How would uncontrolled zombies react to a zombie raised by a necromancer?

If a necromancer raises a zombie, then orders the zombie to cross into area containing non-controlled zombies, how would the non-controlled zombies react? I’ve always assumed ‘wild’ undead don’t destroy one another, but is there a reason for that?

I’m asking about D&D 5e, but I’d be interested if any edition of D&D commented on this.

Migrate Current React JS Project to Run in Sharepoint

Our team has created a React SPA that is js based as opposed to ts. From what I’ve seen, creating and utilizing a webpart requires typescript. This project is fairly large so I guess I’m just wondering what our best option would be to get this SPA into Sharepoint. Is converting the project to typescript the best option? Are there other options to deploy a SPA into Sharepoint without creating a webpart?

The other thing with this is we would like to have a test site where this runs on its own, outside of Sharepoint. Would we essentially need 2 different code bases to do that?

¿Cómo hacer un mapeo dentro de otro mapeo en react?

Buen día tengo un 2 funciones que me devuelven 2 estados diferentes los cuales quiero mapear en una tabla. mi problema es que no se como hacer un mapeo dentro de otro.

Actualmente tengo asi mi codigo en la tabla:

<tbody>       {, _index) => {           //let mostrar_input = (item.first_name != '') ? true : false;                return (                  <tr key={item.iddef_type_room_relations} id={"tr" + item.hotel_description}>                                         {/* Resort */}                                         <td><a to="chart" target="_blank" href="" className="text-main text-capitalize">{item.hotel_description}</a></td>                                         {/* Check-in */}                                         <td><DateFormat date={item.arrival_date}/></td>                                         {/* Check-out */}                                         <td><DateFormat date={item.departure_date}/></td>                                         {/* Duration */}                                         <td>{item.nigths} nights</td>                                         {                                   , index) => {                                                 return(                                                     {/* Total Rooms On */}                                             <td>                                                 <th>{item.estado1}</th>                                                 <th>{item.estado2}</th>                                                 <th>{item.estado3}</th>                                             </td>                                             )                                             })                                         }                                         {/* Room type */}                                         <td><a to="chart" className="text-main text-capitalize" href="javascript:void(0)" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#exampleModal">{item.room_type_description}</a></td>                                     </tr>                                     )                                 })                             }                         </tbody>  

Lo cual no funciona. Agradeceria mucho me ayudaran y quedo atento a sus comentarios.

React button to open SharePoint Document Picker

I have seen and experimented with the Property Pane controls that allow you to select a document or image from a pane and was curious if anyone has seen this same capability available from a button click inside of a SPFX Web Part Form. I have looked around for something that will just return the URL to a value after selection but have not found anything like it.

I do not want the Property Pane to hold the value or the button, it would be on the SPFX Web Part component itself.

Example (When button is clicked to select image):

Development workflow for a react app and a backend

We are trying to figure out the right workflow for React app development. Our SPA connects to backend API and I’m not sure where to host the backend server. This is for two reasons:

  1. I want my local dev react app to stay fully functional (connected to backend API)

  2. I want to have a full version of the app (front and back) available for review and manual testing after each git push.

The philosophy and tools we are looking at are GitLab CI/CD and Reviews App.

As I understand it, the workflow for a single repository should go as follow:

  1. A developer creates a branch
  2. A developer pushes changes
  3. GitLab CI performs automated build and tests
  4. GitLab Review Apps makes an app available for review
  5. Merge
  6. Deploy to production (we don’t have prod version yet)

Now how to adjust this for a typical case when there are frontend and backend in separated repos? To which stage of the backend development cycle should we connect the local version (on a developer’s laptop) of a react app? Perhaps Review Apps? Should we keep our backend app up and running on Review Apps environment and connect to it from local react app? This generates some problem with domain imparity but this can be easily resolved I think.

Is it advisable for software developers to focus on frameworks like React or Vue?

As a front end developer just 2 years into my career, I am starting to be confused by the job industry nowadays where the job recruiters are looking for people who had experience with React or Angular for X amount of years. I have read what people wrote online saying that do not focus too much on frameworks as they come and go, rather focus on picking up OOP languages like Java or Python.

For front end developers, this is a very difficult situation because if frameworks come and go, that means our ROI learning and working on those frameworks will be disappointing. So would that mean back end developers will have an edge in the industry because what they learn (database, backend OOP languages)would still be practical 10 years down the line?

Should I switch my job to become a backend developer then? Or rather instead of focusing on learning frameworks, I should just focus on learning a backend programming language then (either Python, Java, Golang)? Really need advise as a newbie programmer here.

Actualizar un componente de react desde otro componente

Buenas estoy comenzando con esto de reactjs me a gustado la verdad y lo voy entendiendo pero llegue a un punto que no se como avanzar resulta que tengo un componente que pinta una tabla con usuarios y los usuarios los trae a traves de un servicio rest y tengo otro componente que registra un usuario a traves de un popup, mi pregunta es como hacer para que cuando registre un usuario la tabla se actualize por si sola, gracias de antemano