Im New ! my project failed. need help

Hi, I recently purchase GSA SER and ran a project targeting my money site. I wanted quality links so i only enabled articles, wiki and web 2.0 

But  the result was very sad. 

there were no verified links and less count of submitted urls. I wonder why. 

After reading some posts i see people saying we need a list of site or succh thing. and im thinking if i need scrapebox to do that. 

i want to run this project successfully. Can anyone guide me ?

PS : also i filter pr to 1 & OBL count 50 

What are some ways I can use Project and Global Verified lists?

I really haven’t played with cross-posting on different projects’ verified lists.
Or, used the Global Verified (or other three) lists.
I understand that the global list may have posts on niche-specific targets, like (e.g.) pinball machines, tulip bulbs, and lightbulbs and so would it be weird to try posting a new site that focuses on vegan food using the global list, or one of the other niche projects’ lists?
Are there any negatives to using my own verified lists?
Could it be perceived as spam if I post multiple links to different pages of the same domain on a single target?

Computer project

Implement Floyd’s Algorithm and Dijkstra’s algorithm using all vertices as sources to solve All- pairs shortest path problem. For Dijkstra’s, you need to call the algorithm |V| times taking each vertex as a source and store all tables. As a hint you may define T, presented in class, as a two-dimensional array, instead of being a one-dimensional array, of structures. You will read a graph with random edge weights from a file and store the graph information in an adjacency matrix. Then, you need to answer any query asking for the shortest path between any two input vertices. You need to print the path from Floyd’s and Dijkstra’s algorithms. Your program should ask the user for the name of the input file.

23 GB of[4 alpha numeric characters] files and project stats look weird

Looks like after all these years SER has gone mental on my VPS and made it run out of space (I dont really tweak anything for months / years now just leave it running on a healthy VPS)

c:\users\[user]\appdata\roaming\gsa search engine ranker\projects….

Usually 3 or so GB, today 23.6… whats the cause? Selling all my project all done Just launch

Its Social media Agency offering 3 types of service for 3 niches clients
*Travel and Hospitality
*Real Estate
business idea:
Web Development, App Development, and Digital Marketing

Im selling this business idea because I don't have time for it anymore.
Everything is ready, website and social media accounts. even contract and testimonial templates
and have some traffic already
only what you need is a register a company.
Half money will go to charity too -… Selling all my project all done Just launch

How can I merge array of arrays in $project stage?

I merge 2 collections into one


{ _id: ObjectId(), address: "something" } 


{   _id: ObjectId(),   name: "something",   contacts: [{     "phone": "+144543823..."   }, {     ...   }] } 

Now I when I merge 2 collections into one:

{   "lookup": {     from: 'contacts',     localField: 'address',     foreignField: 'name',     as: 'contacts'   } } 

Now I have results similar to the below payload:

{   _id: ...,   address: ...,   contacts: [{     _id: ..,     name: ...,     contacts: [       "phone": "+144543823..."     ]   }] } 

Now in my project I get the phones:

$  project: {    phones: "$" } 

The output is as follow:

phones: [["+144543823..."], ["+48....], ["..."]] name: ... .... 

How can I get a simple array of phones. Using unwind would make the result very big and then I need to groupBy if I’m not mistaken! Is there an efficient way to do this? If not how can I do it with unwind and not missing other fields like name, address,…?

How to add google ads in AMP Project Contributors

I am talking about this amp plugin in particular:

I manage to add googleanalytics works fine because it had documentation:

enter image description here

But how to add adwords code or whatever I need to add so the ads work on the site ?

{     "vars": {         "account": "ca-pub-XXXX"     },     "triggers": {         "trackPageview": {             "on": "visible",             "request": "pageview"         }     } } 

Maybe something like this ? any idea ?

Open source project using encrypted API keys

My API keys are encrypted with AES256 and will be decrypted in the code pipeline for a new release for every change to the repo (no more manual builds and no more manual upload to appstore). ( )

- openssl aes-256-cbc -K $  encrypted_key -iv $  encrypted_iv -in secrets.tar.enc -out secrets.tar -d - tar xvf secrets.tar 

but if the project were open source with a CI/CD pipeline ( )

then what will prevent an incoming PR which triggers the code pipeline to print the decrypted files in clear text?

i.e. assume that the project is open source and we did encrypt the API keys. then an incoming PR will still trigger the Travis pipeline and could output the keys in clear text like this

- openssl aes-256-cbc -K $  encrypted_key -iv $  encrypted_iv -in secrets.tar.enc -out secrets.tar -d - tar xvf secrets.tar - cat api-key.json 

any ideas how to prevent such a scenario ? or did I misunderstand ?