Need your professional feedback

Hi guys! I signed up here to ask you for feedback. I've just designed my first "serious" site for a startup and it would be really awesome to know what you think. My experience is not that huge: three months ago I finished web courses and this is my first commercial project. I was said, it's too much animation on my site but I don't know which one I should get rid of. Anyway, what do you think? Thank you all so much in advance!!

Professional template

Today we will offer you a free foreign blogger template that is very responsive, one of the most important features of this template is that it is very very fast and that characteristic is one of the most important factors of seo, and it is one of the most important factors that will make your topics appear in the early search results, which increases the number Visitors to the blog.
Mold Features:
A template compatible with all screens.
The template is free.
Beautiful arrangement…

Professional template

Domain Registrar and Hosting Company | Fully Functional & Professional

What exactly this site did? (Summary)

Softyhosts is a domain registrar and web hosting company that has purchased GoDaddy Reseller Pro Package (179$ /Year includes hosting, email and marketing packages). GoDaddy provides us 40% OFF prices and We are selling their products with our logo, name and brand identity. Once you'll visit the website, I'm 100% sure you'll BID on this amazing opportunity.

Why are you selling this site?
Honestly speaking, As…

Domain Registrar and Hosting Company | Fully Functional & Professional

Posting Short Cuts to make my Posts look more professional? [migrated]

I’m new here, but i am already addicted to reading and answering questions. I am predominantly on my phone.

What i am wondering, is how can i beef up my posts? I recently learned about using > before a line to create the yellow box effect. Are there any other simple tips and tricks to help make my posts look that much more professional??

Learning in depth of webdsign to near professional level, need advice.

I've been running a small web hosting business for years, mostly as a hobby. When my full time work took hold of my life lets say about 3 years ago, I stopped any study I had on HTML, CSS.

So now with that being said, I still do know some of the raw basics, but with all the information out there I'm a little overwhelmed.

  • So to start off I'm going to state my hardships, to give people and idea where I stand. Being a single father of 2 working full time has added a lot of stress…

Learning in depth of webdsign to near professional level, need advice.

Professional PDF Service Provider for $5

Are you thinking to convert or design your plain document to Fillable, Interactive Dynamic and Static PDF form? No Worries!! I am here to solve your problem. I will accomplish your task with error-free and very quick turn around. Properly designed Adobe PDF fillable forms save your money, support your operation & enhance your customer service. With thoughtful layout & built-in validation, it will help your business to collect the right information at the front-end to reduce back-end processing. This gig is perfect for you if: You need a Professional Fillable PDF Form designed. You need LiveCycle Fillable Form designed You want your existing Fillable PDF Form edited. You want to convert your simple (print and use) form to a Fillable PDF Form. Form Features: Text Fields;Numerical/Currency Fields;Date (Calendar) Fields;Radio Buttons;Check Boxes;Drop Down Menus;Buttons (Print, Save, Reset, Submit to Email/Website);Auto Calculation (Sum, Product, Divide, Average, Subtraction, etc);Digital Signature Fields;Image Fields;and many more… Why you should choose me? I offer unlimited revisions.Complete satisfaction unless money back.I always meet deadlines.I am not going to waste your time.You can use your form with any PDF Reader. I am always dedicated to my client. If need any suggestion, just ask me. I will advise what the best is for you. So Why are you waiting? ORDER NOW! NOTE: Price may vary depending on form complexity, so feel free to CONTACT ME before placing an order for CUSTOMIZED OFFER according to your needs.

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