Can a raging barbarian carry live rabbits to kill them, in order to keep his rage going?

One of my players, a human barbarian, came up with the idea of carrying captured rabbits, feeding them and treating them nicely, so that he can rip them apart mid-battle if he knows he will be unable to attack during the round. Does this sound balanced or does this sound like breaking the rules?

Does the Flumefire Rage feat allow you to cast blasting spells while raging?

Flumefire Rage is the feat that adds +1 damage for every die you roll when casting a fire damage spell, at the risk of becoming Fatigued.

If you are raging, the risk of getting Fatigued lessens, and the damage bonus increases; on the other hand, usually, you need things like Furious Spell if you want to cast under such circumstances.

What intrigues me, though, is the following passage in the Flumfire Rage description:

This feat does not otherwise grant you the ability to cast spells while raging.

Does it mean that while this feat doesn’t help you cast any non-blasting spells when rating, you don’t need Furious Spell when casting a Fireball?

Is dual-wielding superior to great weapons for a raging Barbarian?

This question is somewhat two-fold. I am in the process of creating a high-level Barbarian and am trying to determine if it makes more sense to take use dual weapons and capitalize on the additional damage that rage deals versus using great weapons, which benefit more from crits.

The Barbarian’s primal path is Zealot, so he has a revolving door with death. For the purposes of race, we are taking advantage of the revolving door and using the Reincarnate spell liberally. From our Session 0, the character has died and been reincarnated 3 times and is currently a human. I’ve encouraged the DM to kill this character whenever he wants and we’ll reincarnate him as something else. To simplify the complexities of changing race constantly, we are using the following house rules for reincarnation:

  • Retain your original race’s stat bonuses, you lose all the other features.
  • Gain the features of your new race, but none of the stat bonuses.

Currently, the character is a human, but his original incarnation was half-elf. Due to the everchanging nature of his race, assume for the purposes of assessing this, that racial features that improve damage, like Savage Attacks, aren’t applicable since the character could get Worfed at anytime.

The following assumptions should be considered:

  • The character does NOT have the the Dual Wielder feat.
  • The character does NOT have the Great Weapon Master feat.
  • If dual wielding, the character would use a weapon that dealt 1d6 in the main hand and 1d6 in the off-hand (I don’t believe there are any light weapons capable of dealing more than 1d6 damage).
  • Character has 18 Strength.
  • For the purposes of damage calculation, assume the character is raging.
  • No multi-classing.
  • Almost always fighting recklessly for Advantage.
  • Assume the character’s race is not one that provides a bonus to damage or critical damage (like half-orcs)
  • Do not account for plusses due to magic weapons.
  • ASIs are used in a manner that doesn’t increase damage. For example, on boosting Con or Dex. Or on feats that don’t increase damage.
  • Strength adjustments at level 20 should be considered since it is a class feature.

With those assumptions in mind, can someone advise me on which fighting style, on average, deals more damage per round considering the damage bonuses from the Barbarian class features? If the damage optimization changes, at what levels does that occur?

Can a Barbarian self-inflict damage to keep raging?

In DnD 5e the barbarian rage is somewhat different from it’s 3.5e counterpart, but the thing that most confused me is the need to be actively part of mayhem and destruction at every round to keep being angry (emphasis mine):

Your rage lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you are knocked unconscious or if your turn ends and you haven’t attacked a hostile creature since your last turn or taken damage since then. You can also end your rage on your turn as a bonus action.

Now the question is, can a Barbarian (with or without shield) punch/stomp/bite/headbutt itself to recieve damage and maintain rage? To me, it seems it’s possible by RAW, but I’m not sure about RAI if an unmissable attack (I refuse to think that you can miss hitting yourself if you are not heavily drunk) with the lowest melee damage possible from a Barbarian can keep you raging for the full duration.

Can silk stop the raging Orc? or rather do fragile structures provide less cover?

The Player’s Handbook (pg. 196) reads

Walls, trees, creatures, and other obstacles can provide cover during combat, making a target more difficult to harm.

However it only defines degrees of cover (1/2, 3/4, Full) in terms of area covered. RAW it then seems that a curtain of silk provides as much cover cover against the attacks of a battle axe wielding Orc as a stone wall. Reasonably, however, it would make more sense just to confer the benefits of Unseen rather than the benefits of cover.

Rules as Written is there something I am overlooking and if not what is there a more reasonable system of adjudicating cover?

Can you concentrate on non-spell abilities while raging?

There are a few class features in the game that require concentration, but are not spells : A Trickery Cleric’s Invoke Duplicity, a Glamour Bard’s Mantle of Command, and a Graviturgist Wizard’s Adjust Density. They are all phrased in a similar way concerning concentration :

for 1 minute, or until you lose your concentration (as if you were concentrating on a spell).

Going into a rage stops you from keeping concentration on a spell :

If you are able to cast spells, you can’t cast them or concentrate on them while raging.

But, if a multiclassed character (with one of the above subclasses, plus barbarian) uses such a concentration-based feature then goes into a rage, does that concentration break ? Example : Timmy the Trickery Cleric / Barbarian, Invoking a Duplicity, then raging.

What happens when you cast Death Ward on a raging level 14 Zealot Barbarian who is at 0 HP?

Let’s say a Zealot Barbarian is using Rage Beyond Death and thus they do not fall unconscious at 0 HP. Let’s further say that they’re currently at 0 HP.

If death ward is cast on them, then by RAW it seems like they do not go back up to 1 HP. But what if they receive damage afterwards? Does death ward kick in and return them to 1 HP, or does it not kick in because you can’t drop to 0 HP while already at 0 HP?

What happens when a Wild Magic Surge would have a Sorcerer/Barbarian multiclass cast a spell while raging?

I was making a Barbarian/Wild Magic Sorcerer multi-class and realized the following scenario may occur:

  1. Rolling a 01-02 on the Wild Magic Surge Table:

    Roll on this table at the start of each of your turns for the next minute, ignoring this result on subsequent rolls […]

    Player’s Handbook (page 104)

  2. Enter a rage which has the following stipulation:

    […] If you are able to cast spells, you can’t cast them or concentrate on them while raging […]

    Player’s Handbook (page 48)

  3. Roll something on the Wild Magic Surge Table that causes you to cast a spell, for example:

    09-10 You cast magic missile as a 5th-level spell.

    Player’s Handbook (page 104)

Does the Barbarian’s rage prevent you from casting magic missile or do you cast magic missile even though you are raging?

Note that the following questions establish that when Wild Magic Surge calls for a spell to be cast the Sorcerer is the one casting it:

  • Counterspell & Dispel Magic vs Wild Magic Surge
  • What does it mean "you cast a spell" in terms of a Wild Magic Surge?

Can a Barbarian/Wizard multiclass trigger a magic item while raging?

My party has a Barbarian who multiclassed to wizard. Levels 3 and 1, respectively.

He has incorporated the Staff of Defense (from Glasstaff, Lost Mines of P) into the handle of his great axe and is attuned to it. He also has Shield in his spellbook.

When raging he loses his ability to cast his Wizard spells, but can he use the Staff’s ability to cast Shield as a reaction while enraged?