Where do I see a full, exhaustive list of the resources a given Google Cloud Platfrorm project uses?

I have just logged in to a Google Cloud Platform account, and it has several old Projects. I’d like to clean up by deleting the ones I don’t need, but for that I need to see a full list of services each Project uses.

I went to the Cloud Resource Manager, and it mentions a Compute Engine Service Agent here and there, but that’s it. I know one of those Projects must have some API Keys that I still need, but neither this page, nor the Billing page tell me which one.

Searching didn’t help. This looks like the closest, but doesn’t make any sense to me and looks overcomplicated for such a simple task.

Is there one single page that will show me everything a given Project uses, so I am informed enough to decide if I still need it? Please help!

What foundational skills are most important to lead a new project as an Art Director? [closed]

Let’s say I was building a new 3D platformer and need to fill a role for an Art Director that will then go on to build a team.

Let’s assume both candidates have a diverse work history in the gaming industry. They have both worked on AAA games for PC and console. They are currently art directors of other mid size game studios. Both of them have experience managing teams effectively.

But there are some differences between them:

Candidate A spent most of their career developing technical abilities in modeling and texturing. They excel in developing strong asset pipelines and making sure the final deliverables match the concepts closely as possible and are of exceptional quality. They do not excel in creating concept art or in creative design. They rely on curating and mentoring other artists concepts to find a creative vision.

Candidate B spent most of their career developing concept art and has an incredibly strong creative ability. They excel in developing a strong creative vision for the project and are able to build character and environment concepts, artistic guides, storyboards etc. They do not excel in modeling or texturing or have a strong background in asset pipelines but are familiar enough with the process to lead artists to get the close to the concepts and deliver assets of good to great quality.

Which candidates foundational skills are more important to lead the project and why?

I’m aware that there are a lot of parameters that may affect the answer to this question, and am trying to better understand those as well.

Next steps for students’ project

I teach a basic course on game development, in which students design a game idea and write a digital prototype in Unity – about 5 minutes demonstrating the main idea and gameplay. Some of the teams did really great jobs and I would like to encourage them to continue developing their game beyond the course, but I am not sure what the next steps should be. In particular:

  • Where can they get more professional review on their prototype? There are websites that review games, but usually they are looking for complete games, not just prototypes.
  • Where can they get playtesters that will help them improve their prototype and make it a full game? Currently their game is in itch.io, but it is hard to draw attention to it.

Unity project not communicating with my iPhone 11?

Connecting to my iPhone 11 with a cool FaceTracking project called FaceCapOSCReceiverExample https://github.com/hizzlehoff/FaceCapOSCReceiverExample works excellent on my laptop, but not on my PC (Windows 10 and ubuntu dual boot. I am using Windows 10 for this project).

On my PC the only AntiVirus/firewall I have is Windows Defender. On the Inbound and Outbound rules, I deleted everything that had the word ‘Unity’ in it. I then added custom rules, allowing everything, for the program paths of Unity Hub and all Unity Editor installations.

But no luck. The program won’t communicate with my iPhone.

I even tried turning the firewall completely off and re-launching Unity as admin. No luck.

I then manually installed the latest drivers for my network adapters (I have both "Killer E2400 Gigabit Ethernet Controller" and "Qualcomm QCA9377 802.11ac Wireless Adapter" in Device Manager). No luck!

I also connected my PC to a personal hotspot from my iPhone. This was a tethered (purely USB) connection that I had running. But, while the tethered Internet worked great on my PC, it still didn’t make the Unity project communicate with my iPhone! ;O;

I then added a rule to my firewall where I created a TCP port number 60001 and set it so private and public could connect. (I’m very newbie about ports) Then I entered that as the Port number within the Unity project. Still no connection was made…

I have no idea what to try from here! Like I said, it works great on my laptop, but my laptop is too dang laggy to use with it, so I would really love to get it running on my PC.

Project Feedback

Hi Everyone,

I am developing an integration service between HTML Forms and Microsoft Teams. It is still at an early stage, but I would like your evaluation.
Is this tool useful for your projects?




FREE Optimized GSA SER Project Template for Beginners

Setting up campaigns in GSA can be intimidating with all the options it has. After years of using it I eventually made a default template I use. I’m sharing the template and settings here to help out those starting out with GSA.

This template is aimed at building contextual backlinks.
Right click inside GSA SER and click Modify Project -> Restore

Then edit the URLs, add your articles, and add your e-mail address. It’ll pull target sites from your Verified Folder

Download at https://serpgrow.com/gsa-search-engine-ranker-campaign-template/