How to create a product details slider on post?

I am using WordPress. I have to display the product details slider on each post with different details.

For example, I have apple post and I have to add a product slider so my slider details are

Product_title   price  desc  link        image iPhone x       $  650   xyz   1.jpg iPhone 7       $  550   abc   2.jpg iPhone 6s      $  450   pqr   3.jpg 

These details will not display on another post.

What I am thinking there are two options

1) Create custom post type and add information then create a shortcode and add shortcode to the post.

2) Create the Gutenberg block and add details.

I need to know which is the best and easy? Till now I am not using any plugin. I have created a 30 post.

I am trying to add below fields and once the user clicks on add more then the same filed will display again and can add next details.

enter image description here

Below is the code for the above fields. I refer this link to generate the fields.

Note: add more button is not working.

function product_details_get_meta( $  value ) {     global $  post;      $  field = get_post_meta( $  post->ID, $  value, true );     if ( ! empty( $  field ) ) {         return is_array( $  field ) ? stripslashes_deep( $  field ) : stripslashes( wp_kses_decode_entities( $  field ) );     } else {         return false;     } }  function product_details_add_meta_box() {     add_meta_box(         'product_details-product-details',         __( 'Product details', 'product_details' ),         'product_details_html',         'productslider',         'normal',         'default'     ); } add_action( 'add_meta_boxes', 'product_details_add_meta_box' );  function product_details_html( $  post) {     wp_nonce_field( '_product_details_nonce', 'product_details_nonce' ); ?>      <p>         <label for="product_details_product_title"><?php _e( 'Product title', 'product_details' ); ?></label><br>         <input type="text" name="product_details_product_title" id="product_details_product_title" value="<?php echo product_details_get_meta( 'product_details_product_title' ); ?>">     </p>    <p>         <label for="product_details_product_price"><?php _e( 'Product price', 'product_details' ); ?></label><br>         <input type="text" name="product_details_product_price" id="product_details_product_price" value="<?php echo product_details_get_meta( 'product_details_product_price' ); ?>">     </p>    <p>         <label for="product_details_product_description"><?php _e( 'Product description', 'product_details' ); ?></label><br>         <textarea name="product_details_product_description" id="product_details_product_description" ><?php echo product_details_get_meta( 'product_details_product_description' ); ?></textarea>      </p>    <p>         <label for="product_details_product_link"><?php _e( 'Product link', 'product_details' ); ?></label><br>         <input type="text" name="product_details_product_link" id="product_details_product_link" value="<?php echo product_details_get_meta( 'product_details_product_link' ); ?>">     </p>     <p>         <label for="product_details_product_img"><?php _e( 'Product image', 'product_details' ); ?></label><br>         <input type="file" name="product_details_product_img" id="product_details_product_img" value="<?php echo product_details_get_meta( 'product_details_product_img' ); ?>">     </p>      <p>         <input type="submit" name="product_details_submit" id="product_details_submit" value="Add More">     </p>  <?php }  function product_details_save( $  post_id ) {     if ( defined( 'DOING_AUTOSAVE' ) && DOING_AUTOSAVE ) return;     if ( ! isset( $  _POST['product_details_nonce'] ) || ! wp_verify_nonce( $  _POST['product_details_nonce'], '_product_details_nonce' ) ) return;     if ( ! current_user_can( 'edit_post', $  post_id ) ) return;      if ( isset( $  _POST['product_details_product_title'] ) )         update_post_meta( $  post_id, 'product_details_product_title', esc_attr( $  _POST['product_details_product_title'] ) );     if ( isset( $  _POST['product_details_product_price'] ) )         update_post_meta( $  post_id, 'product_details_product_price', esc_attr( $  _POST['product_details_product_price'] ) );     if ( isset( $  _POST['product_details_product_description'] ) )         update_post_meta( $  post_id, 'product_details_product_description', esc_attr( $  _POST['product_details_product_description'] ) );     if ( isset( $  _POST['product_details_product_link'] ) )         update_post_meta( $  post_id, 'product_details_product_link', esc_attr( $  _POST['product_details_product_link'] ) ); } add_action( 'save_post', 'product_details_save' ); 

Is there a way to add a featured image for the product to show in the product listings, but display another image as the product image?

I want to show a different image of products listing on the home page of the site, not the featured image but when customers click on the products then it should show the featured image on the product page. The site is on woocoommerce is there any way to do this. Thanks

How to add an extra button on woocommerce shop page and use to to send the product info with image in mail?

I am using a WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin and with it, I hid the “add to cart” button and add “enquiry” button. I want an extra button beside it which will share product name, image, info with branding and backlink to the webpage in a proper format.

How to create a product customiser? [on hold]

So I’m looking at doing a project to practice and I thought I’d try my hand at building an interactive product customiser, not WordPress or anything. Just to see if I can build this to run in a browser.

The part I’m fuzzy on is how to setup the interactivity.

Could someone point me in the direction of any courses or tutorials that could help me.

Recommendation: Multi-step VS One Page product Builder

I have a website where the user needs to fill in 4 steps:

  • 1.) Pick a box design
  • 2.) Pick a gift inside the box
  • 3.) Add message
  • 4.) Upload 4 photos

I’m currently using a multistep wizard, but conversion rate is low. People normally will not finish the whole steps.

I’m trying to make everything in one single column, to see if conversion rises.

My problem comes in the last step, where users can select from +30 gifts to put inside their boxes, so I’m thinking of:

  • A. A modal with the gift selection
  • B. A scroll-y with all of the gifts
  • C. Dropdowns (less info for gifts)

Which do you think will work best? Any recommendations for this step?

enter image description here

Is there any advantage in marketing my product for £99.99 instead of £100?

It’s a wide-spread marketing technique that seems to have been around forever- selling products for £1.99, £9.99, £19.99, instead of £2, £10 and £20.

Presumably the pyschology is that submliminally £99.99 seems disproportionately closer to £99 (or £90) than £100 does.

But surely the technique is so utterly transparent and consumers so wary of marketing techniques nowadays that it is completely ineffective. And worse, by doing it, you risk detering potential customers by coming across as deceptive or dishonest.

Product catalog product images mobile

On a desktop view in the catalog there is a function that start to scroll the images of a product when you hover over them with the mouse which works perfectly fine.

But in mobile we do not have the hoover function which means that the image scrolling is not used at all. I have not been able to find any examples of shops that do this but it feels like untapped potential.

Tapping a product image opens the pdp but long press etc have been considered.

A technical limitation we have is that only the first image is loaded from the start and during the mouse enter event we load the rest of the images and start scrolling so we do not know in before hand how many images might be available.

Or would this be a bad practice all together?

Remove page title in product page using a function

I would like to ask how to remove < h1 class=”page-title”> in the product page?

h1 page title

Here’s my sample link:

It seems that two < h1> tags exist on product pages, the page title, and product title.

I’m using the Porto theme for my Woocommerce Site.