Need Help Please[ Just advice] Only One Question

So I want to use GSA to rank web 2.0s for myself and client. Now I come from media buying.

If i want to use a GSA to rank local client. My question is related to keywords. 

Can I multiple keywords? For example barber johannesburg, barber parkhurst. These are areas.

Or what is the best way to do it. One specif keyword used differently.

Any help please thanks

[ Gender Studies ] Open Question : Why do we objectify women?pop culture and movies.?

Not just men but women who are actually on television. They expose themselves. Movies show cleavage. Musicians like nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Rihanna etc…list goes on. Every actress, singer, model expose themselves and also talk about me too or equality and being feminist. I mean they are the ones who are actually doing it.

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : If drugs are illegal in USA, how do so many celebrities use them?

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus have admitted to using marijuana and cocaine. I’ve looked up the list of legal drugs to use as recreation in USA, and marijuana and cocaine are not among them. I’m confused. If drugs like marijuana and cocaine are prohibited and banned in USA, how do celebrities access them, boast about it and not be arrested?

New ecommerce site for wearables, question about products names

Hi guys,
I'm setting my e-commerce site for wearables.

I have different products, that are kind of similar
so, for example, watches for kids

I will start with 3 models, that are kind of similar on functionality, but different look.

Now how do I name them?

By the reference the Chinese manufacturer gives them?… XCYY-34

Or should I come with a name for the product?… CoolWatch misty


[ Politics ] Open Question : If Cortez gets her way and no more fossil fuels in 10 years, how do the dems get to the Bahamas and Puerto Rico to their political parties?

Also…international trade shipping? Nope, that’s gone. Domestic and global air travel? Nope, that’s gone. Vacation cruises to and from the U.S.? Nope, that’s gone. National train transportation? Nope, that’s gone.