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Context no recibe las props del provider

Tengo un context:

import React, { Component } from 'react';  export const BarContext = React.createContext();  class BarProvider extends Component {   state = {     isLoggedIn: false,   }     render() {     const { isLoggedIn } = this.state;     return (                 <BarContext.Provider value={            {             isLoggedIn,           }         }>           {this.props.children}         </BarContext.Provider>     );   } }  export default BarProvider; 

Quiero acceder al state isLoggedIn en toda la app, por lo que he hecho un high order component.

import React, {Component} from 'react' import {BarContext} from '../context/index';  const withBarContext = (Comp) => {   return class withBarContext extends Component {     render() {       return(         <BarContext.Consumer>           {(isLoggedIn) => (             <Comp               isLoggedIn={isLoggedIn}              {...this.props}             />           )}         </BarContext.Consumer>       )     }   } }  export default withBarContext; 

La propiedad que me llega a la pagina home, es undefined… y no sé por qué! he usado este codigo, de manera similar en otras ocasiones y no me ha dado problema alguno!

He replicado el caso en un codesandbox

How to connect to a database in SQL Sever Management Studio (SSMS) using Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server

After asking this question, I realized that the true slowness comes from SQL Server Engine, and I used tons of things and still no success.

However, I created a connection.udl file on desktop and tried to connect to my localhost via different providers and via different connection string combinations.

I realized that when I use localhost instead of . and use Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server, the connection is almost instantaneous and truly fast.

Now I want to be able to connect to SQL Server via SSMS using that provider. But I don’t know how. Could you please help.

How can I login in SSMS, using ‘Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server’?

Choose Your Perfect Web Hosting Provider Today – Featured Hosting!

Wondering how to choose perfect and reliable web hosting provider? Yes its the big question in front of all begineers who are new in the hosting field and has the perfect and unique featured hosting provider for the requirements of such new begineers. not only offers the cheaper featured web hosting solutions but also offers max featured “Free Hosting” plan for everyone who wants to start from somewhere which unknown to them.

Yes…Its Free! For Life Time! Hostpoco is already dealing with hundreds of such clients and which more than happy with our services and they are always prefering our services to their friends also they are on top with the upgrades once they clear their doubts with free hosting services. Our upgrade system is much easier and can be applied with the same service where we are suppose to change the plan only at the server end.

Along with these services Hostpoco Team are the masters in the SSD shared hosting, Linux reseller hosting, linux vps hosting and windows shared hosting. Our plans are unique and have reasonable cheaper prices comparate to every other hosting provider which only looks for the income other than the relations but we value clients and looking for the long term clients only. Hurry up Now Smile

Features :

– Instant Activation
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sms provider

Hello friends

I am looking for an SMS sending provider (Latin American countries)

Any friends who recommend some suppliers?… | Read the rest of

Is it possible to authenticate a user in Azure AD from a SharePoint 2013 Provider Hosted Add-In client side

We are developing a SharePoint 2013 Provider Hosted Add-In that calls an API in Azure. The API an App Service that has Azure AD Authentication and OAuth implicit grant type. Our wish is to authenticate the current user and do it on the client side, not use app permissions and run from code behind.

The catch is that a provider hosted add-in must have some url query strings like SPHostUrl. We cannot set the whole url in the App Registration Redirect Url, since SPHostUrl differs from site to site. When a user has logged in successfully in Azure AD, she/he will be redirected to the main page of Provider Hosted Add-In and loose SharePoint Context.

HostMem – Web Hosting Provider with 3 plans on sale for 50% off with Coupon Code!

HostMem sent in offers specifically for the community. They are offering KVM plans, 50% off only for LEB users! They have provided us with the discount code LEB50 to use when placing your orders on the below offers.

Their WHOIS is public and you can find their ToS/Legal Docs here. They accept VISA, MASTER, AMX, Unionpay, Alipay and Wechatpay as payment methods.
As always, if you do decide to buy one, we’d love to hear about your experience below in the comments section!

Here’s what they had to say: 

“ is a new web hosting provider which is designed to provide a reliable web hosting environment to small and medium size users. Our projected client numbers will be kept between 500 and 700 users to ensure we have enough resources to accommodate all users.
We introduced self-developed control panel DuduVM as our backend user interface. We specifically designed this interface that allows clients to pay for what they use and they can adjust resources as needed.”

Here are the offers: 

1GB Plan

  • 1024MB RAM
  • 1x vCPU
  • 20GB SSD space
  • 1TB transfer $ 3.30 validity for one year
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • 2x IPv6
  • KVM/duduVM
  • Coupon: LEB50
  • $ 1.15/month or $ 13.80/year
  • [ORDER]

2GB Plan

  • 2048MB RAM
  • 1x vCPU
  • 40GB SSD space
  • 1TB transfer $ 3.30 validity for one year
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • 2x IPv6
  • KVM/duduVM
  • Coupon: LEB50
  • $ 1.73/month or $ 20.76/year
  • [ORDER]

4GB Plan

  • 4096MB RAM
  • 2x vCPU
  • 80GB SSD space
  • 1TB transfer $ 3.30 validity for one year
  • 1Gbps uplink
  • 1x IPv4
  • 2x IPv6
  • KVM/duduVM
  • Coupon: LEB50
  • $ 3.24/month or $ 38.88/year
  • [ORDER]


QuadraNet Enterprise LLC 6171 W. Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2607:fcd0:fa80:2a11::1

Test file:

Host Node Specifications:

– 4x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-4650v2

– 768GB RAM

– 8x 4TB SSDs

– Hardware RAID10

– 1Gbps uplink

Please let us know if you have any questions/comments and enjoy!

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