributes']['class'][] = 'toolbar-parent';               // create renderable array of secondary links             foreach ($  secondary['tabs'] as $  skey => $  stab) {                 $  sname = substr($  skey, strrpos($  key, '.') + 1);                 $  links[$  sname] = [                     'type' => 'link',                     'title' => $  stab['#link']['title'],                     'url' => $  stab['#link']['url'],                 ];             }              // add tray with secondary tasks             $  items[$  key]['tray'] = [                 '#heading' => t('Secondary tasks'),                 'toolbar_secondary_tasks' => [                     '#theme' => 'links__toolbar',                     '#links' => $  links,                     '#attributes' => ['class' => ['toolbar-menu']],                 ],             ];          }      }      return $  items; } 

When I disable the cache in hook_page_top in core/modules/toolbar/toolbar.module everything works like a charm. Otherwise my custom items won’t follow the current page…

/**  * Implements hook_page_top().  *  * Add admin toolbar to the top of the page automatically.  */ function toolbar_page_top(array &$  page_top) {   $  page_top['toolbar'] = array(     '#type' => 'toolbar',     '#access' => \Drupal::currentUser()->hasPermission('access toolbar'),     /*     '#cache' => [       'keys' => ['toolbar'],       'contexts' => ['user.permissions'],     ],     */   ); } 

Can I overrule the toolbar cache by using the #cache array in my custom toolbar items? Which tags/context should I use?

This is how the toolbar looks like with my compact_toolbar module enabled… (but toolbar cache disabled) I really like the result! – I also made the menu behave like a simple dropdown menu and added a “content menu” to quickly add new content…

Compact toolbar example

Help me find where the problem is?

Well, I have started blog where I have started keeping the copied content and I have had put source from where I have copied content. Its been more than three months. My blog has started ranking in alexa and its increasing day by day. But no data is shown in webmaster and whenever I check links in url inspection it says the links are indexed. But when I check in SERP by it shows only 3 pages in SERP. I couldn’t understand why it is like this. The link of my website is:

Problem adding button to custom content type form

I am trying to add a cancel button to a custom content type form (typename/type/add). I have looked around and there seems to be two main ways of doing this:

  1. Creating a template file with the name page–node–add–typename.tpl
  2. Implementing the hook_form_alter either in the theme template.tpl.php or in a custom module.

then adding code like

$  form['actions']['cancel'] = array(     '#type'   => 'submit',     '#value'  => t('Cancel'),     '#access' => TRUE,     '#weight' => 55,     '#submit' => array('cancel_button_form_cancel', 'node_form_submit_build_node'),     '#limit_validation_errors' => array(), ); 

In the first case, after rendering the form with drupal_render($ form) the button is added but only the form is rendered. Main menu and other blocks are not rendered.

However in the second case the button never appears. Even though something like drupal_set_title('Title') does change the title.

Any solution to either issue would be most welcome.

Edit The first part of this question is now a separate one here.