Need help on building Sharepoint Global search Query URI

I am trying to search a file by passing a query text. When i am trying in a specific Site using!l17-JY94D0CQp-2TBvsujaBLMUF2WrJHp5VylCDZThrZfpCdF-7uQ6MRp6t-MSRb/root/search(q=’sharepoint’) it is working fine and i am able to get the response with the File name. Since we have multiple sites and we want to search in all the sites for this when i am trying to search globally in all the sites and drives using http://{server}/_api/search/query?querytext=’sharepoint’ setting Get method i am not getting any resposne. when i click Run Query in Graph API Eplorer it is not loading at all. Can anyone please help me on this.

Search query api to get birthday date

I am trying to use the sharepoint REST api to get all users birthdays.

So I am using a crawled property People:SPS-Birthday with the managed property RefinableDate00.

Yesterday 15/08/2019 (Thursday) it was working fine, but today when I search the users using the query:


The RefinableDate00 is empty.

I dont know why this happening, someone faced this kind of thing before?

Slow query in production, bad plan or stale index?

I’ve just fixed a production performance issue by dropping an index and recreate it. I suspect dropping the index also dropped executions plans that used it and one of them happen to be bad.

Arguments in favor of bad execution plan :

  • Before dropping the indexe, I looked up the last update date for the statistics on the given table and they were up to date.
  • My DBA has put in place Hallengren’s index and statistic maintenance solution
  • The slow query was a select statement executed from sp_executesql with dates parameters. Executing the same select statement without sp_executesql was fast, but also didn’t use the same execution plan.

Arguments against bad execution plan :

  • Before dropping the indexe, we went real wild and runned the forbidden dbcc freeproccache to clear any bad plan, but this didn’t fix or change the performance issue.


  • The slow query happen to be using a table indexed by date. However, there is wide differences in the amount of records for each date. In other word, any given date range from few records to more than 100k and it is pretty random.

  • The database is running under compatibility level 140 (SQL Server 2017)

Was the source of the problem a bad plan or a stale indexe?

Error CS1934 Could not find an implementation of the query pattern for source type ‘NavigatorCustomButtons’

amigos tengo una clase que recupero un valor con una expression lamda de un control esta me trabaja bien en VB .Net al pasarla a C# me envia este error: Este el codigo que lo tengo en una clase en C#, en vB tambien lo tenia en una clase, espero sus comentarios:

public static NavigatorCustomButton MfxDtanavGetBtn(ControlNavigator poctrlnav, string pcval) { // Obtener el boton de visualizar, utilizando Lambda NavigatorCustomButton aobtn = (from aobject in poctrlnav.Buttons.CustomButtons where aobject.Tag.ToString() == pcval select aobject).ElementAtOrDefault(0);

return aobtn; 


¿Como pintar una tabla con OPTION y que al dar clic en el botón enviar se recupere en JS el valor del OPTION para cada fila obtenida de la query?

El problema es que mi consulta da como resultado 20 filas, esos datos los tengo que imprimir y a cada fila debo agregar un OPTION, para después almacenar en mi BD relacionando cada OPTION con el alumno. ¿como hago para darle un identificador a cada OPTION teniendo N alumnos?

                            $  filas2 = mysqli_num_rows($  query);                             if($  filas2>0){                                     while($  row2 = $  query->fetch_array())                                     {                                         echo "<tr><td>".$  row2['grupo']."</td>";                                         echo "<td>".$  row2['matricula']."</td>";                                         echo "<td>".$  row2['nombre']."</td>";                                         echo "<td>".$  row2['apellido_p']."</td>";                                         echo "<td>".$  row2['apellido_m']."</td>";                                         echo "<td>".$  row2['nom_campus']."</td>";                                         echo "<td>".$  row2['dia']."</td>";                                         echo "<td>".$  row2['nivel_mod']."</td>";                                         echo "<td>".$  row2['horario']."</td>";                                         echo "<td>".$  row2['tel']."</td>";                              ?>                     <td>                         <select name="hw1" class="form-control" required>                             <option value=""></option>                             <option value="1">Entrego</option>                             <option value="0">No Entrego</option>                         </select>                     </td>                       <?php                           echo "</tr>";                               }                             } else {                                 echo "no hay registros";                               }                     ?>´´´ 

How to exclude the specific category result(post) using query?

I’ve a blog site where 20+ categories are there.Now my requirement is using content search webpart I have to fetch some specific categories post using search query. Only posts out of specific categories shall be displayed in a sitepage. Now all categories results are coming.. I tried to filter by category ID or name, but no success.

categories link like: blogs/Events/Lists/Categories/Category.aspx?CategoryId=3

Any ideas on how to exclude the specific category using query?

Thanks in advance

Update column value based on other column with manage duplicate value MySQL query

I need to update column value based on other column with adding separator and with manage duplicates values using sql query.

For example :

I have one database table A.

Here in it two columns : 1) locality 2) slug

Locality column already have data. So need to update ‘slug’ column based on locality value. Please review below screenshots.

Currently i have below table.

enter image description here

And i need to update ‘slug’ column like below screenshot. column value based on i

Schema and Query design for table with multiple languages

I’ve been researching on how to create a schema for a database that contains multiple languages. So I decided to separate the translations on a different table with a column as the language and another column(s) with the translated text in that language. So I decided in the following schema:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Meowficer (     meowficer_id SMALLINT PRIMARY KEY,     skill_id SMALLINT UNIQUE NOT NULL,     -- Cut out irrelevant columns. );  CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS MeowficerName (     meowficer_id SMALLINT NOT NULL,     language TEXT NOT NULL,     name TEXT NOT NULL,      FOREIGN KEY(meowficer_id) REFERENCES Meowficer(meowficer_id)  );  CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS MeowficerSkill (     skill_id SMALLINT PRIMARY KEY,     next_id SMALLINT NOT NULL,     level SMALLINT NOT NULL,     experience SMALLINT NOT NULL,     icon TEXT NOT NULL,      -- Only one Skill for every Mewoficer.     FOREIGN KEY(skill_id) REFERENCES Meowficer(skill_id) );  CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS MeowficerSkillNameDesc (     skill_id SMALLINT NOT NULL,     language TEXT NOT NULL,     skill_name TEXT NOT NULL,     skill_1 TEXT NOT NULL,     skill_2 TEXT NOT NULL,     skill_3 TEXT NOT NULL,      FOREIGN KEY (skill_id) REFERENCES MeowficerSkill(skill_id) ); 

And I can query the data I need this way:

-- Cut out part of the column selecting from the Meowficer table. SELECT, Meowficer.skill_id,, ..., MeowficerSkill.icon, MeowficerSkillNameDesc.skill_name, MeowficerSkillNameDesc.skill_1, MeowficerSkillNameDesc.skill_2, MeowficerSkillNameDesc.skill_3 FROM      Meowficer  JOIN      MeowficerName ON = AND MeowficerName.language = 'ja' AND = 'ジャスティス' JOIN      MeowficerSkill ON Meowficer.skill_id = MeowficerSkill.skill_id AND MeowficerSkill.level = 2 JOIN     MeowficerSkillNameDesc ON MeowficerSkill.skill_id = MeowficerSkillNameDesc.skill_id AND MeowficerSkillNameDesc.language = 'ja' 

While the data sample I’m currently working with isn’t large at all and when I tried the code above it worked without any issues, is this the best approach for a multi language database schema and querying? Can it be improved on?

Linked SharePoint List not producing correct data in REST query?

I am trying to use the Office 365 SharePoint REST API to pull data stored in a list on SharePoint.

There are 2 columns in the list that lookup to another list.

I am trying to query the list using:

.../site/_api/web/lists/getbytitle('Sample Lists')/items?$  select=Email/Title&$  expand=Email 

The Email column in the list stores a lookup to a user table that then stores the Email. However, when I run the expand in this manner, I am not given a list of the Emails and am instead given a list of names (the other lookup value in the original list).