Site rankings tanked after removing 1750 Blog tags

I recently removed 1750 tags from my company’s blog. Many of them were irrelevant or synonyms created by someone who didn’t know how to use tags, some were even misspellings. I removed 1730 of them, removing them from the tag section in WordPress, as well as from the actual article in the QuickEdit section.

I was under the impression this would add to SEO efforts, as many articles detail that, such as this one from Yoast. However, rankings for the keyword "recruitment software" dropped from #17 to #30. Other more niched keywords lost rankings for the homepage altogether, and a blog post appeared there instead (albeit a few ranking spots lower).

I’m worried that removing all those tags have produced 404 errors which have caused the nose-dive in rankings :/, should 301 redirects be created for each lost tag webpage? In the WordPress backend, Yoast was suggesting I do that with their app’s premium version as I was deleting. Any ideas would be much appreciated, as you can imagine the fright and dread I got from losing rankings like that overnight.

FYI, it has been a week since the fall in rankings, fluctuations seem to have slowed.

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Switch properly from HTML website to WordPress without hurting Google rankings

My question is about specific technicalities of the switch from HTML website to WordPress. I looked through similar questions but my question still remains.

I think my situation is pretty standard.

I’m about to switch my current HTML website to WordPress. My website has been up since 2006.

Main details of the transition:

-My current site is in the /public folder

-Most pages have .php extension

-The WordPress folder is /clickandbuilds/mywebsite (, hosted by 1&1)

-I’ll also need to do 301 redirects for all .php pages to the WP pages

I guess my main question is the following:

Is it safe to just switch my domain from the /public folder to the WordPress folder once everything is ready? I assume it’s a standard procedure – but still wanted to get a second opinion.

Thanks, Leo

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