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How to count number of distinct days from one table using two dates (for range) from another table for each row?

So I have one datatable with three columns: userid, mindate, maxdate. I have another datatable that contains all the login logs for each user.

I need to make a query so that I can sum all the distinct login days from one datatable between the mindate and maxdate from another datatable for each user.

The code I can write until:

SELECT a.*, b.logins FROM ‘usertable’ as a
LEFT JOIN (SELECT user_id, COUNT(DISTINCT(loginday)) from ‘logintable`
GROUP BY user_id) as b
on a.userid = b.user_id;

I just need help adding a ‘where’ statement that can query from b like:
WHERE loginday between a.mindate and a.maxdate.

Thank you!

Can we take Attack action when not in range of enemy?

Can you take the Attack action without attacking, just to get any side benefits?

For example, Blade Flourish says:

Whenever you take the Attack action on your turn, your walking speed increases by 10 feet until the end of the turn […]

In all examples the bard has a speed of 30 feet and does not have Extra Attack.

First relevant scenario:

The Bard and the enemy is 40 ft apart. If the Bard can take Attack action before spending all 30 ft movement, then he can reach the enemy and attack them with the added extra movement. If not, the Bard and the enemy is now 10 ft apart.

Second relevant scenario:

There is an enemy around the corner. The Bard might or might not know there is an enemy there. With the added movement from Blade Flourish, he will be able to walk around the corner and attack the enemy.

Third relevant scenario:

Same as second scenario, but he will only be able to walk around the corner without being able to attack. He does not know if he can reach to attack the enemy at the end of the turn.

Is taking Attack action allowed without being able to make an attack?

What are the targeting range limitations of Glyph of Warding?

Glyph of warding states, in part:

When the glyph is triggered, the stored spell is cast. If the spell has a target, it targets the creature that triggered the glyph.If the spell affects an area, the area is centered on that creature.

Other questions have addressed the fact that the specific wording of the glyph allows a spell that has a range of self, for example, to instead affect whoever triggered the effect.

My question is whether the wording also supersedes other potential issues- specifically, with how far away the target can be.

Can Glyph of warding alter the range of the stored spell? If so, by how much?

LINQ to SharePoint 2016 : Value does not fall within the expected range

I have a Dev and a Production SharePoint 2016 environment. For CRUD with lists I am using LINQ to SharePoint (SPMetal) generated classes. I have a list where 27 columns are Person Type. In my dev(http://sp2016/) environment the list is in root/main site but in Prod it is in subsite (https://sp2016/leaveauto). In both environment I have increased the Resource throttling value from 8 to 50 for Lookup View field. From the list I am taking a Person’s Id value (column name: HOD) from a specific Person type column with below code

using (MyDataContext objDataContext = new MyDataContext(_webUrl))                     {                         try                         {                             int approverId = objDataContext.ApproverInfo.FirstOrDefault(x => (string.Compare(x.DeptID,deptId)==0) && (string.Compare(x.Location, location)==0)).HODId;                         }                         catch (Exception ex)                         {                             throw;                         }                     } 

here, HODId is LINQ to SharePoint generated column for HOD and deptId & location values I am passing with parameter.

In Dev environment it is working fine, but in Prod it is giving below error

{System.ArgumentException: Value does not fall within the expected range.    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldMap.GetColumnNumber(String strFieldName, Boolean bThrow)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListItemCollection.GetColumnNumber(String groupName, Boolean bThrowException)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListItem.GetValue(SPField fld, Int32 columnNumber, Boolean bRaw, Boolean bThrowException)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListItem.get_Item(String fieldName)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq.PropertyMap.GetSPFieldValue(PropertyMap pm, SPListItem item, JoinPath joinPath)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq.SPItemMappingInfo.MaterializeEntity[TEntity](DataContext dc, SPDataList list, SPListItem item, SPItemMappingInfo itemMappingInfo, JoinPath joinPath)    at lambda_method(Closure , SPListItem )    at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereSelectEnumerableIterator`2.MoveNext()    at System.Linq.Enumerable.FirstOrDefault[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source, Func`2 predicate)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.Linq.SPLinqProvider.Execute[T](Expression expression)    at ShopSignboard.lib.Utility.FindNonFinancialApprover(String approvalStatus, String deptId, String location)} 

How can I solve this problem?

Healing Light and Range [on hold]

I find myself quite fond of healing light because of the following:

  1. It is not a spell, meaning no problem of spell slot or counter spell.
  2. No components (V,S,M).

My plan is to build a survivable character (focus on wilderness). I thought of starting as 1st level celestial warlock and invest the rest in Ranger. At level 20, it will be like this: 1 Warlock/19 Ranger.

Any tips to make is work as a solo player and in a party of four that include a cleric.

Many thanks! O.

How to design a chart that has an x-axis with a fixed range that is longer than the selected range?

I’m designing a web-based analytics dashboard that contains a chart in which the x-axis represents the days of a campaign, and it always shows 31 days. However, the duration of a campaign varies; it may be predefined to any period between a single to 31 days.
In cases when the campaign’s duration is shorter than 31 days, I want to make it clear which area of the chart is relevant.
Are there any existing best practice solutions for this scenario?
One idea I have is graying out the area that’s not required (see image below). A bar chart with a 31-days x-axis that shows a 7-days long campaign

The chart’s width is fixed and optimized for displaying a 31-days range. I’m not changing the number of days on the x-axis to avoid scenarios in which there is a single floating dot or bar on the screen or several data points with vast space between them (see images below). A bar chart with a 7-days x-axis that shows a 7-days long campaign A bar chart with a 3-days x-axis that shows a 3-days long campaign

How to redirect a port range on a load balancer

I’m a little new to this and trying to figure this out. I have 3 web servers running Ubuntu 16.04 and Apache2. One of the web servers will serve as a load balancer for the other two. I have the load balancing part correct, but I am trying to set this up where the port range 60000-65000 on the load balancer is redirected to the web servers on port 80. My guess is that this is done using iptables but that’s just a guess. Has anyone implemented this before? Thanks in advance.

Is the 5-foot range of the Help action my range to the ally, the enemy, or both?

A player in our group that knows much more than me explained the Help action during game, but then after the game I read the PHB and not sure if he’s using it correctly.

I thought I needed to be within 5 feet of the enemy. He said I need to be within 5 feet of the ally.

The Help action says:

You can lend your aid to another creature in the completion of a task. When you take the Help action, the creature you aid gains advantage on the next ability check it makes to perform the task you are helping with, provided that it makes the check before the start of your next turn.

Alternatively, you can aid a friendly creature in attacking a creature within 5 feet of you. You feint, distract the target, or in some other way team up to make your ally’s attack more effective. If your ally attacks the target before your next turn, the first attack roll is made with advantage.

Does the ally, the enemy, or both need to be within 5 feet of me when I take the Help action?