I wrote a script to auto-create GSA projects from RankerX (like a one-way sync tool)

I want to share something I built in case it would be helpful.
I use RankerX to build tier-2 backlinks, and then I have two GSA instances hitting those with tier-3 links. I think it keeps the tier-2 links alive longer and I’ve been able to grow a number of domains to DR 40-50 over 4-6 months with this strategy. But I was getting annoyed because I keep forgetting to set up the GSA projects each time RankerX finishes a campaign and it’s a lot of clicks!
So, I fixed it and here’s the source code:
The script runs under python on Windows. It polls your RankerX instance for completed projects, and when it finds one it sets up a new .prj file in your GSA-SER projects folder and then pings the GSA API so it would refresh itself and start the project. Now GSA can build your T3 backlinks as soon as a RankerX project finishes with basically no work from you.

Is there anyone who uses catchall email in Rankerx?

I am using Seremails. The quality is really good and simple, but they don’t answer even if you ask questions.
I sent you an e-mail for a month, but they didn’t answer. I’m so Fuxx angry.
So I’m going back to Gsa Forum and asking you questions. The Rankerx format is shown in the picture below.

And the seremails catchall format I use is as follows. This is an example.
seremails have only format for GSA ser

this Gsa ser format ->%spinfile-names.dat%%spinfile-lnames.dat%%random-1-100%@abcde.fghijk.com:mail.fghijk.com:994:abcde.fghijk.com:852ABIEOSLE

I’ve been using regular e-mail for a month. Please help me

How to index Web 2.0(Tier1) from RankerX

Hi friend,

I’ve problem with create backlink for my Web 2.0 (Tier1 from RankerX). It’s don’t have any backlink from Tier1 to my money site after 2 weeks.
Can you guy recommend me some technic to index backlink?

1) I’ve create Web 2.0(Tier1) point to my money site. & use speedlink.
2) I’ve export Tier1 pass to GSA and use general blog comment.

What should I need to do?
I’m sorry for my English… 🙂

Is there anyone who uses Rankerx?

I’m building tier 1 with Rankerx.
But the Rankerx url list doesn’t change much.
If I submit it once, I have to submit it again in the same domain.
If i submit it to the same domain, the link juice will lose a lot of power.
I wonder if I can submit it more than once.

i need a really accurate guide. please