Ubuntu gets stuck on purple screen SOMETIMES during the boot up

I’ve recently dual booted my ASUS UX433FA (Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04) and ever since have been having issues even getting to the login screen. When I choose the ubuntu option in the GRUB menu, it takes me to the purple screen and gets stuck there. However sometimes it boots up no problem. I’ve tried 4 different kernel versions and non of the have an effect on the boot up. During the manual selection of the kernel version during the boot up, it gets stuck with the message “Loading initial ramdisk…”. I also added nomodeset in grub as well. Right now I’m running 18.10 version and still have the exact same issue. Not sure what other option I have left, but any help is greatly appreciated.

White screen on Laptop, Purple Screen on another monitor after install Ubuntu 18.04.02

I have a laptop Acer Aspire 4741G with spec: Core i3 350M 2.26 Ghz Processor 2 GB DDR3 Nvidia 310M Graphics Card

I installed Ubuntu desktop 18.04.02 bionic beaver from a USB stick successfully but after about 30 minute my screen starts to turn white completely. so i turn it off forcefully and after turn it on it’s all white from the starts (even no Acer logo).

i tried to connect it to another monitor, it’s not show white screen but still no acer logo to enter BIOS and directly show Ubuntu booting logo. after booting in my other monitor just show purple screen, the cursor still work but i can’t do anything else.

Ubuntu 19.04 stuck on purple boot screen after install from usb drive on MacBookPro 4,1 Early 2008

Installed Ubuntu 19.04 from a USB drive. Booted into Ubuntu on that USB and installed from there.

Install went fine and after restart was told to unplug USB, another restart and boot is stuck on purple screen.

Likely related to graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT.

What can I do, to solve this? Thankfor for noob-proof step-by-step suggestions.

Interstingly booting Ubuntu from the USB drive works fine.

Have no problem reinstalling again. The drive in the MacBookPro can be overwritten no problem. Does it have to be formatted prior to installing or does the ubunto install cover that part?

It’s a bit unclear how to proceed form here.

Ubuntu 18.04.2 boot stuck on purple screen after updates

Summary of Issue
Last Friday, I installed updates to Ubuntu 18.04 with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade. Some of these updates required a restart. Upon restart, after GRUB, boot got stuck on a purple screen before the Ubuntu logo/login. I can’t access the terminal at this step through Ctrl + Alt + F7/T/F1/F2 methods. Recovery mode does not work, and gets stuck at Loading initial ramdisk...

Attempts to Resolve
As stated above, recovery mode did not work.

  1. Attempted to use Boot Repair, this ran successfully but did not resolve the problem. Output from this attempt here.

  2. Next, I backed up some files then attempted a fresh install of 18.04.2. This worked, but as soon as I grabbed the ~400 MB of updates for this clean install, I encountered the same problem as before. I tried using both the Software Updater, and terminal. I’ve got no idea what update is breaking, here’s a full log of updates run.

  3. Saw what may be a related issue here: Ubuntu freeze on boot purple screen. Seeing that this user seemed to have an issue with kernel updates, I excluded kernel updates from running and tried again, still the same result as before.

So at this point, I’m at a loss as to how to proceed. I’m hoping I can get some help on this thread. Otherwise, I may need to downgrade to 16.04 or upgrade to 19.04…

Why do people not notice our enormous, prominent, clear and contrasting purple banner?

I’m part of a MediaWiki site called D&D Wiki. Among others, one of our longstanding issues in the public eye was our failure to label clearly enough that certain pages are categorised ‘Homebrew’, as opposed to ‘Official’.

Consequently, we pushed through a solution wherein all pages that are not ‘Official’ are labelled with this lovely homebrew banner. Contrasting with the site’s light, creamy-browns, brazenly displayed is this page-wide, striking black/dark purple/red banner, complete with black-bordered white text that is very largely and clearly displaying the words “Homebrew Page”, with extra minor explanation.

Official pages and homebrew pages have different colour schemes, different fonts, different text sizes, different table layouts, different title schemes, and, notably, a different banner declaring it ‘official content’ that is noticeably different at the shortest glance.

However, I have heard multiple times from reddit, to our chat, to stackexchange itself that, and I quote: “the homebrew banner is inexplicably hard to notice despite being bright purple.”. Somehow people are still getting these two categories of pages mixed up?

I profess my own inability to understand this situation. Did we overshoot human perception? Did we make it so noticeable, so.. obvious, that it could not be seen from within; Like humanity itself being unaware of the entirety of the universe around them?

How do we make people actually notice our banner? Or is there a better way to inform people of the homebrew nature of the content they’re seeing? Are these blind people all weird freaks, or am I somehow off my nut?

enter image description here

EDIT: Thanks all for the interest and helpful responses! For those interested, our subsequent discussion on the matter can be found on the site, here.

Ubuntu freeze on boot purple screen

After a day of restarting my computer i finally given up. I had Ubuntu 18.10 installed and worked perfectly and then i got the upgrade prompt and upgraded to 19.04. The upgrade crashed and after that the system was still booting except 80% of the time. Most of the boots resulted in a purple screen and that is all. I tried everything on the web and nothing seams to work. It is very very random. Couldn’t find a way to see where it hangs. The frozen boots fo not appear in the journal. If i try to boot the recovery both messages appear so loads the kernel and the other thing and then it hangs. I reinstalled Ubuntu 18.10 (with updates) and had the same problem. I did the upgrade (which this time worked) to 19.04 and same problem. Now I installed Ubuntu 18.04.2 without any updates and i got it working 4/4 boots. I did the updates 400ish mb of updates and then started doing the same thing with the purple screen. I reinstalled the 18.04.2 and didn’t do the updates.

I have no other options than to hope.. I have a Zenbook UX433FA and dualboot with Windows. I guess it is one of the packages that gets updated on 18.04.2 but i don’t know which one.

Thank you.

Ubuntu 18.04.2 stucks at purple screen after install

I am very new to linux and tried to install Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS on my laptop Lenovo g405s. it had windows 7 previously. i installed ubuntu via an USB and succeed, after that it told me to remove the usb and press enter, after which i welcomed at blank purple screen. im not sure what caused this and tried several fixs i found online and all failed.

Things i’ve tried :

  • replaced quiet splash with nomodeset -> fail

  • replaced quiet splash with radeon.modeset=0 -> fail

  • replaced $ linux_gfx_mode with nomodeset -> fail

do i need older version of ubuntu or something else is wrong ?