How can I properly loop through an array gotten from my wordpress database and display it to my site

I am trying to display some posts information from my database on my live site. I have done the query correctly because I can view the items on the live site. But I need to take three items to display. The post title, the post content which houses the images, and the post id which links to the posts. I seem to have written it correctly but it does not do anything.

This is the code

<?php      global $  wpdb;                    $  results = $  wpdb->get_results( "SELECT * FROM $  wpdb->posts WHERE `post_type`='post' AND `post_status` = 'publish' LIMIT    20" );    foreach ($  results) {       echo "<div class="card">             <div class="img">              <img src="{post_content}" alt="">             </div>             <div class="info">                <h5>{post_title}</h5>             </div>           </div>";   }    //echo "<pre>";print_r($  results);echo"</pre>";                      ?>  

I am quite new to wordpress and PHP in general.

In doubly connected edge list how to link halfedges properly

I’m working on doubly connected edge list. In the image below I need to add a new edge (consisting of halfedges $ g$ and $ h$ ). When adding a new edge we need to assign each half edge a previous and next half edges. In this example edge $ g$ would have halfedge $ f$ and $ h$ as previous and next halfedges respectively. And edge $ h$ would have halfedge $ g$ and $ a$ as previous and next halfedges respectively. If we ignore for a second them being linked to each other, $ g$ and $ h$ are linked to the pair $ f$ and $ a$ . I hope this makes sense. My question is when adding a new edge, how do we know how to choose the correct pair to link to? In this example we could link our halfedges to the pair $ a, f$ or $ c,b$ , or $ e,d$ . Do we have to resort to linear algebra, doing cross/dot product calculations to calculate what pair of halfedges to choose, based on the geometry of the edges? Am I possibly going in the completely wrong direction?

To get the potential canditates of pair of halfedges to link to, I iterate through all halfedges linked to vertex $ v$ , which here would be $ a,c,e$ and for each I find the previous halfedge which would $ f, b,d$ respectively.

enter image description here

How to confirm VPN is working properly?

I’ve just started using a VPN service because I’m doing work from a hotel room for an extended period of time with an iMac connected to the hotel’s open wifi. Hotel has a web log-in with password, but no encryption.

I installed a personal VPN service and it appears to be working properly, but when I turn off the VPN the internet connection continues to function without any indication. It appears that if I upgrade to the next level provided by this VPN service, there is a "kill-switch" option, which I assume blocks the internet connection when the VPN is off. The service I’m using basically has a connect/disconnect feature, and a map of the available VPN servers. It automatically configured the VPN settings in "Network". I can see the sent/received packets when I look at the VPN settings.

However, my question is whether there is a straight-forward way for me to confirm that all of my internet traffic is going through the VPN, when the VPN is enabled? This may seem like a silly question, but if I can’t tell the difference between VPN or NO VPN, then what’s to say that some data is bypassing VPN encryption and going straight onto the unencrypted open wifi?

D&D 5e How to “properly” use polymorph?

I’m a new player trying to learn more and how the spells really work besides any game.

I was in a session, and occasionally a player used the "true polymorph" spell on a teammate to make it into a Planetar, and our DM said the spell only changes the player’s body so he would have no weapon (long sword) not even his characteristic as: Angelic Weapons, Divine Awareness, Innate Spellcasting and his Healing Touch. My question is, how to use the spell correctly? Can I use all of your skills and actions, including legendary actions? Can I use everything listed on the monster sheet? And another, if I transform myself permanently, can I level up and progress? From what I understood about the spell you can become a creature and play with everything and only what is described the creature sheet.

Being a new player, I always like to argue about and find out how my and other player’s actions really would work.

Google is caching my homepage almost properly but not other pages

My website is built on NodeJS with ReactJS as frontend and has server side rendering.

Problem 1: Home page is cached properly by Google but other pages are cached without their CSS.

Problem 2: Blogs which are brought dynamically are not shown in the cache.

Link :

Thanks in advance


How do I DM for this group when we can’t handle a large group properly, but also can’t count on any smaller group all attending?

I just concluded an online game with my players. (We played 5E, but I want to move to Dungeon World.) I started with four players, and that has since grown to around ten people wanting to play, which is a problem as even with only six players I’ve started getting comments about there being too little time spread around to too many people.

I’ve tried a few approaches to help mitigate this, but every time I try playing with a smaller group, I run into the same problem: someone in the smaller party can’t make it.

This means running for the active party is that much harder because so much more of the party is gone, and the inactive players start wanting to play because they actually showed up on time ready to play. But there are enough of them that if I find a narrative reason someone else can come along, they all try to take it, and grumble about having to stay in town (or wherever) for no reason if they don’t get it.

How do I DM for this group when we can’t handle a large group properly, but also can’t count on any smaller group all attending?

Switch properly from HTML website to WordPress without hurting Google rankings

My question is about specific technicalities of the switch from HTML website to WordPress. I looked through similar questions but my question still remains.

I think my situation is pretty standard.

I’m about to switch my current HTML website to WordPress. My website has been up since 2006.

Main details of the transition:

-My current site is in the /public folder

-Most pages have .php extension

-The WordPress folder is /clickandbuilds/mywebsite (, hosted by 1&1)

-I’ll also need to do 301 redirects for all .php pages to the WP pages

I guess my main question is the following:

Is it safe to just switch my domain from the /public folder to the WordPress folder once everything is ready? I assume it’s a standard procedure – but still wanted to get a second opinion.

Thanks, Leo

How to airgap properly?

Imagine I have the research papers on designing COVI-19, the cure and some nuke launch codes on my laptop and want to often communicate those to another computer at my home. I already installed a physically separate STP cable network. Now what? My previous experiment in the field resulted in the conclusion that un-updated OSs are worse than bein online all the time.

Help needed: How to set up a campaign/project for non-English speaking regions properly?


I’ve been trying to to find my way around the Search Engine Ranker lately. I’m pretty sure that you can do some things wrong when you want to start a project for a language area outside of English.

Does anyone have experience with campaigns for other languages like German, French or Spanish. What to look for and what data to translate into the target language.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance