What happens when a Demon tries to Read an Angel’s Mind?

What happens if a Demon tries the Mind Reading form ability on an angel? The rules from the DtD manual state:

System: The demon only has to see her intended target; the target does not have to see the demon or know she is there. As a reflexive action, the player rolls her Wits + Persuasion + Primum vs. Resolve + Primum. If successful, the demon can read the surface thoughts of the victim for as long as she maintains concentration.

It’s odd that the manual assumes that the Demon is trying to read the mind of another Demon (hence the “vs. Resolve + Primum”). Angel’s don’t have Resolve, so maybe Resistance+Rank?

If it’s successful, does the Demon know that the target is an Angel? Does the Angel have any way to detect the use of an ability on them? Otherwise, this seems like a perfect Angel-detector.

what is an example of out of bounds read in order to leak sensitive information?

I Am trying to understand a little bit better behind the scenes on bypassing aslr by reading the bytes in the memory of a process, but how can I make an example of an info leak in WIN32? my code does the leaks of bytes , but how can I check the image base based on those bytes?

#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h>  int main(int argc, char **argv) {     char a[16];      strncpy(a, "0123456789abcdef", sizeof(a));      //... lots of code passes, functions are called...     //... we finally come back to array a ...      printf("%s\n", a); } 

get_user can’t read variable

I have this little routine to find the user_id based on a usermeta field..

$  scaleData = json_decode($  reading, TRUE); $  deviceid = $  scaleData["imei"]; echo $  deviceid; // check to confirm is working. Yup  $  WhoIsUser = get_users(   array(    'meta_key' => 'deviceid',    'meta_value' => '$  deviceid'  ) );  $  CurrentUser = $  WhoIsUser[0]->ID; echo $  CurrentUser; //returns nothing 

But if I switch ‘meta_value’ => 45455 (iow a known device number) it returns the ID no problem. I’ve tried both $ deviceid and ‘$ deviceid’ What am I missing?

Can anyone read the inscription on the 3rd edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting cover?

The cover for the book in question has inscriptions in the espruar script on its outer circle. According to one of the authors, it means: “ We remember cities now in ruin and forests murdered, yet still we sing to the stars and hope for renewal.”

I’m trying to find out how it’s pronounced in elven. Does anyone have a copy of the book, or a good quality image that they can read?

Read More excerpt link on a post is not linking to the post itself

My Read More link on several pages (showing an excerpt of those posts) is not linking to the posts themselves when you click on Read More. It looks like it is a link and should do so, but it just update the same page and keeps you on that same page…

I don’t know how to code so very very basic layman’s terms is greatly appreciated. I am using Astra Theme if that makes a difference at all.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

How to improve performance for read only innodb MySQL Database

I have a particular task which is to maximize the concurrent performance. There is only one particular type of query, which is

select * from table where col1 between ? and ? and col2 between ? and ? 

I have created a composite index for (col1, col2). The table is about 20G in size and 100 million rows

However, even in peak concurrent requests, the CPU utilization for MySQL is only 30%. I have tried various techniques like increase max_connections, innodb_buffer_pool_instances but none of them are working.

How to maximize the configuration so that it can perform such read-only query to extreme?