How to determine new Challenge Rating when applying Shadow Dragon template?

The Monster Manual contains a template whereby any true dragon may be turned into a shadow dragon. A shadow dragon differs from a true dragon in the following ways:

  • It has resistance to necrotic damage always, and resistance to all other forms of damage except force, psychic and radiant, when in dim light or darkness.
  • It has double proficiency in Stealth.
  • It can Hide as a bonus action when in dim light or darkness.
  • It has sunlight sensitivity (disadvantage on attack rolls and Perception checks involving sight when in sunlight).
  • The damage type of both its bite and its breath weapon is necrotic (regardless of type of dragon).
  • A shadow rises from the corpse of any humanoid killed by its breath weapon.

Otherwise, the shadow dragon has the same stats as the true dragon. How do you evaluate these differences to come up with a new Challenge Rating? Right now I am specifically looking for the CR of a Black Shadow Dragon Wyrmling, but the best answer will explain how to determine the CR of all types of shadow dragon.

One clue: The Monster Manual provides one example stat block for a shadow dragon: a Young Red. The CR of a Young Red Shadow Dragon is 13, while the CR of a Young Red Dragon is 10. Is merely adding 3 to the CR a good rule of thumb?

Are there standards for 5 star rating scales of photos?

I’m preparing to go through thousands of photos and organize them and part of that is to give each one a rating of 1 to 5 stars. This has me wondering, has anyone developed a set of recommended standards for what qualifies a photo as 5 stars, 4 stars, etc. I’m looking for something that will make rating the images less subjective and give me specific photographic qualities to look for to reduce the effect of rating skew.

As an example that I just made up now, something like this:

  • 5 stars – Photo has perfect or near perfect sharpness of the subject, subject composition is as intended, light levels are perfect.
  • 4 stars – Photo composition is good, but sharpness or light levels are a bit less than perfect. Post processing may correct flaws.
  • 3 stars – Sharpness or light levels are good, but photo composition is not as intended.
  • 2 stars – photo is too blurry or light levels are . Cannot be corrected
  • 1 stars – photo is very blurred and/or has poor light levels. Cannot be corrected.

Ideally this would help me later find photos that could be corrected with additional post processing or future technologies such as advanced blur correction. I realize I could also tag such images as slightly blurry. Maybe there is a tagging standard? When I searched for these things online all I could find is how to use a 5 star rating system in a specific piece of software or how to implement one on your website, etc.

Modern Communication site, discussion board, adding rating impossible?

If you turn on the site feature of Team sites you get to have the full stack of apps, however adding a discussion board there is no ‘rating settings’ in the settings and even if you go there by editing the url (_layouts/RatingsSettings.aspx) it gives you an error message. Any clue why this is not permitted?

SQL schema for movie rating and seenlist

I’m making funny app.

User can mark movie as seen.
User can rate movie (1-10).
When user rate movie it is automatically marks as seen.
User can’t remove movie from seenlist if movie is rated by him.

User have 2 tabs: seen movies which have movies in seenlist and rated movies. And tab with rated movies for movies that has rating.

I was going to make 2 tables:
ratings (user_id, movie_id, rating, created_at)
seen(user_id, movie_id, created).

But I don’t like to duplicate data, so I kind of think maybe single ratings table will be fine, if user wants only mark as seen, rating value will be 0 or -1.
One think will be is to make where clause when calculating movie avg rating (where ratiny >0). But everything else is done dryer.

What do you think is better single table or separate tables?