Was there a published adventure that dooms the party if they fail a knowledge check?

I’ve recently seen a very strong claim made about knowledge skills:

“If someone didn’t take Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty and they can’t identify hearldry, then you can wind up getting ****ed. This can actually happen in a published adventure by the way.”

It’s possible that this was only referring to a minor issue like not being able to progress a conversation, but was there ever a published adventure that locks the party in to a bad ending if they fail a check on an uncommon Knowledge skill (e.g. Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty)?

Which originally published items does Use Magic Device from the Thief subclass cover?

This class feature seemed to me dead-on-arrival when published.

It’s unclear exactly what items originally presented in the DMG or PHB that this feature was originally intended to work with.

  • Exactly which items in the DMG or PHB are made usable by a level 13 Thief when granted the Use Magic Device class feature?

  • Of those items, which of them are meaningfully useful to a creature that doesn’t meet the requirements?

    (For example: Pearl of Power does nothing for a Thief even if they can ignore the class requirement of “spellcaster” so it is not meaningfully useful.)

Extending this question to all published works would be too vast of a question, but this should be a reasonable ask.

What psionic specific adventures or modules have been published for D&D?

What psionic specific adventures or modules have been published for D&D?

I’m willing to look at any edition, as my impression is that there are not a lot, and I’m willing to do the conversion work to the edition I will use. I prefer official TSR or WotC material.

I’m looking for adventures where the encounters are all psionic based, or at least the majority of them are.

Is this homebrew trident weapon and associated feat balanced compared to the published weapons and Feats for Weapons?

Currently, the martial weapon trident is strictly inferior to the simple weapon spear. Here is my homebrew fix for it:

Trident (Martial Meelee Weapon) Cost: 15 GP Weight: 5 lbs
Damage: 3d4 piercing Thrown (0/15), Heavy, Two Handed, Special

Special: This weapon can be wielded with one hand if the other hand is wielding a net.

And its accompanying feat:

Trident Mastery
Prerequisite: Proficiency in tridents.

You gain the following benefits when wielding a trident:

  • You have advantage on attack rolls made with tridents while under water.
  • When you throw a net as an action, you can make one attack with a trident as a bonus action.
  • When you are attacked by a weapon that has the reach property and are not incapacitated, you can use your reaction to add your proficiency bonus to your armor class against all attacks from the creature that attacked you until the beginning of your next turn. If this increased armor class blocks the triggering attack, the creature must make a DC 15 dexterity check or drop the weapon.

Is this balanced compared to the official weapons? Does it have any “broken” combinations with any feats or abilities? Is the feat broken?

What is a good spoiler free lore resource that I can give to my party for a published adventure?

I’m currently running a Storm’s King Thunder campaign and got a question from a couple players in my party who wanted to create a backstory for their characters. They wanted to know more about the region that we are playing in, but they were afraid they might read up on things they don’t want to know yet.

I have already looked into some sources such as Reddit and the forgotten realms wiki, but these sometimes detail things about events that happen in a published adventure. So it isn’t completely spoiler free. The same goes for the location descriptions that can be found in the published adventure book itself.

Does anyone know any resource or a way that I could let my players find a place in the world they play in without having to worry possibly spoiling parts of the plot?

Are there any examples in published D&D material of how to destroy a lich’s phylactery?

According to the D&D 5e Monster Manual, regarding destroying a phylactery, it says:

Destroying a lich’s phylactery is no easy task and often requires a special ritual, item, or weapon. Every phylactery is unique, and discovering the key to its destruction is a quest in and of itself.

— p. 203, Death and Restoration

However, no further information is given on how this is typically done, or what is involved specifically.

I get that this is meant as a plot hook for the DM, and that the DM is meant to fill in the blanks as befits their story/campaign, and that the intention here is that different lich’s phylacteries must be destroyed in different ways, rather than a one-size-fits-all method for destroying any phylactery.

However, it would be easier for me to come up with something if I had some examples to work with from existing adventures or additional lore on liches not included in the D&D 5e Monster Manual. Is there anything published in any edition of D&D that describes how to destroy a (specific) lich’s phylactery?

WordPress Custom Post Status not Public but Viewable Through Link: Privately Published Posts

I have been working on my site to bring up private posts on my site. I built a custom post status for this purpose.

My goal is to exclude posts belonging to that post status from search, from Blog Page, from WordPress Queries, RSS Feed etc. Basically there should be no mentions of it anywhere on site.

Till here it seems simple, but the problem is that I WANT people to be able to view the post via direct link.

Basically I want it to be not mentioned throughout my site, but if someone visits it from direct link, they can view it.

function custom_post_status(){  register_post_status( 'privatised', array( 'label' => _x( 'Privately Published', array('post', 'download')), 'public' => false,  'exclude_from_search' => true, 'show_in_admin_all_list' => true,  'show_in_admin_status_list' => true,  'label_count' => _n_noop( 'Privately Published <span class="count">(%s)</span>', 'Aggregated <span class="count">(%s)</span>' ),  ) );  }  add_action( 'init', 'custom_post_status' );  

Here if you see in the Array, the first option is Public, and I set it to false, which basically ensures that my post is not there on my Blog Page, or search, or Taxonomy Page, or RSS FEED etc. Etc. But if I open the same post via it’s direct url, then it gives a 404, because not found…

Please help, me have my post visible only through the direct link of it.

As a sidenote, Is it possible that I can have it public, and then exclude it from Taxonomy and all, like I can do with exclude from search…

I want to know where to share posts after published

Hello Guys

Happy New Year!

I want to know where to share the link of your blog post or say post, so a little bit of traffic can be obtained on the post, especially when you suck at having bad networking skills.

Please also tell if there is any area on DigitalPoint, where I just can post my blog posts and don't get banned like on Reddit etc.

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