twentysixteen child theme – responsive menu – ham icon button not working – Cannot read property ‘classList’ of null

I am trying to convert this site into twentysixteen child theme. It appears that /js/menu.js in my child theme is not working as nothing happens when the ham icon button is clicked (pls.see my site link above to check correct behavior). On inspecting via Google Chrome Inspect I am getting the following errors:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘classList’ of null at mediaqueryresponse (menu.js?ver=5.3.2:19) at menu.js?ver=5.3.2:10 at menu.js?ver=5.3.2:31 mediaqueryresponse @ menu.js?ver=5.3.2:19 (anonymous) @ menu.js?ver=5.3.2:10 (anonymous) @ menu.js?ver=5.3.2:31

Any advice is appreciated

header.php in child theme

<header class="header" id='myTopnav'>  <?php  wp_nav_menu(              array(                   'theme_location'=> 'topnav',                   'container' => 'nav',                   'menu_class' => 'topnav',                   'menu_id'    => 'myTopnav',                   )  );?>  <button class="ham-icon"><span class="fa fa-bars fa-2x"></span></button>  </header> 

/js/menu.js in child theme

(function () {   var mql = window.matchMedia("screen and (max-width: 960px)");   //detect media query    var navTop = document.querySelector(".header");   //return first element within the document that matches .header    var toggle = document.querySelector(".ham-icon");    mediaqueryresponse(mql);   //ensures that addListener function is executed when the page loads, by default addListener only fires when state of the window changes   mql.addListener(mediaqueryresponse);    function mediaqueryresponse(mql) {     if (mql.matches) {       toggle.addEventListener("click", clickMenu);       //if media query matches, execute click or clickMenu event     } else {       navTop.classList.remove("responsive");       //otherwise remove .responsive       toggle.removeEventListener("click", clickMenu);       //and remove EventListener     }    }    function clickMenu() {     navTop.classList.toggle("responsive");   }  })(); 

Google says text too small too read when all text on the page is 14 point

I’m having no end of problems trying to get my site listed on Google. It was sitting right at the top of the rankings. Then, after I’d added a couple of extra sponsor logos, the mobile crawler decided the home page has “text to small to read.” Every bit of text on all 63 pages in the wbsite is 14 points or more. It has said this is the case on 5 pages of the site… I’ve checked each page and there’s nothing under 14 point. In addition it’s saying 7 pages have clickable elements too close together and that 5 have content wider than the screen. I’ve checked each page rigouously and re-submitted with no luck… the same 5 pages keep getting singled out. The site is for a festival that takes place in 3 weeks, so solving this problem is urgent

Twenty Twenty edit “Read more” text

I am using wordpress Twenty Twenty theme. So i am trying to change the “Read more” text after each blog and this is the function i am trying to do it with.

function modify_read_more_link() { return '<a class="more-link" href="' . get_permalink() . '">Your Read More Link Text</a>'; } add_filter( 'the_content_more_link', 'modify_read_more_link' ); 

I found this function (below) in functions.php, which i think is responsible for generating the “Read more” text?

function twentytwenty_read_more_tag( $  html ) { return preg_replace( '/<a(.*)>(.*)<\/a>/iU', sprintf( '<div class="read-more-button-wrap"><a$  1><span class="faux-button">$  2</span> <span class="screen-reader-text">"%1$  s"</span></a></div>', get_the_title( get_the_ID() ) ), $  html ); }  add_filter( 'the_content_more_link', 'twentytwenty_read_more_tag' ); 

I changed the first function add_filter to match the second one so now i have this code.

function modify_read_more_link() { return '<a class="more-link" href="' . get_permalink() . '">Your Read More Link Text</a>'; } add_filter( 'the_content_more_link', 'twentytwenty_read_more_tag' ); 

But the text isn’t changing and if i change the function “modify_read_more_link” to match the original function i get this error.

Cannot redeclare twentytwenty_read_more_tag() (previously declared in /home3/shroomy/public_html/wp-content/themes/twentytwenty/functions.php:572)

I don’t think i even need to change the functions name, but i am completely new to this.

Improve SEO by forcing web crawlers to read csv file searching for keywords

I am trying to improve the seo of my website and I recently used an online seo tester for my first custom-coded website.

I am trying to improve the number of unique keywords and textual content crawled and I’m hoping to use the .csv file I created for the plotly.js sunburst. I followed this example

Right now I think the best way is to allow access to the .csv would be using the robots.txt file but I have not been able to confirm that approach will help. I’m new to the web development world so I apologize if the question is primitive. Any help is appreciated.

disable (read only) a field if within a custom post type name

I have two bidirectional fields ‘album_band’ in two different custom post types ‘album’ and ‘band’.

this field allow multiple selection and is mandatory in ‘album’

I’ve been trying to disable or set it as ‘read only’ this field in one custom type ‘band’ (backend side) to avoid empty value in ‘album’ but without success

many thanks for your help

How would i read data from FLYxxx.DAT file extracted from DJI Mavic Pro 2 Zoom [closed]

I’ve extracted .DAT files from my DJI Mavic 2 zoom drone. I tried to open these files with DatCon but it didn’t recognize the file.

The signature of these files is different from that of .DAT files. The starting bytes of these files are the following

0x4c 0x4f 0x47 0x48 ( L O G H ) 

Here is the hex view of the starting bytes

enter image description here

How can i read information from this binary file ?

Any help would be appreciated. thank you.