High risk business Payment Processor

Hello, I started first with using PayPal, then it got disabled permanently.. then I moved onto stripe which also is now disabled about 2 weeks ago.
This is because they consider my business type "high risk". Is there any good payment processors for this, which support high risk business & what I sell?
And preferably with an integration to prestashop as its what I use for managing my website.

I am reselling mod menus/cheat/hack for GTA 5.

Cache Miss and Processor Speed

today in my class my professor mentioned that

Cache misses becomes more expensive as the speed of the processor increases 

But he didn’t explain the reason. I searched this statement over the internet and found no answer whatsoever.

According to me, this statement is true because, when the speed of the processor increases it can execute more instructions at a given clock cycle, thus a miss leads to a stoppage of more instructions from executing. So cache misses becomes expensive as processor speed increases. Is my thinking correct or am I doing it all wrong?

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Exploiting a service on 32bit OS on a 64bit processor with ShellCode

Let’s theoretically assume I have an overflow vulnerability on a certain service I want to exploit. The service reside in 32bit Operating System on a 64bit Processor.

I’m attempting to wrap my head around the coding challenges in regards to the different architecture used on these layers.

Let’s also set aside ASLR, DEP, Rebase, etc. How would the exploit be coded in terms of architecture compatibility if I am to use a shellcode?

why we need pipeline registers in pipeline processor ( as for example for MIPS processor )

I think the answer because the data of an instruction can be overridden by the data of the instruction that will be fetched after it , but I think the data of the first instruction will always be ahead ( in one stage further of the data of the next instruction ) since the data is always passed to the next stage at the clock edge so I think there will be no collision between the data of instructions ? Please someone explain using a small example to get the idea . Many thanks.

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The maximum decimal integer that can be stored in memory of 8-bit word processor computer?

Actually i am preparing for an exam and in the last year exam this que. was been asked. i.e

The maximum decimal integer number that can be stored in memory of 8-bit word processor computer ?

a) (128)10
b) (127)10
c) (129)10
d) (255)10

Answer of this que. as given in the answer key is (b). And I have no idea how they arrived at this result.

Acc. to my understanding, we have 8-bits, which is 28 = 256 so 255 should be the maximum integer which we can store.