Does exploration movement rate in Basic D&D (B/X) include trap/secret-door detection?

In the Basic Rulebook for D&D, on page B19, it states that characters can move 120′ in a dungeon per turn (10 minutes). Later it states that this movement assumes players are mapping carefully, searching, and trying to be quiet.

What is meant by ‘searching’? Are characters automatically getting a detect trap and detect secret door roll (every 10′ or per trap/door) as part of this movement rate? It seems unclear what searching exactly means in this context.

convergence rate of newton’s method

So, I’m currently studying Newton method used for finding the 0’s of a function, however my professor has only announced that the speed of this algorithm can be more than quadratic, however I’m wondering when this happens, since in the demonstration used by him to explain the quadratic case, there is no evidence about the "more than quadratic"

Using Taylor and Lagrange
$ f(\xi)=f(x_n)+f'(x_n)(\xi-x_n)+\frac{f”(z_n)}{2}(\xi-x_n)^2$

$ -\frac{f(x_n)}{f'(x_n)}=\xi-x_n+\frac{f”(z_n)}{2f'(x_n)}(\xi-x_n)^2$

$ x_{n+1}-x_n=\xi-x_n+\frac{f”(z_n)}{2f'(x_n)}(\xi-x_n)^2$

$ e_{n+1}=\left|x_{n+1}-\xi\right|=c_ne_n^2 \quad \text{with} \quad c_n=\frac{1}{2}\frac{\left|f”(z_n)\right|}{\left|f'(x_n)\right|}$

Can someone please tell me when (example) the order of the convergence is cubic, and why?=

The reason behind IPv6 adoption rate dramatical drop in China according to Google measurements?

Google has an IPv6 measurement page that reports that their numbers report on the percentage of users that access Google over IPv6.

According to the report by Jan 2020 0.3% of users in China used IPv6 to access Google

However, looking at this metric in dynamic we see the substantial drop starting from June 2019. enter image description here

I failed to find any solid news that may cause such behavior. I have two hypotheses in mind.

  1. Also as it is a percentage metric, they can adjust their calculation on the total internet penetration rate in China.
  2. Previously open discussions between netizens took place on Google Plus groups. In April 2019, Google shut down Google Plus. Technical discussions continue on Chinese-language blogs, forums, and groups. For obvious reasons, discussions must be hosted outside China, and posters must register under pseudonyms. So probably that caused the shift from Google services but I hardly believe that it may cause such plummet.

What is the movement rate of a falling creature or object each round?

This question assumes that no method of controlling speed or direction is available, and that the falling is taking place from a location 30′ higher than necessary in order for said creature or object to reach the maximum falling damage of 20d6. The fall occurs from said height, proceeds directly, and impacts the ground of solid rock at the resulting velocity.

Thus, what is the movement rate of said falling creature or object each round?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Virus job losses could total 47 mil, unemployment rate may hit 32%. What will those people do after losing their employer health insurance?

“Economists at the Fed’s St. Louis district project total employment reductions of 47 million, which would translate to a 32.1% unemployment rate, according to a recent analysis of how bad things could get.” “A record 3.3 million Americans filed initial jobless claims for the week ended March 21. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones expect another 2.65 million to join them this week.”

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[ Politics ] Open Question : Is the death rate from Coronavirus over-estimated? We actually KNOW that these death rates of 1-3% are over-estimated due to the fact that we know that not everyone or even close to everyone with the disease has been tested. The REAL question is how much.  This virus MAY be less deadly than the flu or 10 times more deadly. 

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why do people keep claiming the mortality rate among confirmed cases is over 3 percent in the U.S.?

19,777 confirmed cases and 276 deaths equals a mortality rate of about 1.4 percent, Of course if we included all the minor cases that are never tested and not confirmed, the rate would be notably lower than even that. Are there political agenda reasons why the mortality rate is being misrepresented? Both confined cases and deaths have been updated since I posted this, but the rate similar, now at. 1.3. P.S.  I’m not in anyway claiming this shouldn’t be taken seriously.  I’m just wondering why many continually misrepresent the mortality rate.  What’s their motive?