Is there an unbiased way to collect feedback on a product idea in a user survey?

I’m working with a stakeholder on a potential major pivot to a product, which gets used both inside and outside our organization. The stakeholder wants to directly ask a question like this in a survey to internal potential users: “If our organization offered a way to (achieve your primary goal) (without either of your two top pain points), would you be interested in using it?”

I see this question as biased because it looks like “who in their right mind wouldn’t say yes?” The stakeholder has worked for us for many years and insists that this won’t be a problem, but I find this hard to believe.

Also, in our context, we have to consider whether or not our users have the time, capacity, and desire to use a product like ours. They can use it in or outside their jobs, but they don’t have to.

Are we out of line to ask a question like this? Even if we are, what is a less biased way to ask it?

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Ecommerce – Effectively display sale on a product swatch

Is there an effective way of displaying a sale on a product swatch which is universally recognisable?

I have read the following NN article, which suggests icon and colour are the best way of displaying this on a product grid such as a listing page.

My initial thoughts were a percentage symbol within a circle, but my concern is this is to obtrusive?

Any thoughts much appreciated.

enter image description here

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Calculate price and display on woocommerce product single page under price (simple price, variable price)

I am planing to show a new price on my woo-commerce product page for all products. This is the installment price per month. I need to show this below the normal price (variable price and simple price) something like this.

0% interest installments starting from Rs.3,093

where Rs.3,093 is the new price.

this is the calculation i tried on W3 schools, and i got the calculation correct.

whereas 60000 is the price of the product multiplied by this number 5.15464 divided by 100

answer is 3,093 (answer should be rounded off to the nearest integer)

I need a custom function for this where i can add to my functions.php

<script>var x = myFunction(60000, 5.15464, 100); function myFunction(a, b, c) { return Math.round (a * b / c);}</script> 

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My blog is selling product for others..How do I make money from it..

Hi Guys..I'm not sure if this is the place to post..if not let me know..

I started a blog basically to keep a Chinese company honest…I ordered a boat based on a famous aussie design from the Boatbuilder in China for about half the price of getting it built here…they were stuffing me around for a couple of months but within a week of starting the blog my boat was started and my treatment improved 10 fold……

Well now over the course of several months it is becoming more popular and I…

My blog is selling product for others..How do I make money from it..