In Multisite the users profile picture keeps disappearing for “the other site”

I have the following setup: Site A with Domain A and Site B with Domain B

Site A is set to be the main site.

The users’ profile pictures have all been set via Site A and therefore Domain A. They do show under "Network Admin > Users", but they don’t show under "Site B > Users".

If I now set an image for profile XYZ under "Site B > Users", the URL for that profile pic changes to Domain B in the users table and there is no image anymore displayed for profile XYZ under Network Admin nor under Site A.

Any idea what the issue might be and is there a way around that?

Use a custom page with dynamic content as a user profile page

I’m trying to create a website with fully customised user profile pages. I’ve created the page which uses dynamic content to pull user custom fields into it, this works fine to view your own profile however I want users to be able to view others profiles. Currently when you try to view another users profile obviously it just pulls in the logged in users info, not the profile you’re trying to view.

I realise this problem is overcome by using a profile builder plugin however i’ve tried many of these and they don’t allow you to fully customise the profile page as I need.

Is there a way to have a fully customised user profile page that can be viewed by others? Would using custom post types work for this?

Redirect user after profile update with a message

I have been working on a website based on woocommerce and have removed the default dashboard on the my account page. But when users update their email id or change their password, it still goes to the dashboard with a message.

  1. I want to redirect users to the same profile page with a message saying "profile updated" when they change their email id.
  2. Redirect users to the login page after changing their password because changing password logs them out. Could you guys help me out?

For time being I tried using the following code to redirect to the home page for the both actions but I get a syntax error while placing the order.

function redirect_me(){   wp_redirect(home_url('/'));   exit; } 

I am a designer with less knowledge about coding. Could you guys help me out here?

Creating a website with a profile that can be used to log into another website (like gmail/ facebook log in) [closed]

Where would I start doing this type of project? I am new to programming and really I have only just started learning to use the "gsub" command in Komodo / ruby on rails.

I have made part of a sample website with a box for input, however it does not do anything.

Is there a description in any textbooks or instructional video?

What attack vectors does arbitrary JS on a user profile allow?

Consider a site for frontend devs/designers to host their portfolio apps – pages with arbitrary JS, each hosted on a user’s separate profile.

What attack vectors would that enable against the site? Some suggestions and comments:

  1. Defacing the site (user’s own profile, not interesting)
  2. Phishing (by rewriting the UI to ask for credentials while using the safe domain)
  3. Credential theft of user logged-in users, by pulling auth cookies (irrelevant if auth cookies are HTTP-only?)
  4. Request forgery (by triggering a POST request from within the approved domain)

how to create user profile pages and display them based on users roles

Example: I have a website with 3 different user roles (amongst others): *developers *designers *contributors

I would like to have profile pages for users and would like to be able to display users on pages based (filtered) by their role. Hope this is clear. I have researched quite a few membership plugins and found that they are just bloated with features and ended up with TMI and no answers/solutions, so if you can help I would appreciate it. Do you know of any plugins suitable of doing that?

Thanx in advance

Segmenting a cat’s side profile and plotting a line on the edges

My goal is to segment the side profile of a cats head and plot a line on the edges of the cat’s face, The cats will have different backgrounds, colour and quality, and the feature (cat’s face edges) will be in different positions in each image.

I have experimented in python with opencv and scikit-image (manual region of interest) but I am unsure which method gives the best consistency.

What would be the most appropriate method for this?