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Qingdao Jinnoc International Exhibition Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. The company currently has eight wholly-owned subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo, Shenyang, Jinan, Yantai and Guangzhou. Each year, it organizes more than 30 international professional exhibitions in the country, covering machine tools, industrial automation, industrial robots, power transmission, rubber, tires, plastics, food machinery, packaging, shipbuilding, welding, metal processing, casting, and heating. , refrigeration, environmental protection, water treatment and other industries. Among them are China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo, one of China’s top ten most influential brand exhibitions, China’s top five machine tool industry brand exhibition Jinnuo Machine Tool Show, and one of Asia’s five major professional tire exhibitions, Qingdao Tireand Rubber Fair. Global International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI) Certification Exhibition Qingdao International Machine Tool Exhibition, World Leisure Organization, International Exhibition 2015 World Leisure Sports Conference, etc. In the course of the company’s previous exhibitions, it has received nearly 8,000 companies from more than 32 countries and regions. The overseas professional audience is more than 100 countries and regions in the world, reaching more than 100,000 visitors.
The company officially became a member of the Global Association of International Exhibitions (UFI) in 2015, which marks that Jinnoc Exhibition has become one of the world’s leading exhibition companies.
         Rapid Plastimeter suppliers

Can Quicken Spell be used spontaneously if Rapid Metamagic is used?

The Quicken Spell feat carries this special requirement:

This feat can’t be applied to any spell cast spontaneously (including sorcerer spells, bard spells, and cleric or druid spells cast spontaneously), since applying a metamagic feat to a spontaneously cast spell automatically increases the casting time to a full-round action.

This is in reference to this rule in the Metamagic SRD:

Therefore, such a character must also take more time to cast a metamagic spell (one enhanced by a metamagic feat) than he does to cast a regular spell. If the spell’s normal casting time is 1 standard action, casting a metamagic version is a full-round action for a sorcerer or bard.

However Rapid Metamagic specifically supersedes this rule:

When you apply a metamagic feat to a spontaneously cast spell, the spell takes only its normal casting time.


Can Quicken Spell be used spontaneously if the casting time is reduced by Rapid Metamagic?

The way I read it, Quicken Spell‘s special is more of an answer to a logistical question, rather than an explicit prohibition, given that it sites another effect(the spontaneous spell’s increased casting time)as the reason for disallowing it. I see it similar to if the PHB said, “You can’t wield three weapons since all playable races have only have two hands.” If you somehow gained a third hand, the rule would cease to apply.

Does the Rapid Wrath magic weapon double a speed that’s calculated by halving another speed?

The specific magic weapon rapid wrath (Ghostwalk Campaign Setting 66) (11,702 gp; 3 lbs.), in part, says, “This +1 mighty cleaving shortspear doubles the speed of a creature that carries it” (link mine).

The crystal of aquatic action (lesser) (Magic Item Compendium 25) (1,000 gp; 0 lbs.), in part, says that when it’s affixed to your armor you “gain a Swim [sic] speed equal to one-half your land speed.”

When an adventurer possesses rapid wrath and affixes to his armor a crystal of aquatic action (lesser), is the adventurer’s swim speed his land speed or half his land speed?

That is, does the adventurer, essentially, benefit from rapid wrath twice if the adventurer is lucky enough to have another movement mode’s speed based on his land speed? Or is the adventurer already benefiting from rapid wrath because the adventurer’s land speed was doubled to compute the new movement mode’s speed, and his swim speed remains half his land speed?

Note: As I type this, I (the DM) am leaning strongly toward the former—that is, doubling the newly acquired swim speed—, but the conscientious player whose PC carries rapid wrath and just acquired the crystal of aquatic action (lesser) thinks this is double-dipping and remains curious as to the community’s opinion.

Rapid Indexer

I have just watched a video on Rapid Indexer and all good. Now this video was done in 2012, so in 2019 can I still use it in the same way? I think what I am really trying to ask is, can I use Rapid Indexer to notify as many sites as possible, or should I just post to a few at a time?

Data Recovery from an Intel Rapid Storage Cached Volume

On my machine there was an 1TB SSD configured as an Intel SRT array member hosting OS volume (868GB) and a cache volume (64GB). The cache volume was accelerating a secondary HDD GPT-Partitioned NTFS-formatted.

After a sudden BSOD the secondary HDD become inaccessible (RAW, no partitions at all). I was able to recover some partitioning structure with Partition Recovery, but many files are lost, apparently the most recently used.

So I suspect a problem with the cache volume and/or caching.

I now disabled the cache on the secondary to prevent any overwriting, but the SSD still has an unused cache volume.

My idea was to delete the cache volume and recreate a regular volume on that 64GB space, and try a deep scan of that volume with software like Active File Recovery or Recuva.

Any better approach?

The problem is I’m unable to “reset as available” the cache volume. The UI of ISRT has a button for this but pressing has no effect.

Any help appreciated

Virus from running rapid indexer tool

When I input the list of websites provided by Scrapebox (from the description) and put my website into Scrapebox to run the indexing, my Avast antivirus scan pops up every now and then to say that I am visiting a website which has virus.

Is this normal?

Think it is because some websites on the list contain malware?


How to use the rapid indexer tool

This is a new version of scrapebox (to me anyways) and I can’t find much information from the old videos.

I need to find out where or how to find a rapid indexer list to use for scrapebox.

Ideally if I could use any list from scrapebox that would work great because I really have no idea on how to scrape one..

See short video below to see if I am missing a click somewhere.. 


Rapid Indexer – Should I include ALL of my website pages?

Should I include all of my website pages for the rapid indexer?  Is it needed? Yes? No? Why?

If the answer is no, and there is a good why, then I am all done.

If not… 

I got the list of Indexer sites from Mr. Loopline… lots of addresses.  It’s gonna take ALL day to do a single main address website. 

If I include 30 individual pages of the site so the same indexing link, its gonna take about a month to finish.

Is there a way to separate the errors/time outs from the completed status and maybe I can reduce this timing?  Is it even needed for all the other website pages?

Need an interface for rapid selection without losing focus on primary task

In my application, the user needs to listen to a transcript of a conversation while taking notes. But the user ALSO needs to be able to indicate in some way when the speaker changes.

I have the note taking interface built. Basically, keeping her hands on the keyboard, the user listens and whenever a note is needed, she hits a hotkey to create a new note and place the keyboard focus there, and she can just type the note.

Now I need an interface to allow her to record when the speaker changes. The speakers are known in advance, so all the user has to do is pick one. There will be at most a handful of speakers, certainly not more than 9.

My best idea so far is to number the speakers 1 – 9 and establish a hotkey like Ctrl+N to assign the current speaker as speaker N.

But my concern is that the number is arbitrary and people will have trouble remembering the assignment between number and speaker, especially if the number of speakers is on the high side, like 6 or 7 people.

Is there a better way to do this that I’m missing?