WordPress ajax serial processing of and sending

I want to install/activate plugins via ajax.But i want to add a loading class on plugins list item which is being installing or activating. In jquery If i want to do it i need to write a lot bunch of code there.For example I have 4 plugins to install.So i have to first, send first ajax request to install first plugin then when a response comes I send second request in success block but its too time consuming. I want to know if there is any easy solution. Or in php file can i send a response back then continue installing 2nd one. Is that possible??

Shortcodes not processing inside post content

I have shortcodes inside my post_content in a custom post type wordpress. But when I echo the post content, all the shortcodes are not getting applied.

What I’ve tried so far:

$  post = get_post(post_id, OBJECT); echo apply_filters('the_content', $  post->post_content); 

I’ve also applied the do_shortcode() function but that also doesn’t process the shortcodes. I’ve already applied most of the solutions present on this platform but no luck. Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

How to use pykalman for processing aicraft trajectory? [closed]

I’m programming in Python, for a research project I’m trying to track an aircraft trajectory based on ADS-B data that I get from opensky-network.org. Because of the nature of ADS-B data there are is some missing timestamp that occurs periodically. Example:

time,lat,long 2020-03-09 01:09:50,39.29488359871557,-94.729248046875 2020-03-09 01:10:00,39.28873870332362,-94.729736328125 2020-03-09 01:10:10,39.28216552734375,-94.728479800017 2020-03-09 01:10:20,39.27557373046875,-94.7266885508662 2020-03-09 01:10:30,39.268116061970346,-94.72454833984376 

My goal is to estimate the condition of the aircraft (position and speed) during the interruption period (missing timestamp). In order to do that, I planned to use the Kalman filter. In kalman filter the value of measured parameters that I have needs to be converted to a cartesian format. So I manage to convert the data into cartesian form:

time,X_position,Y_position,Z_position,Velocity,velocity_x,velocity_y,velocity_z,Acceleration,acceleration_x,acceleration_y,acceleration_z,Delta_time 2020-03-09 01:09:50,-407542.7557490199,-4926243.355891898,4018043.497980225,70.7561572258253,-68.93549599999999,-15.947764000000017,16.90624,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0,0.0 2020-03-09 01:10:00,-407631.54840079864,-4926805.655733497,4017626.447953463,70.05699827516962,-69.964384,3.6011080000000137,13.32992,-0.06991589506556864,0.0698234673266738,-0.003593854935931754,-0.35763200000000006,10.0 2020-03-09 01:10:10,-407567.9161406082,-4927351.560671127,4017124.268793508,75.46737426866473,-74.07993599999999,14.404431999999998,9.10336,0.5410375993495109,-0.5310908339108239,0.10326766214932687,-0.4226559999999999,10.0 2020-03-09 01:10:20,-407458.85953741614,-4927908.400397506,4016625.242964065,81.02288852983754,-79.22437599999999,16.976652000000023,11.70432,0.5555514261172817,-0.5432195256016256,0.11640418405749135,0.2600959999999999,10.0 2020-03-09 01:10:30,-407324.27388949855,-4928522.438497869,4016046.8880836726,87.22215588451971,-84.88325999999999,20.06331600000003,6.1772800000000005,0.6199267354682163,-0.6033031600063801,0.14259892872878097,-0.5527039999999999,10.0 

Based on what learned from kalmanfilter.net I need to determine several equations:

From what I find this calculation can be solved by using pykalman library, but in the I’m really lost in how I should apply it to my code. On the website, there is an indication that I could enter the other matrix variable that I need in order to calculate the Kalman filter equation. However, there is no other explanation about how I can adjust the code.

My question is how should I adjust the code so my calculation is in accordance with the Kalman filter equation

Can’t Understand the formula for processing speed of each job

I am trying to understand the formula for processing speed of each job. I got the formula from the following link:

Fair Online Scheduling for Selfish Jobs on Heterogeneous Machines

The other details are provided below:


I can’t understand what is the basis (i.e. the fundamental logic) of the following formula. Speed (i.e. Velocity) is given by : S= V * t

Why we have this fraction term in the formula? What does the denominator represent? I think it is representing the processing time of each job.

Somebody please guide me

Description 2

Among the following which all affects the processing power, considering one at a time?

1. Data bus capability 2. Addressing scheme  3. Clock speed   

Keeping ” Data bus capability ” and ” Clock speed ” as constant or fixed, If we manipulate the addressing scheme the it will only improve the overhead for accessing the opcode or operand, but will now make the processor run faster.

I believe it should be –

  1. Data bus capability
  2. Clock speed

Gaussian noise: Image Processing

As we all know, Gaussian Noise follows Gaussian or Normal distribution, and that distribution follows a $ BELL$ $ CURVE$ .

enter image description here

As we can see that most of the values are centered around the mean.

Now consider this image

enter image description here

When I add Gaussian noise to this image I get something like this

enter image description here

As we can see that the noise appears to be $ UNIFORMLY$ $ DISTRIBUTED$ throughout the image. There is no region where we can say that the noises concentrated around the mean value

So how can these be called Gaussian Noise?

The Code that I have used in octave is given below

 pkg load image;  I=imread('C:\Users\Hirak\Desktop\apple.jpg'); I=rgb2gray(I);  J = imnoise(I,'gaussian',0.02); K = medfilt2(J); imshow(J); 

Save Payment Processing Fee With eCheck Gateway

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How to inform a visually impaired user when an action is processing

I’m currently working on a task whereby the backend will load plenty of options, (Trip planner) my question is; What is the best way to inform a visually impaired user when an action is processing with voiceover is on, this may take 10+ seconds to load all options and without any way to communicate that to the user.