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Multi Domain Sharepoint user profiles

We have a sharepoint where we have to use 3 AD domains (eg: domA, domB, domC) to pull users from. Sometimes there are users who would appear in all these domains(domA\User1, domB\User1, domC\User1). How can we configure Employee Directory to avoid these duplicate values. Currently, people search employee directory shows three different entries for the same user: “User1” instead I would like to see only one entry per user. Please suggest.

Error running PS Script to reindex user profiles in SharePoint online

I have reused the managed property RefinableString00 and mapped it to the crawled property People:Office. I need to reindex user profiles for an organization with 600 employees. Given that this is SharePoint online, there is not the option for a full crawl of user profiles. The options I have right now are 1) have every employee re-enter the metadata in the office field and hope that they listen so that the items will be picked up on a continuous crawl, or 2) run the following script that will reindex user profiles. The script is from Mikael Svenson. The two issues I am having is the error “A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name ‘username’.” I am using my login who is the global admin. A second issue is that I needed to change the property to Office which is a string as opposed to a date time which is what was originally in the script. I am unsure if the -Value is correct on line 36 where I use the Set-PnPUserProfileProperty to set the -Property Office. Can anyone assist me?

 # Force save by setting a random varOffice value         Set-PnPUserProfileProperty -Account $  p.AccountName -PropertyName "Office" -Value [String]::"reindex placeholder"         if ( $  varOffice -eq "" ) {             Write-Host "`tKeeping varOffice as not defined" -ForegroundColor Green             Set-PnPUserProfileProperty -Account $  p.AccountName -PropertyName "Office" -Value [String]::Empty         }         else {             $  oldOffice = [String]::Parse($  varOffice)             Write-Host "`tRe-setting varOffice to" $  oldOffice -ForegroundColor Green             Set-PnPUserProfileProperty -Account $  p.AccountName -PropertyName "Office" -Value $  oldOffice         }     } 

User Profile synchronization connection has been deleted but still user profiles show up in SharePoint

We have SharePoint 2013 environment and we have 2 AD connections (ie. 2 different domains) in User Profile Service Application. All the users from DomainA have been moved to DomainB and AD team have created new user accounts for these users. Now I want to delete the old user accounts of DomainA. So , I went ahead and deleted the DomainA connection and ran a full synchronization and this did not resolve my issue. As domainA users still show up in SharePoint.

AD Import is the synchronization method we are using to import users from AD.

Appreciate any help 🙂

How to delete 802.1x profile in OS 10.13 when Profiles does not display in System Preferences?

I am trying to delete an 802.1X eduroam profile that appears in my Network preferences in OS 10.13.

The solutions I’ve found online say that this can be done in Profiles, in System Preferences. However, there is no Profiles icon in my System Preferences. What should I do?

How to query contact details for linked messaging apps profiles (Specially Telegram) and launch them with tasker?

Since the TouchlessChat app was deleted from the PlayStore I am trying to create a task that simulates the behavior of it.

Right now I am able to capture my message using voice and get the contact ID with AutoContacts. Now I need to do something like:

If Telegram Send Telgram Message Else If WhatsApp Send WhatsApp Message Else Send SMS 

But I am not able to get the Telegram info for it (AutoContacts has a WhatsApp Uri). My closest friends and family use Telegram so it is almost my first option.

Is there a way to query the contact details to get the correct Telegram URI or similar so I can launch the app with it?

Android Bluetooth profiles missing with paired devices

I have an Android 6.0 device and an Android 4.1 device.

I used Bluetooth to pair them (only a numeric code was shown, no input needed) and it worked, I can send files via Bluetooth.

However, when I click the paired device on either phone, I can’t see any profile.

This is what I see:

enter image description here

As Internet Access is a crucial profile for tethering, it must be present.

Can you tell me why they are missing?