SharePoint Custom List gives access denied for Read Permissions Users

There seem to be similar questions to this but none of those solutions worked.

I have a SharePoint list that inherits permissions from its parent. I have a test user who is part of the visitors group, having read access permissions.

The test user can access everything else on the SharePoint site. But the test user cannot view the list, any of its views, or any of its items.

Access Denied. does not have permissions to access this resource.

If I change the user’s permissions on the site to contribute then everything works properly, but I don’t want them to have read-write access.

The master page being used by the site Seattle, and it is not checked out. I tried creating a standard view that contained only one field, the name (without edit link) and turned off individual item check-boxes. Still access denied.

The list has some calculated columns – not sure if that could be the cause.

I created a new list on the site with no fancy settings and it has the same problems.

Can’t read process output with cat and tail

I have a simple example of writing to stdout:

import datetime import time   if __name__ == '__main__':      while True:         print('time is {}'.format(         time.sleep(5) 

Then I did:

python & echo $  ! 

to run my process and get its PID.

My purpose is reading from stdout of my current process above, but all of these commands just freeze console and don’t show stdout content

sudo tail -f /proc/15608/fd/1my console sudo cat /proc/15608/fd/1 

Notice strace works perfectly:

sudo strace -e write=1 -e trace=write -p 15608 

But it gives me too much useless text.

My question: why don’t cat (and tail) work properly and freeze my console? Could somebody explain me why it happens?

How easy to read are small caps vs lower case?

I’m well aware that text in ALL CAPITALS is harder to read than text in lower case or mixed case, for whatever reason.

But what about Sᴍᴀʟʟ Cᴀᴘs? With a bit of Googling I can’t find any references for the relative ease of readability of small caps. My intuition says Sᴍᴀʟʟ Cᴀᴘs would be easier to read than ALL CAPS but not quite as easy as mixed case… but I know well enough to not trust my intuition. So does anyone have any data or pointers?

Answers with sources and references preferred, but even just some pointers to useful discussion would be helpful.

[My specific context is more related to titles than to body text, for what it’s worth, but titles that need to be readable from a good distance with a lot of other visual distraction nearby.]

Can Google and Apple read Telegram notifications’s body?

When using e2e encryption (secret chats), the answer is obviously no (I hope), but I am talking about NOT e2e-encrypted messages, the ones stored in the cloud.

I am of course aware that the messages are travelling on SSL encrypted connections, but are the body of the messages encrypted in any way when they reach Google/Firebase Cloud Message, APN and other 3rd party push notifications services?

In other words, if I send a message to Bob over a NON-secret chat, can Google, Apple, etc. read the body of the message I sent to him when it passes through their push notifications servers or is it encrypted?

Can a user be given read only access to all items when Item-level Permissions are enabled?

In a list with these settings:

  • Read items that were created by the user
  • Create items and edit items that were created by the user

Is it possible to grant read only permission to view all items?

End users should only see only their own items, but we have group that should not be able to edit but still needs needs read access to all items.

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