Are there any published guidelines on how to chop up monsters for use as alchemical components?

I have a character with the Guild Artisan background. His guild was an Alchemists’ Guild so he is proficient with the alchemist’s tool kit. I mentioned to the DM that I could theoretically chop up monster corpses for use as alchemical raw materials and he said it was a good idea but provided no guidance.

Is there any published material that explains how to do this in 5th edition? Because the last time I saw guidelines, they were in the AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide.

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How to make digital content available for Roll20 for an adventure you published on DMsGuild?

Recently, I emailed Roll20 about optimizing an adventure for their platform so it can be released both on DMsGuild and Roll20.

Roll20 replied that they are very interested in having DMsGuild content on their platform.

However, DMsGuild states that if you publish an adventure on DMsGuild platform that you are unable to sell the adventure anywhere else.

To prevent breaking that rule, you might consider giving your digital content away for free on Roll20 – but I received an email from Roll20 that states that they do not allow digital content to be given away free – you must charge for it at a minimum of $ 4.95 (and they get a percentage of that.)

To avoid breaking the DMsGuild rule of not selling your adventure anywhere else, you might then consider creating just a digital bundle to sell on Roll20 which only has the digital assets (not the whole adventure) – but I received an email from Roll20 which states that they only want to have “complete adventures” on their platform.

These seem to be irreconcilable requirements: either you put something on DMsGuild and nothing can be made available on Roll20 or you put something on Roll20 and nothing can be on DMsGuild.

We emailed Roll20 about this and they said to contact DMsGuild about it. This didn’t seem like a viable solution as DMsGuild is unlikely to change their requirement about selling on other platforms.

Has anyone figured out how to release an adventure on DMsGuild and also provide digital content for Roll20? Has any previously published adventure accomplished this?

We are simply trying to make it easy for the people who buy the adventure and have digital content to play it on Roll20. We wanted it to be free but if Roll20 wants to charge that’s fine too. This scenario seems so common and so simply in the interest of Roll20’s platform that it seems like there would be a path to make it possible.

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Facebook ads approved, published. But ads are not running.


I am having some problems with I have created a couple off ads. They have been approved and published. The account is connected to paypal.But unfortunatley the ads don't seem to be running. There is'nt any money spend in the account. What could i be doing wrong?

Is there any way to contact facebook to ask them?

Thanks in advance

Microsoft Flow always run in context of user who published it

I am new to MS Flow, I am looking for your guidance so that I can start using it in better way.

I created MS Flow for one list and it runs when item as added, the flow updates one field in list.

Now issue is : when ever anybody add the item, the Flow updates that field but last modified user shows my name instead of user who has added that workflow.

I want flow to run in context of user who added the item (like designer workflow does) so that modified by column has correct value

Please guide me if I am doing something wrong here.

Shortest lifespan intelligent race ever published?

I’m looking for the published intelligent race (INT 3+) with the shortest lifespan. No need to be a playable race. Any edition will do, but 3.5 is preferable. Hoping for something with a lifespan of weeks.

I intend to run this in 3.5, but don’t mind porting. My plan is to make a short-lived race’s settlement around a Photostatic Rock deposit (an underdark feature that memorizes event around it) and use it as a form of ‘cultural memory’.

I need natural lifespans, so no summons. First party strongly preferred.

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Unknown error has occurred. The form template has been published to the server but it can only be opened in InfoPath Filler

I have gotten this error before and to fix it, I created a new external list and new form. But when going back in and editing the new form, it doesn’t even publish and keeps giving me this error. I tried creating a new external list and form again, but it still keeps giving me the same error. I also tried the recommended sharepoint solution to add the Desktop feature, but my computer already has it installed. I am not locked out of my account either.

enter image description here

Is this homebrew Olympian race (including its subraces) balanced compared to the official published races?

Is this homebrew 5e race (including its subraces) balanced compared to the official published races?


  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 30 feet
  • You gain proficiency in death saving throws.
  • You learn the thaumaturgy cantrip.



  • ASI: +2 intelligence and +2 wisdom
  • You gain proficiency in arcana and history.
  • You gain proficiency in one additional language of your choice.
  • Starting at 9th level, you can cast legend lore once per long rest.


  • ASI: +1 to three ability scores of your choice.
  • You gain proficiency in Medicine, Thieves’ Tools, and Sleight of Hand.
  • You always know which way is north.
  • Your speed increases by 10 feet.


  • ASI: +1 to strength and +2 to constitution
  • You gain resistance to lightning damage.
  • You learn the shocking grasp cantrip.
  • At level 5, you can cast lightning arrow once per short rest.
  • At level 10, you gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed.
  • At level 15, you can cast control weather once per long rest.


  • ASI: +1 to strength and +2 to constitution
  • You gain resistance to cold damage.
  • You learn the shape water cantrip.
  • You gain a swimming speed equal to your walking speed.
  • At level 7, you can cast tidal wave once per long rest.
  • At level 15, you can cast tsunami OR control weather once per long rest.