Adobe not prompting for check out and open when PDF files are opened from SharePoint

I am working with SP on prem 2019 and have set files to launch in client apps by default and it seems to be working fine. Specifically for PDF files, when they are clicked from SharePoint, they launch fine in Adobe reader client but does not prompt for Check out and open.

I have version 2019.012.20036 installed for Adobe. if anyone came across this, please share thoughts what should be changed so users get prompted for check out and open when PDF launches in Adobe client.

Also FYI, versioning settings-> Require documents to be checked out before editing is set to Yes’ . Due to this for all word and excel files, check out and open prompt is working fine but not for PDF files.

Thanks in advance.

Move a group of files, prompting the user for confirmation for every file

System: Ubuntu MATE 18.04.

I have a collection of files (in multiple directories in a directory structure) and I want to move many of them to another directory. I can tell which files I want to move by their names (they are recipe titles), but there is no other way to distinguish between files I do want to move and files I don’t want to move; I need to make a decision for every file by examining the name myself.

So, I am running a command once for each file I want to move, like

mv Snacks/OkaraCrackers NeedsTesting/ mv Snacks/SunflowerBrittle NeedsTesting/ mv Treats/ChocolateChilliFudge NeedsTesting/ mv Treats/PecanBlondies NeedsTesting/ 

Even with tab completion this is toooo much typing. What I really want to do is something like

shopt -s globstar mv --prompt-me-for-every-file ** NeedsTesting/ 

So I can just press y or n for each file.

How can I move a group of files and be prompted for confirmation for every file?

Office prompting for credentials when saving document opened in SharePoint

I have a user that can open and edit a document in SharePoint Fine. She then does a “Save AS” and it works. However, if she opens and does the same thing with a second document, she gets an endless prompt for her credentials.

Also, when I open using the “Edit” option in SharePoint, it opens in Excel ok. But when I try to save as, I get the same prompt.

This also happens for me (admin) when opening a document using the edit option. It prompts for my credentials on save.

Why is she able to open in SharePoint and “save as” once OK, but the second time she gets a prompt?

This is for an on-premises installation of SharePoint 2013.

Would this approach to prompting the user to be added to a mailing list be received well?

When the user signs up for an account, as is common, there’s a prompt for them to select whether or not they want to receive email regarding news about the app (changes, events, etc). Obviously its beneficial to be able to stay in touch with your users via their inbox, but you don’t want to send them something that they ignore / don’t appreciate.

I also want to expose the user to our “Premium” membership, so I had the idea of taking out two birds with one stone per se, and say something along the lines of:

“We want to keep you “in the know”. If you subscribe to our mailing list, you’ll receive a free month of Premium as a token of our appreciation.”

Would this approach be a viable one, without negative effects?

Im not asking whether they would sign up, only whether or not it would come across as desperate or pushy, or have any negative effect on the user’s perspective. Perhaps it would come off as unprofessional or odd, that’s why I ask.

Prompting the user to input a data value into an element in a linked list

I’m working through a practice problem that is having me build and modify a linked list over a series of steps. I am particularly interested in knowing if there’s a more elegant way of prompting the user to input a data value for a new element in a linked list (see step 5 below).

I’d also like to know if there’s a better way of counting and returning the number of elements in a linked list.

Practice Problem:

  • Step 4: Add a function trav_and_print to your program that will traverse the linked list and print the values of all of the data members.
  • Step 5: Add code to your program that will add another element to the end of the linked list. Prompt the user for the data value. Call your trav_and_print function, and also from main print the value of last -> data to make sure that the element was added correctly.
  • Step 6: Add another function count_elems that will traverse the linked list, count how many elements there are, and return that count. Test this function by calling it in various places in main, including before there are any elements in the linked list.

My code thus far:

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h>  typedef struct linked_list {    int data;    struct linked_list *next; }   element;  typedef element * elementptr;  void trav_and_print(elementptr);  int count_elems(elemntptr);  int main() {    elementptr first = NULL;    elementptr last = NULL;    int var = 0;    int NumElems = 0;     /* Create a linked list with one element            */    /* NOTE: the first element is always a special case */     first = (elementptr) malloc(sizeof(element));    last = first;    last -> data = 5;    last -> next = NULL;     /* Add another element to the end of the list */     last -> next = (elementptr) malloc(sizeof(element));    last = last -> next;    last -> data = 12;    last -> next = NULL;     /*Add another element to the end of the list;    user generated number*/     last -> next = (elementptr) malloc(sizeof(element));    last = last -> next;    printf("Enter the data value to add to the linked list: ");    scanf("%d",&var);    last -> data = var;    last -> next = NULL;     trav_and_print(first); //prints the linked list     NumElems = count_elems(first); //traverses and counts the elements in the linked list     printf("Number of elements in the linked list: %d",NumElems);     free(first);    free(last);     return 0; } void trav_and_print(elementptr f) {     elementptr current;      current = f;     if(current == NULL)         printf("There is no linked list!\n");     else         while (current != NULL)     {         printf("The data value is %d\n",current->data);         current = current -> next;     } } int count_elems(elementptr f) {     int count = 0;     elementptr current;     current = f;     while(current != NULL)     {         current = current->next;         count++;     }     return count; } 

ICloud keeps prompting for password after password reset, unable to log out

I am helping a relative with her Mac computer. I am trying to update the ICloud password, and I believe I have done so successfully, I was able to confirm the password change and the login attempt with the iPhone connected to the ICloud and provided the number code ICloud asked me for.

Now I got the dreaded ICloud password login loop problem. The most common solution seems to be to log out from ICloud and then login again. When doing so, the ICloud program warns me that I need to setup a separate password to log in with the computer after I’ve logged out with ICloud, this is laughable because this computer has always always been logged in with a separate password.’ But ok, let’s set the password that is already set. But in order to proceed I also need to provide the ICloud password, the password I just reset and confirmed with the 6 (or 8 or whatever) digit code is not valid in this particular tab.


What do I do? I just want to provide the password I just created to ICloud so that this stupid password dialogue disapears, what kind of magic tricks do I need to conjure to appease the elder gods of Apple?

Thanks for your time

When clicking on document, not prompting with ‘Read-only’ or ‘Edit’

The problem is that when trying to open a document to edit it, usually it prompts you with ‘Read-only’ or ‘Edit’. I have rights to edit the document, but it the prompt does not show up. My colleagues do not have this problem. We have Office 2010 and Internet Explorer 10.

Kindly can you help me please?