GSA Search Engine Ranker FAQ

For a very long time we had an inofficial FAQ thread here started by @Erbsensuppe. Many thanks for that!
I recently extended that and moved it to the official manual as Im currently trying to document everything a bit better.
Anyway that old thread is still there but kind of outdated.
Please head over to the following webpage for:
The latest FAQ on GSA Search Engine Ranker
If you have some generic questions/answers that should go into that new document, let me know here and I add it.

2 Super Easy Ways To Save Money On Paid Captcha Services When Using GSA Search Engine Ranker

Many GSA Search Engine Ranker Users are making use of 3rd party captcha solving services which they have to pay for the number of solved captchas. If you are running allot of GSA SER projects with multiple tiers then paying for these paid captchas  can be very expensive, very quickly.

So since we all can do with saving a bit of money where possible, i will show you 2 very easy ways you can reduce the cost of captchas your paid captchas. Some of you might already be aware of these methods and many of you are not aware of them, so read further to see how to save money with your paid captchas and GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Please read the full article below

10 Things your mom never told you about GSA Search Engine Ranker


Allot of people are having a hard time understanding what to do or what is needed to run GSA Search Engine Ranker. I have produced over a 3000 gsa projects in the past 3 years so i do have a little experience when it comes to using of GSA Search Engine Ranker, so I decided to put together a blog post on the essentials things you need to run it and important settings.

This will be usefull for people planning on starting with GSA SER or are allready using it but need some help.

Topics covered are as below:

Things You Need

  • GSA Captcha Breaker

  • TXT Captcha Solver

  • Recaptcha Solver


  • Proxies

Important Settings

  • Auto Throttling

  • HTML Time Out

  • Blacklist Filter

  • Advance Settings

  • Indexing

The information is free of charge, you dont have to subscribe or pay anything