Are any of the kingdoms/realms of the Forgotten Realms based on real world civilisations?

Have designers/writers for D&D ever cited explicit real world corolaries (current or historical) for any of the civilizations or peoples of the Forgotten Realms?

I’m looking at building a new character for an upcoming campaign and I think it would help me to role play better if I can contextualize it as a citizen of a real country or region.

Course teaching time complexities in real life systems

Having mis-read What course in CS deals with the study of RAM, CPU, Storage? I now wonder what course in CS deals with time complexities including GPUs, CPU caches in multiple levels, seek times on hard disk vs. SSDs, and bandwidth to disk and RAM.

I was taught the big O-notation but it never took into account that I might have a GPU with 100s of cores, or a limited amount of extremely fast cache, or a harddisk that is has a high bandwidth, but a high seek time.

Which class teaches this extended version of algorithm time complexities, which takes real world limitations into account?

Real value of MAC models in Linux

I have read about MAC vs. DAC in the Internet, but I still fail to understand, what kind of attack it is impossible to protect against if one only uses DAC+capabilities in comparison to MAC+DAC+capabilities. If a process does not run as root and lacks CAP_DAC_OVERRIDE, CAP_FOWNER and other dangerous capabilities, it cannot overcome the already assigned ownership and ACL’s of the resources it uses. On the other hand, if a process runs as root and has CAP_MAC_ADMIN, it can overwrite the security context enforced by MAC.

So is MAC "just additional layer of protection" without any real advantage on modern Linux system?

The Combat time vs Real time

D&D 5th edition. So I was playing yesterday and our party had been wandering through tunnels and the DM said there was some noise in the distance. So one of the players illuminated an object and threw it down the winding corridor about 80 feet from where my elvish player was at (I had just stepped through a door to another room also and the DM said the player that tossed the light sees a very large blue hand on the corner of a wall).

At that point I said I wanted to cast the Leomunds Tiny Hut, which he said okay to, as other players did exploratory actions. He then came back to me a few minutes later and said it would take 10 rounds because we are in combat now, I believed we hadn’t started combat yet, we are just in a state of exploring still and aren’t aware that the creature means us harm yet. He suggested as the DM he determines how fast time moves and I wouldn’t have had time to cast the 1 minute spell, though about 3 minutes of live time and other players discussion passed before we learned anything about the creature at all, and then he said I can keep casting the spell for the next 10 combat rounds our stop the spell and burn the spell slot. All that is fine, but I was just really confused about the game mechanics at that point.

The question I had was that, this seems like a logical problem because any time you go to cast a spell how do you know if your going to waste the spell because you later find out you are in combat because a creature pops up? Are they’re any objective aspects that define when combat starts?

The reason I probably am so confused is because I am new to the game and it seems like five minutes of sitting at the table playing and one hour passes for the players in the game, but at other points it seems like time outside of combat can move very very slow. Like if a spell takes one minute to cast and your not in combat, how much time in real time does that take? Thanks

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