How do I stop two of almost every process running?

How do I stop two of almost every process running? Gnome seems to be running duplicated. I found it because an error was indicating Failed to start server, Address already in use, (Bind Failed). I’m not sure what I did to cause this. Recently, to get NoMachine to display properly with my monitor disconnected, I had to run sudo init 2. Could it be related to that? How do I fix it?

System Monitor

How To Process Construction Waste?

Environmental protection is the primary issue in the modern industry. Especially for the mechanic’s manufacturers, the construction waste portable rock crusher machine makes the waste of urban buildings turn waste into treasure, and reuse is one of the important goals of the development of environmental protection in the world. Today, the waste from the construction site is very large. The portable rock crusher machine can handle the construction waste with its excellent performance. Here are some advantages of the portable rock crusher manufactured by HXJQ. 1. The waste bricks are used for building aggregates after being crushed by the portable rock crusher plant. The partition wall plate is not only light and high in strength but also soundproof and small, which greatly reduces the cost of the plate due to the easy-access and cheap material. 2. After the brick, stone, concrete, and other scraps are being crushed, they can be used for sand and laying mortar, etc. After the finely crushed concrete blocks mixed with the standard sand, the fine aggregate is used for wall plastering, paving tiles, etc. 3. The recycled bricks that processed by the HXJQ portable rock crusher plant are more than 100 types, all of which have various performance indicators. 4. After the scrap concrete block is crushed, it can be used as aggregate in concrete cast-in-place or prefabricated components for non-bearing parts of buildings. This not only saves construction funds but also does not reduce the strength of the structure.

What are some of the benign use cases of injecting bytes into another process and creating remote thread?

So lets say you are developing an AV, and marked any type of injecting into another process (for example openning it and writing to it) malicious

if so, what will be some of the false positives? will a normal user who just wants to install normal apps and browse the web be effected?

i just don’t understand why would an benign app need to do this? and how common is it? for example if its only 1 in a billion benign app that does this, then why allow it at all?

How can we change Call to actions on a card without making user learning process harder and longer?

We are designing a new dashboard for our platform which user request on some service and our providers submit offers for user requests. when a request submitted by a user, He should wait until service providers react to request. As you may guessed already, CTA buttons change on providers or user reaction. for example: user can edit his request until one offer submitted. but after that edit buttons doesn’t do anything. Here we have 2 solution for this kind of situation:

  1. Disable buttons which are disable in this state
  2. Remove disabled CTA buttons & replace them with buttons that do things

Take a look at uploaded images for better understanding:State 1 (user requested and before submit any offer by providers

State 2 (providers submitted an offer on request)

users should learn about cards we designed for their requests. changing CTA buttons on every state (which is necessary) is making the learning process harder and harder! What should we do about it?

Distributed algorithm can be executed in a single process

Looking at a “Distributed” algorithm from a textbook on distributed algorithms (e.g. Building a spanning tree, Broadcast/Convergecast.) I found that one can implement it using Golang’s concurrency primitives (i.e channels and goroutines)

AFAIK “distributed” means things are happening on multiple machines. But this is running in a single process. (the fact that all threads are sharing memory is irrelevant since the algorithm’s implementation doesn’t depend or make use of it)

So can we call the system consisting of the threads + channels a distributed system? This seems to have all characteristics:
– threads run independently and in parallel much like nodes (assuming enough processors)
– communication via message-passing

If we choose to not call it a distributed system, then why is the algorithm labeled distributed if it can run on a non-distributed system?

Why python script stops executing the statement of loop but the process itself is alive?

i am running face recognition python script on Ubutnu 18.04 as a daemon which takes pictures from another server with ssh request and performs operations on them . i have this code in python script which is always running but the statement of while loop stops being executed . the process itself is alive

While true:  ssh request to another server to recieve pictures   time.sleep(1) 

i check the directory of another server and the pictures are present there

Unknown process attempted to execute code

This morning I booted up my computer and not long afterward, got a notification from ByteFence (unsubscribed) that an unknown process attempted to execute a command that was deemed unwanted. ByteFence gives me the option to ignore the “threat” and let it execute, but to Block it, I need to pay for their service.

I don’t recognize the filename, and a quick Google search didn’t turn up any results that were helpful… mostly just weird looking results that look like garbage text. Here is the message from ByteFence:


As you can see, the executable name is “ryiddps.exe”. And the parameter after does seem unusual. I killed the process in Task Manager and deleted the executable, as well as its parent directory, and it hasn’t yet re-appeared (in case it’s self-replicating), but I don’t know whether the damage could already be done, assuming this executable was, in fact, malicious.

Anyone have any ideas what this application was trying to do, or possibly recognize the application name? I’d like to dismiss the damn ByteFence notification, as it’s stealing focus from all other applications, but I don’t know if I should click Ignore.

bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Inappropriate ioctl for device

I have used this procedure to change the root password:

Get to GRUB screen Press e to edit add "init=/bin/bash" to end of the kernel line ctrl-x to reboot from there I would mount -rw -o remount / then passwd, etc...  

That has worked in the past. This time I get:

bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Inappropriate ioctl for device bash: no job control in this shell root@(none):/#  

Then nothing. No response to any keyboard entry.