Which published campaigns that melds d&d and paranoia was my DM talking about? [closed]

Years ago I was a player in a game that started as a really intense high action d&d one shot and then within about an hour we learnt that we where in a simulation designed to help us function better as a trouble shooter team.

The effect was made even better by the fact none of us knew we where getting into a paranoia one shot. At the time the GM said he had taken the idea from a published campaign but I can’t find what that might have been.

I know that there is an old adventure Alice through the mirror shades that melds together Paranoia and Cyberpunk. Is there anything similar for d&d or any other role play system? If not has anyone ever tried doing something like this and have any suggestions. I will say our group loves it when I throw together a paranoia adventure for them. My printer not so much, so many forms to print off.

Are there any published guidelines on how much expensive/magical gear affects the EL of appropriate challenges?

Page 40 of the DMG suggests that a large quantity of CR 1 enemies has the potential to challenge a 10th-level party that had lost their equipment. That’s an interesting idea, but written kind of vaguely. Like, what the heck is a “large quantity”? Do any of the published materials give more information on the “effective level” that an underequipped (or overequipped) party might amount to?

For example, I’d imagine that at 2nd level, brawlers can find clubs, rangers can throw improvised weapons, and spellcasters tend not to have expensive material components, so a party that gets captured and loses all their gear is at only a moderate disadvantage.

But at 15th level, you’re expected to be pretty decked out in magical gear. If this party gets captured, they’re going to need significantly weaker enemies to fight for a while. But where is a DM even supposed to start to look when considering what encounter level to face them off against?

Similarly, what about the 2nd-level party that finds a clever solution to a problem, and ends up with items typically meant for 4th-level characters? Or 7th-level characters?

(It wouldn’t surprise me if there isn’t, like, a table detailing the effective level difference at each level for different percentages of increased/decreased equipment–some classes are affected much more than others, and that would be a lot of information for WotC’s designers to consider in general. But if the rules have any additional suggestions for this kind of thing written somewhere, then I’ll take whatever they’ve got!)

Send push when new post is published in a certain category

I’m trying to develop a plugin which send a push notification to an app users, when a new post is published on a certain category. I’m trying with the hook save_post, but when the hook is fired, the post has no categories. I try in_category(2) function, but it always return false. I try wp_get_post_categories($ post_id) but always resolve to no categories and the same with wp_get_post_terms($ post_id, 'category')

I dont know if save_post hook is the correct, I think it’s fired before the categories are asociated to the post.

How I know if the post is published in a certain category?

Was a “divine wish” spell ever mentioned in any published game materials?

Official or unofficial materials. Not necessarily a spell available to players; it could be a creature or item ability. Various people from the AD&D 2nd edition up to Planescape (primarily 90’s) seem to remember such a spell, but I have not been able to find any TSR materials or endorsed / published materials with such a spell.

What published D&D adventures take place in the Astral Sea/Plane?

My players may soon find themselves in the Astral Sea. I don’t know much about the area, but if that’s where the adventure goes, so be it. Only problem is I find the 4e Manual of the Planes to be woefully uninformative. Are there any published adventures or modules that take place in the Astral Sea? Even if they aren’t appropriate for my game, reading one would probably give me a better ideas of what I can do to the players out there.

I’m running 4e and would prefer 4e material if it’s available. But I’m open to reading adventures set in the Astral Plane from earlier editions as well if that’s the best that’s out there.

Do Venture-Captain Sayrin Fyrewine or the Gristmill lodge appear in any published Pathfinder adventures?

I’m looking for information about VC Sayrin Fyrewine and her Pathfinder Lodge in Gristmill. I can find cursory mentions of them on the Pathfinder Wiki here and here. Those descriptions seem to be taken from Seekers of Secrets and Guide to the River Kingdoms, but I was hoping for a little more detail. Do they appear in any PFS scenarios or other published adventures?

Why my article is rejected to published as a guest writer? [closed]

As I’m a new article writer, told me that it’s not well-enough with SEO and quality content. But I can’t find its proper problem. So, it’ll be really nice and appreciable, if anyone can find me actually what’s the problem is?

Here is the Google docs link of my article: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wvJ5-8WPx65ah_AV7YVwoBmiMW6JL-pxWsgmix3uUhE/edit?usp=sharing

Was there a published adventure that dooms the party if they fail a knowledge check?

I’ve recently seen a very strong claim made about knowledge skills:

“If someone didn’t take Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty and they can’t identify hearldry, then you can wind up getting ****ed. This can actually happen in a published adventure by the way.”

It’s possible that this was only referring to a minor issue like not being able to progress a conversation, but was there ever a published adventure that locks the party in to a bad ending if they fail a check on an uncommon Knowledge skill (e.g. Knowledge: Nobility and Royalty)?

Which originally published items does Use Magic Device from the Thief subclass cover?

This class feature seemed to me dead-on-arrival when published.

It’s unclear exactly what items originally presented in the DMG or PHB that this feature was originally intended to work with.

  • Exactly which items in the DMG or PHB are made usable by a level 13 Thief when granted the Use Magic Device class feature?

  • Of those items, which of them are meaningfully useful to a creature that doesn’t meet the requirements?

    (For example: Pearl of Power does nothing for a Thief even if they can ignore the class requirement of “spellcaster” so it is not meaningfully useful.)

Extending this question to all published works would be too vast of a question, but this should be a reasonable ask.