Configure Windows Firewall Inbound Rule for Program Not Installed on Server

How can I configure an inbound rule on a Windows Server 2016 firewall to allow access from a program which is not installed on the server? When searching for a program browse is only offered for locations on the server. Is the path specified for the rule applied to the machine accessing the server? Is it possible to create a rule based only the executable program file name, irrespective of where it is installed on the machine accessing the server?

Python program not working accurately [on hold]

First I wanna tell I am beginner and this is among my first program:

def square_area(side): return (side * side)

def rectangle_area(length, breadth): return (length * breadth)

def circle_area(radius): return (3.14 * radius * radius)

shape = input(“What shape’s area you wanna calculate: “)

if shape != “square” or “rectangle” or “circle”: print(“Only circle, rectangle and square.. Sorry!!”)

if shape == "square":        side = int(input("Enter side: "))     result = (square_area(side))     print(result)  elif shape == "rectangle":     length = int(input("Enter length: "))     breadth = int(input("Enter breadth: "))     result = (rectangle_area(length, breadth))     print(result)  elif shape == "circle":     radius = int(input("Enter radius: "))     result = (circle_area(radius))     print(result)  Even after typing circle or square it displays only first message ("Only circle square....") 


Gambling affiliate program award winners

This post is sharing winners of an awards done by Gaffg for gambling affiliate programs.

Here is a list of the Gaffg Awards Winners 2015

Trusted Affiliate Manager

Martyn Beacon – Affiliate Edge
Jelena Isakov – Fruity Affiliates
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Marius Filip – Bonnier Gaming Affiliates
Riyaz Abdulla – Betting Partners

Trusted Affiliate Program

Affiliate Edge (casino)
CasinoLuck Affiliates (casino)

Gambling affiliate program award winners

How to link command to correct program?

I’ve installed a command called gsutil on my Ubuntu VM with the command

sudo snap install google-cloud-sdk --classic 

However, when running gsutil I started an unrelated existing program of the same name (GSutil, a GrandStream BudgeTone phone backup, restore and reboot utility), which was stored in usr/bin/gsutil. Following advice from here I ran

sudo dpkg --purge gsutil 

which removed it. But now when I run gsutil I get

-bash: /usr/bin/gsutil: No such file or directory 

With which gsutil I get


And I tried to make a symlink with

ln -s /snap/bin/gsutil gsutil 

but still get the same results. Why can’t bash find it? Both locations are in my PATH: echo $ PATH


How can we convert between a program using `call/cc` and a program using functions written in CPS?

The Scheme Programming Language says

It turns out that any program that uses call/cc can be rewritten in CPS without call/cc, but a total rewrite of the program (sometimes including even system-defined primitives) might be necessary.

What are the general techniques to

  • convert a program using call/cc to a program using functions written in CPS

  • convert in the reverse direction?

Service Manual Download Affiliate Program

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