i have this problem since i created the site, it gives me error 500 and 400 every time i publish a post!

Ho un grave problema sul mio sito Web ospitato su WordPress, ricevo l’errore 500 server e l’errore 404 invio un post e poi ricarico la pagina molte volte che l’errore scompare, e tutto torna alla normalità, ho guardato il registro di accesso e ho notato che al referar manca una lettera del mio sito che sarebbe sconti-coupon.it invece dice conti-coupon.it, dammi una mano per risolverlo per favore ..

Is it legal to design and publish a game with D&D’s ability scores?

If I were to design an RPG that had Str/Dex/Con/etc… would it be legal to publish it? I know that games like Pathfinder and Dungeon World got away with it, but I’m not sure how or why.

Looking at D&D 5e’s recent OGL, I have found that the following items are considered Intellectual Property and are not Open content:

Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master, Monster Manual, d20 System, Wizards of the Coast, d20 (when used as a trademark), Forgotten Realms, Faerûn, proper names (including those used in the names of spells or items), places, Underdark, Red Wizard of Thay, the City of Union, Heroic Domains of Ysgard, EverChanging Chaos of Limbo, Windswept Depths of Pandemonium, Infinite Layers of the Abyss, Tarterian Depths of Carceri, Gray Waste of Hades, Bleak Eternity of Gehenna, Nine Hells of Baator, Infernal Battlefield of Acheron, Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus, Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia, Seven Mounting Heavens of Celestia, Twin Paradises of Bytopia, Blessed Fields of Elysium, Wilderness of the Beastlands, Olympian Glades of Arborea, Concordant Domain of the Outlands, Sigil, Lady of Pain, Book of Exalted Deeds, Book of Vile Darkness, beholder, gauth, carrion crawler, tanar’ri, baatezu, displacer beast, githyanki, githzerai, mind flayer, illithid, umber hulk, yuan-ti.

All of the rest of the SRD5 is Open Game Content as described in Section 1(d) of the License.

Since it doesn’t list mention any of its ability scores, it seems that it’s fine. Except that I’m not sure if these ability scores count as a component of the d20 system (which, again, is not Open Content).

So can I do this? Why or why not?

[ Programming & Design ] Open Question : How to publish a website ?

I am a new into front end web development. I am down to publish my website which I have just designed. I bought a domain name and hosting plan. But I am a bit confused. The sign up form I created using CSS and JS, I don’t know how to store the user data from sign up process to the server. Can somebody help me with that ?

I want to publish my new sorting algorithm

I have made a new sorting algorithm that is working in O(N log N) in every case. I want to publish this sort under the supervision of a professor as I am a newbie on the research side and also a professor can look to the algorithm from every perspective. I have contacted some professors worldwide but none of them reply to me yet and I have compared my runtime analysis with other sorting algorithms it is efficient than other divide and conquer based algorithms the time complexity is the same like merge sort but my algorithm is taking fewer operations when the size of the input increases. If anyone knows someone’s who can review my work or want to know more about my work then please let me know. LinkedIn

Sharepoint Designer 2013 crashes when I publish a workflow with a approval process action

From a few days I can no longer publish with the SharePoint Designer old and new Workflows that contain a simple approval process Action, like this

->    Start Approval (7) process on Current Item with Alessandro Cosi 

I am now receiving this error when attempting to publish:

An error occurred while trying to fetch data from your Sharepoint site.

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