If a Tempest cleric uses the Wrath of the Storm and Thunderbolt Strike features to push an attacker away, can the attacker complete its multiattack?

The Tempest Domain cleric’s Thunderbolt Strike feature (PHB, p. 62) says:

At 6th level, when you deal lightning damage to a Large or smaller creature, you can also push it up to 10 feet away from you.

I envision the Thunderbolt Strike as throwing the target creature away from it, not gently pushing it away. I mean, lightning is an instantaneous thing, and 10 feet is more than just losing your balance.

The Thunderbolt Strike feature of a Tempest cleric leaves me with many questions. For instance, if a monster is able to make a multiattack consisting of 2 claw attacks and then a bite, and it hits me with its first attack, I can use Wrath of Storm as a reaction to deal lightning damage to it, and thereby blast the creature back 10 feet using Thunderbolt Strike.

If the monster does not have 10 feet of movement left after being pushed, does it lose its other 2 attacks against me (if no other targets are in range of it)? Or does it get to make all 3 attacks before it is blasted away from me?

For every 4 ‘c’ in the input push a ‘c’ in the stack (Push down automata)

Given the following language: L = {$ a^{2m}$ $ c^{4n}$ $ d^{n}$ $ b^{m}$ : m,n >= 0} I’m trying to design a PDA. My aproach is:

-for every 2 ‘a’ push an ‘a’

-for every 4 ‘c’ push a ‘c’

-then pop them to solve the 2nd half of the language

This is the first part to count 2 ‘a’, but the ‘c’part is not very clear:enter image description here

Any hints or solutions for the problem: ‘’for every 4 ‘c’ push a ‘c’ on the stack‘’


Can I push an enemy into a bag of holding?

Here is the scenario I envision:
I hold a bag of holding in one hand and use the other to make a shove attempt against an enemy.

  1. If I succeed can I shove him into the bag of holding?
  2. He can just open the bag from the inside but what if I hold the bag shut/put it inside a box/tie the top off?
  3. Can I destroy the bag effectively teleporting the enemy into the astral dimension?
  4. Can he destroy the bag from inside?

some extra info:

  • A bag of holding has a 2 foot diameter mouth (a quick google tells today’s well fed humans are about 15-16 inches in the shoulders)
  • A bag of holding has the volume of a 4*4*4 foot room, its square so while most medium creatures wont fit standing they will still fit by volume, maybe require a push to prone first and/or a grapple?

I’m asking because artificers potentially have a free way to make bags of holding daily and I’m wondering if this can be used for wrestling shenanigans or candlejacking

How to take input like “push 10” in C from user for stack implementation?

I am taking part in a contest which is basically stack implementation in C and I have written down the complete code (function definitions) and it’s working fine except for the drive program. Problem is that the input from user is going to be like this:

push 10 push 100 push 200 get_top pop 

I’ll be running a for loop for user specified time and that many times the user is going to operate on stack.

The only problem is that I don’t know how to take input in the format given above. How do I check what function to call when users inputs something like this?

I am coding in C and only allowed to use stdio.h

Please help me

How does Battle Master Push Attack Maneuver interact with ranged weapons?

I want to create a Fighter who uses a Crossbow as his main weapon.

By RAW, you can use Maneuver with a ranged weapon as long as it’s not said that it needs a melee weapon in its description.

Thematically, I got some explanation on how some Maneuvers functions with ranged weapons. For example, the Trip Attack could be an arrow to the knee which would force the target to fall.

But I have some trouble, thematically, on how you can push someone with a ranged weapon and the Push Attack Maneuver. Is that up to my DM’s discretion?

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