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I will write a 1500 words post about your website/product/service. Basically each paragraph written in 3 different ways. I will guest post it on 100 different blogs (avoiding duplicate content by rotating paragraphs, posts 100% readable by humans, no automatic spin gibberish)

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I will guest post on 100 different blogs , real websites, accepting cryptocurrency

Can you True Polymorph your Simulacrum into a real wizzard? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Can I make an exact copy of myself and my equipment using True Polymorph on a simulacrum? 2 answers

It’s pretty much all up there in the question… But just to clarify, You (a wizard of great power):

  1. Make a simulacrum of yourself.
  2. Cast True Polymorph on it to make it a real human/elf/whathaveyou.
  3. Have just created a copy of yourself?

And if yes, what could it do? Does it still have to obey your every word? Can it regain spells? Can you create a second simulacrum now (again with yet another variant of the simulacrum -> wish -> army of simulacra curfuffle)? Or does it in a very Manshoonesque fashion proceed to murder you immediately?

Real WP Expert Needed ASAP

You need to be able to work with Multi language plugin, change code, understand and able to troubleshoot existing code.

You will also be available now to help out. I need someone asap and help through the weekend also if possible.

Someone who really knows what they are doing please and no ridicules hourly rate.

If you can help, PM me please asap and we can get started asap.

What are some decidable problems which cannot be solved in real life(due to time and memory constraints)?

The first line of Sipser book for the Chapter- ‘Time complexity’, says that:

Even when a problem is decidable and thus computationally solvable in principle, it may not be solvable in practice if the solution requires an inordinate amount of time or memory.

My question is, yes we do have limited space and time, so the above statement makes the whole P and PSPACE concept as vague, right? If it so, what are these problems? Are such huge inputs acceptable in practice?

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