Usando input radio e fazendo operações em tempo real com javascript

Sobre dar aulas, quero que a aula iniciante custe 20 por aula e a avançada 40, diferenciando usando radio buton, e a quantidade de aula com input type range, mas não entendo muito de js e queria essa ajuda, ae vai o codigo que adaptei da internet mas ele só serve para aula iniciante pois faz a quantidade de aula vezes 20 e queria que coletasse a variavel do radio e usasse no lugar do 20.


<!DOCTYPE html> <html>   <head>     <title></title>     <meta charset="utf-8">   </head>   <body> 	<section>       <h3>Escolha o pacote desejado</h3><hr>         Iniciante<input type="radio" name="radio" id="iniciante" checked /><br>         Avançado<input type="radio" name="radio" id="avancado" />          <h4>Quantidade de Aulas:</h4>          <input id="price" class="slider" type="range" min="1" max="30" value="1"/>           <span id="resultado1" style="font-size: 25px;"></span>        <h4>Total:</h4>         <p id="resultado2">Preço: </p> </section> <script>  var p = document.getElementById("price"),     res1 = document.getElementById("resultado1"),     res2 = document.getElementById("resultado2");  p.addEventListener("input", function () {     res1.innerHTML = p.value; }, false); p.addEventListener("mouseup", function () {     res2.innerHTML = "Preço: " + p.value * 20 + ",00"; }, false);  </script>   </body> </html>

Investment in Real Estate Instead of Pension Savings

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Investment in Real Estate Instead of Pension Savings

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NanoTime vs Real Time

After putting nanoTime() checks before and after system execution, I obtain a duration that is roughly 10 x times the real-time duration . . .

No other program for which nanotime checks were done has produced this kind of absurd timings.

I don’t want to put all the code for this project up as it’s run of the mill stuff for text analysis, i.e. read input .txt file, parse into separate owner/text objects, analyse latter, produce word-frequency lists for each owner and generate a formatted .txt file report.

Any ideas on why nanotimes are ~ 10 times the real execution time ?

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Knapsack problem in real life

My task is to develop an algorithm for the optimal arrangement of cylindrical objects in cartons. The algorithm is to have the task of placing as many products as possible into cartons, at the same time not exceeding the capacity of the carton and the permissible weight specified for the carton. Initially, I accept one size of cardboard and many different sizes and weights of products.

I made a little research and encountered a knapsack algorithm that seems the best to use for my example. This algorithm, however, most often uses only one size for objects and its value – in my case I have three dimensions X, Y, Z.

Do you know any other, better algorithms for my task? What is best to start writing the application? BTW the application would be in Python.

How is polymorphism used in the real world? [closed]

I am trying to understand how Polymorphism is used in a real life project, but I can only find the classical example (or something similar to it) of having an Animal parent class with a methodspeak(), and many child classes that override this method, and now you can call the method speak() on any of the child objects, for example:

Animal animal;  animal = dog; animal.speak();  animal = cat; animal.speak();