Laravel Multilanguage SEO Wise question [duplicate]

It’s my first time creating a Multilanguage site, i’ve got one concern which is SEO, i don’t use different slugs for my languages, i use Voyager as a back-end admin and when for example a blog page is opened it gets translated automatically in the controller based on the locale the user selected but it doesn’t go to a different page, what i mean is the page is still{blog-page} AND NOT{blog-page}/{language}.

Will that be an issue SEO wise?

What i’m doing is in AppServiceProvider.php everytime a page loads i set the locale so there won’t be any problems

    $  locale = session()->get('locale');          if($  locale == null) {          Session::put('locale', 'el');     } 

Setting the language at the HTML tag

<html lang="{{ session()->get('locale') }}">

and also

@section('title', {{ $ locale == 'en' ? 'English Title' : 'Greek Title' }})


    <link rel="canonical" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="el-gr">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="el">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="x-default">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="en"> 

The website has a lot of traffic and i don’t intend to see how this will turn out, so I’m looking for some tips if my approach is correct and if the crawlers will look at the website just fine.

Question Workflow

Is there any chance to do this completely in Scrapebox is:

From a List of domains I crawl the sites for contact emails
From the List I scrape the Social Media Accounts
I verify the emails

Is there any chance to “relate” everything in one Excel sheet?

What I want is:

Newssite:    Contact:                     State:       Facebook:                   Facebookemail (scraped with another tool)   State:  Valid.

And so on…

Question on support/deprecation status of browser plug-ins (not extensions) [closed]

I’d appreciate it if someone could provide confirmation or correction on what I found on the support/deprecation status of browser plug-ins that are enabled by NPAPI or PPAPI. Please provide feedback on each of the following:

  1. NPAPI plug-ins

    • As of 1st half of 2021, NPAPI plug-ins are deprecated in most major browsers including Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and Opera, but several other browsers still support them. (link)
  2. PPAPI plug-ins

    • PPAPI plug-ins are supported by Chromium-based browsers, but the official support for PPAPI will be stopped on June 2022. (link)
  3. Apple QuickTime

    • QuickTime 7.x used to be provided as a browser plug-in, but the plug-in support was deprecated from Safari 12 in 2018. From QuickTime 10.x, the plug-in is not supported. Therefore, QuickTime plug-in is deprecated. (link1, link2)
  4. Adobe Flash

    • Adobe Flash plug-in is deprecated in most major browsers, but it’s still supported as NPAPI or PPAPI plug-in by several browsers forking Chromium or FireFox. (link)
  5. Prospect for plug-ins

    • Even after official support for NPAPI or PPAI reaches end-of-life, the plug-ins might be supported by browsers forking Chromium or FireFox, or other types of browsers for backward-compatibility.

Having a question about SQL

Consider the relations: EMPLOYEE(ID, SURNAME, LINE_ID) CAR(EID, MAKE) For each employee, we store their unique ID and the ID of their line manager (if exists) LINE_ID. If an employee has a line manager then the corresponding LINE_ID is not NULL. A line manager does not have a line manager, i.e., the corresponding LINE_ID is NULL. The LINE_ID is a foreign key referencing to the ID primary key in the relation Employee. In the relation Car, we store the car(s) make of an employee, if exist(s). Specifically, for each car, we store its make (e.g., BMW, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Toyota) and the ID of its owner/employee (EID). The EID is a foreign key referencing to the ID in the relation Employee. The primary keys are underlined. Assume the following query: SELECT E.SURNAME, L.SURNAME FROM EMPLOYEE E, EMPLOYEE L, CAR C WHERE E.LINE_ID = L.ID AND C.EID = L.ID We know that: (i) there are 20 line managers, each one being the line manager of 10 employees; (ii) there are 120 employees, who have 1 car each, i.e., the CAR relation has 120 tuples, each one corresponds to different employee. (a) Provide the canonical tree of the query and estimate the expected number of tuples retrieved.

have a question

have a question
I saw “No targets to post to” alarm on my project. does it mean the project is over right?
also i did “Delete Target URL cache” and “Delete Target URL History” to repeat the project after it’s finished, and then set it active again
at the first time, I got 2000 verified links. After deleting cache&history  and active it again, can i get roughly 2000  verified links again? hope i can.
and after deleting cache&history, the speed of the second time work gets slower than the first time. what should i do?

Newbie question – what will happen after project Stop?

Planning to run GSA SER, and did not find answer to my question.
Lets say i import target URLs from bought list file.
Run a campaign for some time. Then i stop, and start it again after some time.
Does link building starts from beginning of that list file over again, or is any way to start from that point where i stopped, even when the program was closed ?

Question on links and files

Hello. I started testing the program and there were some difficulties. For earlier I apologize for the text, as the translation is from I don’t know English.

1) Macro #file_links[]=file&s[]=links&s[]=names&s[]=dat&s[]=2#file_links_filename_or_url_number_of_lines_line_output

I want to display 1 line at each call in order. No matter how I prescribe it:

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,NP]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,SP]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,LP]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,NP]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,SP]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,LP]

The same keys are output anyway. And if you put

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,N]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,S]

#file_links [C:\ankors.txt,1,L]

Then random entries are displayed, which I do not need.

I need to output in order:

Anchor 1

Anchor 2

Anchor 3

Ancro N

Anchor 1

2) I also want to output a random piece of article from the file




Here also, either the output goes to the same parts of the article, or all the lines are random.

I want to display a random piece of article in different places in order.

3) I want to put my links and link pictures in the text fields.

No matter how I put it, part is still cut out, and the pictures have never been displayed.

Tried these options:

<a href=””><img src=””/></a>


<a href=””><b>#file_links[C:\ankors.txt,1,NP]</b></a>


But if I manually register on the site and insert my text with links and pictures, then it is displayed correctly without problems.

Please help me solve these problems. Thank you!

Question on bento box search tools

Hello All, I am looking to implement a bento box search tool similar to what is on or when you search something.

Does anyone know where I can find a good site to learn this or how to implement it.
The UI/UX elements of a bento box are relatively simple and straight forward. Pulling the search results (intelligently sorted by relevancy) is very difficult and non-trivial.

I am trying to find what current bento box search tools exist….

Question on bento box search tools

Question regarding Pact magic with multiclassing and a class specific bonus

I play a 6 bard/ 4 warlock multiclass. My character recently obtained a rhythm makers drum +3, giving a +3 bonus to my bard spells’ DC and rolls.

I am curious if I were to cast a spell I had taken on my warlock list (hold person) with a bard spell slot, would the bonus increase the DC? DnDB added the bonus to all my characters spells (I know that isn’t right) but thought it may be applicable if a spell is on both lists.

Thank you in advance.