How to program a situation like the following in mathematics and generalize the process to other configurations?

Distribute the numbers from 1 to 10(view image) so that the sum of each row and each column is the same and a) the maximum possible b) the minimum possible (I put it from 1 to 10 for ease)

I know it is a problem that could work with matrices or lists but I can’t think how to start


How did this came and hows its used in the following program

class Example {

//static variable salary public static int age;

public static String name = “Gautam”; }

public class Person

{ public static void main(String args[]){

//acess variable without object Example.age=45;

System.out.println(” Name of a person:”;

System.out.println(“Age of a person:”+Example.age);

Write a program that accepts the radius of a circle in the client side of a program and compute the area and perimeter in the server side program

Write a program that accepts the radius of a circle in the client side of a program and compute the area and perimeter in the server side program and return the values to the client program.

// Client   import*; import*;  public class Client {             public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException{                 Socket s = new Socket("localhost",1234);                 BufferedReader br;                 PrintStream ps;   String str;                System.out.println("Enter Radius  :");                 br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;    ps=new PrintStream(s.getOutputStream());                ps.println(br.readLine());    br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(s.getInputStream()));                str=br.readLine();                System.out.println("Area of the circle is : "+str);                 br.close();                 ps.close();            } } 
// Server  import*; import*;  class Server {       public static void main(String[] args){           try {           ServerSocket ss = new ServerSocket(1234);                  System.out.println("Waiting for Client Request");                   Socket s=ss.accept();                   BufferedReader br;                   PrintStream ps;                   String str;                   br=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(s.getInputStream()));                   str=br.readLine();                   double r=Double.parseDouble(str);                   double area=3.14*r*r;                   ps=new PrintStream(s.getOutputStream());                   ps.println(String.valueOf(area));                   br.close();                   ps.close();                   s.close();                   ss.close();        }           catch(Exception e)           {                       System.out.println(e);           }  } }  

how to add perimeter of a circle

Does antivirus software detect scrceen grabbing functionality in a running program?

Let’s say a malicious actor publishes a piece of software that calls a screenshot function (e.g. Graphics.CopyFromScreen() or the UIAutomation Framework in .NET) every so often, but doesn’t notify the user of that. I download and install that software.

Assuming that the software is signed with a valid publisher certificate, I have a few questions around that:

  • Would that screengrabbing behaviour be detected by an(y) Antivirus solution?
  • If yes, do legitimate screengrabbing programs need exceptions in an antivirus program to allow that behaviour?
  • If no, will at least the exfiltration of the data be detected by the AntiVirus software? (I guess the exfiltration can happen in so many different ways that it’s a bit of an arms race to see that bytes are being sent that encapsulate/encode the screengrab and not some form of telemetry, for example)

I’ve been googling for a while but can’t seem to find anything on the topic.

Dynamic Program for Tree based question

You are given a tree T where every node i has weight wi ≥ 0. Design a polynomial time algorithm to find the weight of the smallest vertex cover in T. For example, suppose in the following picture wa = 3, wb = 1, wc = 4, wd = 3, we = 6. Then, the minimum cost vertex cover has nodes a, b with weight 3 + 1 = 4.

enter image description here

In the question, the opt i am chosing is OPT(v,boolean) is a min weight vertex cover for subtree v and boolean means whether it contains v or not. What are the subproblems that are formed and how do I move ahead? any hint is helpful.

Integer Linear Program as a feasability test

I am a beginner in Integer Linear Programs and I have a question about a problem that I am dealing. This problem tracks a configuration of a graph by unitary transformations on the graph and I want to minimize these number of transformations to achieve another configuration. As I only allow exactly one transformation per step, minimizing the number of transformations is the same as minimizing the number of steps.

But, I enter in the following problem: There is no internal property that can be tracked so that I can check if one or other state is closer or farther from the wanted configuration. That means that I can only check if a specific sequence of transformation is correct in a prior-of-execution defined step, for example, $ T$ . Then, what I am thinking in doing is testing a range of values for $ T$ , as there is a polynomial upper-bound for this value, in increasing order. Then, I will recover the answer of the first $ T$ that gives any answer, as I know it will be a optimal answer.

My questions are:

  • This sort of is a feasibility test for a fixed $ T$ , as if the polytope exists, any answer will be a optimal answer, as they all have the same number of steps $ T$ . This approach is possible? In the sense that it can be calculated given a infinite amount of time? Because I am not sure what is the behavior of a IL program when there is no possible answer (ie. no polytope).
  • If yes, there is some existing technique to deal/optimize this type of situations without finding a specific property?

Write a MIPS Program to perform the conversion of 32-bit sign/magnitude binary to 2s complement numbers?

So i have been working on this and this is what i got so far Please help me if i did it wrong or i can fix something here. Thank You.

$ LC0: .ascii “Enter %d bit binary value: 0” $ LC1: .ascii “Original binary = %s20” $ LC2: .ascii “Ones complement = %s20” $ LC3: .ascii “Twos complement = %s20” main: addiu $ sp,$ sp,-144 sw $ 31,140($ sp) li $ 5,32 # 0x20 lui $ 4,%hi($ LC0) addiu $ 4,$ 4,%lo($ LC0) jal printf nop

    addiu   $  4,$  sp,24     jal     gets     nop      addiu   $  3,$  sp,24     addiu   $  2,$  sp,60     addiu   $  5,$  sp,92     li      $  6,49                 # 0x31     li      $  7,48                 # 0x30     li      $  9,49                 # 0x31     li      $  8,48                 # 0x30 

$ L4: lb $ 4,0($ 3) nop bne $ 4,$ 6,$ L2 nop

    b       $  L3     sb      $  8,0($  2) 

$ L2: bne $ 4,$ 7,$ L3 nop

    sb      $  9,0($  2) 

$ L3: addiu $ 2,$ 2,1 bne $ 2,$ 5,$ L4 addiu $ 3,$ 3,1

    sb      $  0,92($  sp)     addiu   $  4,$  sp,91     addiu   $  2,$  sp,127     addiu   $  5,$  sp,95     li      $  8,1                        # 0x1     li      $  6,49                 # 0x31     li      $  7,48                 # 0x30     li      $  9,1                        # 0x1     li      $  11,49                  # 0x31     li      $  10,48                  # 0x30 

$ L8: lb $ 3,0($ 4) nop bne $ 3,$ 6,$ L5 nop

    bne     $  8,$  9,$  L6     nop      b       $  L7     sb      $  10,0($  2) 

$ L5: bne $ 3,$ 7,$ L6 nop

    bne     $  8,$  9,$  L6     nop      sb      $  11,0($  2)     b       $  L7     move    $  8,$  0 

$ L6: sb $ 3,0($ 2) $ L7: addiu $ 2,$ 2,-1 bne $ 2,$ 5,$ L8 addiu $ 4,$ 4,-1

    sb      $  0,128($  sp)     addiu   $  5,$  sp,24     lui     $  4,%hi($  LC1)     addiu   $  4,$  4,%lo($  LC1)     jal     printf     nop      addiu   $  5,$  sp,60     lui     $  4,%hi($  LC2)     addiu   $  4,$  4,%lo($  LC2)     jal     printf     nop      addiu   $  5,$  sp,96     lui     $  4,%hi($  LC3)     addiu   $  4,$  4,%lo($  LC3)     jal     printf     nop      move    $  2,$  0     lw      $  31,140($  sp)     nop     j       $  31     addiu   $  sp,$  sp,144 

Roll20 reminded me of a similar program; help me identify it? [duplicate]

I was in chat here on the site and saw mention of an online tabletop gaming website called I have checked it out and it looks pretty promising for online play as it works in the browser, has a rolling tool in it, shows a visual of the battle map, character/monster tokens, etc.

It reminded me of a game play video I saw a while back where people were using a very similar program, so similar in fact I thought they were playing on when I was poking around the site. However when I decided to watch some youtube videos of roll20 games it turned out that it was not the program that I remember from that gameplay video I saw months ago.

The only differences is can remember between the two programs is that the one I am failing to re-find on youtube had animated characters that were controlled in real time via the keyboard (wasd or arrow keys, I dont remember exactly what one of the guys said to the new player that asked how to control his character).

Basically, I would like to know some sites or programs that are similar to in their functionality to make sure that if I choose to start running a game on a site like that I can choose the best one for my needs (and also to find that program I can’t find the video of on youtube, tho that isn’t the main focus of my request).