Should I use assumed value when using the spell Wish to produce a house or similar object?

So I was looking into the spell wish, and according to its description, it has the ability to produce an object up to 25,000gp of value. I was wondering if this could be used to produce a homestead, but there appears to be a debate on the cost of a house mainly due to its location. Should this be taken into consideration or just the raw material necessary to make the house and assume magic builds it?

Would Vicissitude alone be enough to produce flying animal ghouls?

I’m running a Dark Ages campaign and one of the players is a young Tzimisce vampire, left in service of Gutka in Poland. While there, he decided to invent winged hussars several hundred years early, but instead of winging the hussar, he’d prefer to use Vicissitude III to shape horses into wing-bearing, flight-capable death cavalry machines, ghouled to their rider. Extra armour in bone included.

To me, this seems incredibly cool, yet I cannot see whether such proficiency in Vicissitude actually allows such a feat.

Women who are nauseous at the start of pregnancy produce more hormones

Leptitox Women who are nauseous at the start of pregnancy produce more hormones, which makes the pregnancy more likely to succeed. Women who are nauseous drink less coffee. Also, upon further investigation, no connection was found between the caffeine intake and the baby’s head circumference. Although there is no clear scientific evidence about the possible harmful effects of coffee, it is nevertheless recommended not to drink too many caffeinated beverages during pregnancy.

Are illusions just mind tricks or do they produce physical images and sounds?

Do illusions exist as images and sounds in the world, like holograms, or do they exist only in the beholder’s mind, like mass hallucinations? There are paragraphs in the PHB that can support both assumptions.

Clarification: the question primarily concerns illusions produced by Minor Illusion, Programmed Illusion, Silent Image, Major Image, Disguise Self spells. Spells like Fear or Phantasmal Killer explicitly says they affect creatures, so they are out of the scope.

Illusions as actual images and sounds

Spell description explicitly says that the caster “creates a sound or an image”:

You create a sound or an image of an object within range

When casting an illusion, the caster have to specify a location, not a creature. Anyone who looks at the location perceives the illusion.

Many obviously mind-affecting spells like “friends” or “charm person” are enchantments, not illusions.

While there are creatures immune to charm, there is no creatures immune to illusions. Even a construct can perceive an illusion.

Illusions as mind tricks

The wizard’s arcane tradition describes the School of Illusion as

magic that dazzles the senses, befuddles the mind

Being revealed, an illusion looks different to the perceiving person only:

If a creature discerns the illusion for what it is, the illusion becomes faint to the creature.

When does it matter

There are several cases when the outcome might depend on where the spell effect is located:

Antimagic Field – to be negated, should the illusion “itself” be in the field, or does any creature in the field become immune to illusions?

Detect Magic – assuming that Detect Magic spell can detect illusions, what exactly should be in the 30 feet range to be detected?

Also there are ambiguity with light, vision and line of sight:

Block light – A caster tries to use an illusion to cover a window, or conceal a lit torch.

Block vision – Many cases. A caster tries to hide an object “under” an illusion, but the spell description says it can only “create an image” and not “hide an object”. If we assume an illusion actually can cover an object or a creature, Disguise Self would protect from all LoS-dependent spells, etc.

How to produce remote code execution via pickling an object

I’m working on a challenge that was presented to me without much prior knowledge of Python and the pickle library.

I’m unable to post the challenge’s code for reasons. In short though I am accessing a web app that allows for user’s to upload files of any type and size.

The code given to me then creates an object for the file that contains user information (my actual username for the website), content type, and the data of the file.

The web application then creates a file handle for writing to effectively put the serialized data into the file on the system.

For example:

f = open(filename, 'w') pickle.dump(fileObject ,f) 

From my understanding of pickle.load based on what I read it takes the object and produces strings / tuples that contain the information provided from the file I uploaded.

I would imagine I would then use pickle.load(filehandle) to unserialize (deserialize?) the file and perform the remote code execution of gaining a reverse shell or whatever it is I’d like to do.

However, when I supply code to the file I uploaded, and I try to have the pickle.load get called from the file download function I never see what I expect. I usually just get the contents of my uploaded file back to me without code execution.

I am typically uploading a file with the following contents:

import os  class Exploit:    def __init():       executePayload()     def executePayload()       return os.system("/bin/echo blah") 

Do I need to include something myself that will then serialize the above code again and then something to unserialize it?

I found the following question over on stackoverflow: that made me think I need to do make a payload that creates a payload.

I’d appreciate if someone could provide reading materials to better understand what’s happening or just an easy to follow explanation + example.

Produce Any Type Beat In 24 Hours for $20

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No sound from earbuds(3.5mm jack), internal speakers produce sound.(19.04)

I apologize for the limited scope of the details of my problem. I have used alsamixer to make sure that my earbuds are not muted. Upon insertion, plasma indicator automatically switches volume controller to earbuds and mutes internal speakers. My output tests include Plasma Audio Volume control settings, VLC(which does not appear to recognize my earbuds in device selection), and youtube.

Thanks in advance.

Cuando se produce el ClassNotFoundException en ObjectInputStream

si el fichero está vacío se produce una excepción de tipo EOFException y si contiene otra clase distinta a la que quiero leer y castear la excepción que arroja es ClassCastException, por ejemplo:

 persona = (Persona) ois.readObject(); 

Entonces en qué casos se puede lanzar la excepción ClassNotFoundException?

Gracias de antemano.

Un cordial saludo.