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What caster level do you need to craft a ring of protection +5

I had always assumed that there was a similar requirement to crearing higher tiers of rings of protection (and magic items in general), just like you need to be at least three times the enhancement bonus in caster level for magic weapon- and armor enhancement.

However a player pointed out that the rules do not say so and frankly I haven’t found anything contradicting in the DMG. Is it actually the case that you could theoretically forge a ring of protection +5 at caster level 5th given that you have a high enough level to get the approptiate feat – or am I missing something?

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Is cloudlayar a legit protection service? [closed]

I recently came across a very cheap protection service similar to Cloudflare called Cloudlayar: https://cloudlayar.com/

It’s a bit weird because the prices are too good to be true, no PayPal (so refund at their mercy), and they use Cloudflare to protect their own website…

Does anyone know what this company is? how good is their service? is it a scam?

p.s: I’m not asking for an "opinion", just trying to know if this service actually works and have customers

Thanks in advance

Protection from Evil cast on a player who’s already under a Charm Person spell?

I’m currently playing a D&D 3.5 campaign and in our last session our fighter has fallen under a Charm Person spell cast by an evil enemy spellcaster. My character is a Cleric and has access to both Protection from Evil and Magic Circle against Evil. If I cast the former upon the figher, or the other one so that the fighter is included in the affected area, what happens? I’m not sure how to interpret the spell’s description. From the PHB (emphasis mine):

The barrier blocks any attempt to possess the warded creature (by a magic jar attack, for example) or to exercise mental control over the creature (including enchantment (charm) effects and enchantment (compulsion) effects that grant the caster ongoing control over the subject, such as dominate person). The protection does not prevent such effects from targeting the protected creature, but it suppresses the effect for the duration of the protection from evil effect.

Therefore, it seems that once the spell is cast the target becomes immune to the mental influence of the evil entity. However, the spell description also says that (emphasis mine)

If the protection from evil effect ends before the effect granting mental control does, the would-be controller would then be able to mentally command the controlled creature. Likewise, the barrier keeps out a possessing life force but does not expel one if it is in place before the spell is cast.

It is clear that the spell does not nullify Charm Person, but the controller seems (at least) to be unable to give orders to the targeted creature. What about the order given before Protection from Evil is cast? There are three possible interpretations:

  1. Nothing happens, as the target was already Charmed before;
  2. The creature is still Charmed but the evil guy cannot give new orders (as Protection suppresses the effects of Charme);
  3. Charme Person is stopped for the duration of the Protection spell, and my fighter is free to act as he pleases.

Thank you for your input!

How much holy water is needed to cast Protection from Evil and Good?

In the PHB on page 270 we can read in the desription of Protection from Evil and Good that:

Components: V,S,M(holy water or powdered silver and iron, which the spell consumes)

Since the material components are consumed, they cannot be replaced with a spellcasting focus, as per the PHB (p.203)

If a spell states that a material component is consumed by the spell, the caster must provide this component for each casting of the spell.

This is reinforced by sage advice:

A spellcasting focus can be used in place of a material component only if that component has no cost noted in the spell’s description and if that component isn’t consumed.

The description does not list a cost in gp though. Which brings about the question above. While holy water is created in discrete 25gp “units”, powdered silver and iron are not, so we cannot just assume that you need 1 unit of holy water (ie. 25gp worth).

So, is a sprinkle of holy water enough? (Allowing the caster to use 1 unit for multiple castings.)

If one would use silver and iron, how much would they need? 25gp worth? Just “some”?

Protection against an aboleths enslave ability

I am structuring the first part of my campaign and have decided the big bad is an aboleth. However supporting the aboleth will be a wizard, who has sort the creature out and is willing to work for it in return for the knowledge and power it can give him.

What I am looking for is a way for this NPC to protect himself from the aboleths ability to enslave (he has researched and read about them and is prepared). This is his insurance to ensure his pact with the aboleth is 2 way.

What magic items or spells available to a wizard would allow this protection?

In game he is living in a town 5-6 days travel from the aboleth and visits it only when needed to discuss progress and the next stages of the plan, or take individuals to be enslaved.

A magic item would be preferable as it would allow the players to gain an advantage for when they finally find and face the aboleth itself.

The players will be interacting with this wizard from level 1-6 initially as an ally but I am happy making him a higher level enemy and so giving him high level spells if appropriate, I can have him avoid direct confrontation and instead try and escape. Or the players come up with interesting ways to try and defeat him that don’t require direct combat if necessary if he is too high a CR to face directly.

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Evocation Wizard’s Sculpt Spell Ability with spells that persist over time – under what conditions is protection maintained?

One of my current players has the first Wizard Evoker for whom I have GMed.

His PC’s Sculpt Spells ability was easy to interpret at lower levels, when his evocation spells, like thunderwave and fireball, were instantaneous.

As he advances, however, he may obtain spells that have longer durations, such as Storm Sphere, Wall of Ice, or Whirlwind. I am realizing that I do not know how to adjudicate Sculpt Spell with spells that persist, especially when the initial conditions of the Sculpt Spell ability no longer apply.

Sculpt Spells says:

Beginning at 2nd level, you can create pockets of relative safety within the effects of your evocation spells. When you cast an evocation spell that affects other creatures that you can see, you can choose a number of them equal to 1 + the spell’s level. The chosen creatures automatically succeed on their saving throws against the spell, and they take no damage if they would normally take half damage on a successful save.

Storm Sphere, for example, has a a duration of Concentration (up to 1 minute) and says in part:

Each creature in the sphere when it appears or that ends its turn there must succeed on a Strength saving throw or take 2d6 bludgeoning damage.

To use the Sculpt Spell ability, the Evoker must see the creatures he is designating as being protected at the time he casts the Storm Sphere, and they must be in the area of the sphere at the time he casts it. It is clear that designating the protected creatures happens "when you cast".

What is not clear to me is whether the protection is for just the first round ("when you cast") or is meant to persist and provide protection on subsequent rounds.

If the protection normally persists, can it be lost if the creatures no longer meet the conditions that were required for them to be designated as protected?

What would happen to a protected creature if it was to exit the area of the Sphere and later re-enter?

Does the Evoker need to maintain them in his sight to maintain their protection? If they were originally protected when the spell was cast, but later became invisible, would it end their protection if the Evoker could no longer see them?

It is possible that reviewers may mark this as asking multiple questions. To be clear, I see all of these as examples of one question – Under what conditions does the protection afforded by Sculpt Spell persist or not persist over time?