SCSS in Sharepoint Framework Library Project

Looking for the proper way of constructing my projects. I decided to use 1 project per web part however is have a number of classes and react components that are common to all projects. So I created a library project and moved my common classes there. I used npm link to link both projects and all seems to be working well. My question is around SCSS files. Again I have a few that are common across all webparts. I know I can use the cdn to serve these files but i was wondering if i could use my current library project. If so, how do i “export” the SCSS as i do my ts and tsx files in the index.js? Any help is greatly appreciated

Getting advice on getting my project off the ground.

Hi, everybody:

I wonder if this is a good forum for advice on how to get a money-making website project off the ground, dealing with issues a coder like me is not so familiar with. Things like which service can collect donations for me without endangering me, how best to measure size and growth of the user base, whether to manage user data best with a CMS or database-API or some own code for server-or-cookie storage, etc.

My current project has 7 issues to deal with right now. Should I…

Getting advice on getting my project off the ground.

Whenever a project is edited, it causes all articles file to be rewritten and causes huge delay

I have imported many articles. They are 270mb

I just noticed that whenever I edit a project, all articles file is rewritten even though I didn’t make a single change

I suppose they are also read whenever we click edit of any project thus taking really long time to load the project edit window 

This causes huge delay. Can you make articles read and write only whenever we make change of an article?

Build SharePoint project without SharePoint installed

I am working on an automated deployment POC for SharePoint projects. We are using jenkin jobs to download the source code from GIT repository and BUILD it where SharePoint is not installed and copy the WSPS to target SharePoint server for initiating deployment process using .ps1 files.

MSBuild is failing saying SharePoint related dlls are not available, which is expected. What is going to be the best way to supply the dlls? Or any better approach for this whole process?

The workaround what I’m thinking of at the moment is, I would adjust the jenkins job to download the source code from GIT to target SharePoint server directly and then build there rather than trying to build somewhere where SP is not installed and then move WSP to target SP Server. Please suggest.

Thanks is advance…

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Casino Content Writer Needed (Long Term Project)

We are looking for a long term content writers to write casino reviews for our blogs.
The position is for more than 1 person as the content is going to be posted on different sites.
The niche is casino and sportsbetting as the articles will be around 1000-2000 words.
Keywords and template will be given. Please pm me with your samples and rate.

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php serve command error in laravel project

I just installed laravel with all the requirements (php,composer,nodejs) and created a new broject called blog, now when i run php artisan serve it returns an error sayingsutoload.php does not exist in the directory. see error below…

PHP Warning:  require(/home/tibsis/.config/composer/vendor/laravel/installer/blogg/vendor/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/tibsis/.config/composer/vendor/laravel/installer/blogg/artisan on line 18 PHP Fatal error:  require(): Failed opening required '/home/tibsis/.config/composer/vendor/laravel/installer/blogg/vendor/autoload.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /home/tibsis/.config/composer/vendor/laravel/installer/blogg/artisan on line 18 

I tried copying the autoload.php file from the vendor folder and pasting into my “blogg” projects folder and still it did not work.

how do i fix this, would I have to reinstall everything from scratch?

Freshly baked!! Super excited to hear your feedback about my new project VisitorLAB

Hello guys, I would like to talk about my new project VisitorLAB, I have been focusing on this project since last November. My tool the ultimate aim is to understand what is your visitor doing on your website.

First feature is visitor recording. I am generating videos from every session with the information of referral page, browser, city, devices etc. The second feature is heatmap, I can show you your visitors' click and mouse movements. The third feature is detection errors. One of my…

Freshly baked!! Super excited to hear your feedback about my new project VisitorLAB