Ckeditor with programmatic text_format field

I have ckeditor installed on my site, and when I use filter formatted textareas on my website where admin pages or fields were created using the UI, the ckeditor replaces correctly. When I use the form api to build one, it does not. This appears to happen on every textarea I make.

Here is what I am using.

    $  form['message'] = array(        '#type' => 'text_format',        '#title' => t('Message'),        '#format' => 'filtered_html',      ); 

The field renders as a filtered html field, the ckeditor just won’t attach to it. How can I resolve this?

Thank you!

Programmatic list of Webform elements?

I am building a D8 module that, for configuration, needs a list of webforms and their fields (just the entity reference fields, but I am not picky)

I can get the webforms with this:

$ webforms = \Drupal::entityTypeManager()->getStorage(‘webform’)->loadMultiple(null);

But once I get the returned elements (Drupal\webform\Entity\Webform::__set_state), how can I fetch the elements in the webform referenced?

How to have “programmatic” (cryptic) names for each question in a google form

Is there any way to set question cryptic-name/variable in addition to the question visible to one answering the form.

What I need is that when I export forms questions to google sheet I can programmatically match questions and answers to do particular calculations.

Currently, column names (headers) are equal to elaborate questions that use sees, and apart of being cumbersome, every time I slightly change the text of the question, I have to propagate the change into the program. Surely, the position of the question is not acceptable neither.

Magento 2 toggle switch (yes/no) in admin config of custom module using system.xml or in any programmatic way

I understand that we can create a toggle switch using form with ui_component. However, I want to create an admin configuration for my custom module using system.xml configuration.

Is there any way to apply the toogle switch (yes/no) (which is a ui_component of magento, to system.xml configuration? I want it to be implemented instead of a select type with dropdown option.

reference: Magento 2 form field toggled type

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