CMD Prompt Windows 10 File Directory Permissions

im wondering if anybody could help me with a command im wanting to run. i currently have several “archive” folders under multiple client parent companies. The structure is as follows – Current Client files\”Client Name”\Archive

im wanting a command that will disable inheritance for the “Archive” folder withing each client folder, without effecting the inheritance properties of the “Client name” folder or any permissions for the other folders within that. i only want the Archive folders properties to Change.

Any help appreciated, thanks, H

customizing command prompt error

when I try to customize the command prompt by following maru’s comment.

Via the terminal:

so I change my command prompt setting.

the path through Edit → Preferences → Profiles

edit the current profile, to change the command: enter image description here

after this, I can’t open the command prompt. How can I do to fix this error?

No password prompt after resume from suspend

Using Ubuntu 19.04, Dell XPS 9370

Normally, after resuming from a suspend, I can see the lock screen. A keyboard press or mouse click brings up the password prompt so that i can log in.

Occasionally, Ubuntu will get stuck at the lock screen, mouse clicks and keyboard presses dont bring up the password prompt. I can still interact with other elements of the lock screen, but i am not able to log in.

Googling around ‘no password prompt after resume’ returns a lot of results, but these dont appear to be my specific problem.

  1. Any ideas what might be going on here?
  2. In the absence of a complete fix, is there a workaround that will let me log in?

git (master) prompt gone after reinstallation of Ubuntu

git remote -v shows the correct origin and upstream url’s but I wish I could just get the (master) prompt back.

I reinstalled Ubuntu and installed Git.
I think the (master) shows up for any new git repos but for ones carried over from the old Ubuntu installation on an external HDD don’t show (master). Is there a quick solution?

GRUB2 doesn’t display menu but command prompt instead

I had previously ubuntu and windows 10 installed on my computer. GRUB2 was my boot loader, and on startup I had the grub menu from which I could choose to boot on ubuntu or Windows.

Recently I decided to replace Ubuntu by KDE Neon. I installed it on my previous Ubuntu partitions after formatting them. Installation went successful but now when I restart my computer, GRUB doesn’t display the menu as before but only shows the command prompt. If I want the menu to appear I have to execute the following command:

grub> set root=(hd1,gpt6) grub> set prefix=(hd1,gpt6)/boot/grub grub> insmod normal grub> normal 

After this, the menu is displayed and I can see all the kernels installed.

I tried to run the Boot Repair tool, but without success. Here is the output of Boot Repair

I have no clue of what is wrong. Thank you for helping

Daily port checker / scanner tools – Email prompt [on hold]

Are there any recommendations on tools that can run light weight daily port checks on a windows server? I am hoping to check the state of ports daily. I recently discovered that port 1433 randomly closed after an update but nothing from MS mentions that an update could potentially disable the port.

Any suggestions would be great.

Power Off & Password Prompt ubuntu popups css

I am currently playing with a new gnome theme for Ubuntu 18.04 and trying to fix ugly icons in popups. Does somebody knows whether this could be fixed from theme’s shell.css, and whether there are specific css entries for these popup screens in theme’s shell.css? (or any other ways of fixing the icons). Any help would be much appreciated 🙂
Ugly Power Off popup
Ugly Password Prompt popup
Ugly log-in screen