Why Hibernate MassIndexer says indexing completed but really it isn’t completed

I am trying to index large data(13.5 million records with association to 7-8 tables) in elastic search using MassIndexer. It shown message that it indexed all the records after 39.08%. I am getting the same issue in local and production, the percentage varies for every execution.

fullTextEntityManager .createIndexer(XYZ.class) .batchSizeToLoadObjects(500).cacheMode(CacheMode.IGNORE).threadsToLoadObjects(2).idFetchSize(Integer.MIN_VALUE) .startAndWait();

It should show indexing completed only after indexing all records.

Does latest SharePoint 2013 Cumulative update really include all previous Cumulative updates?

When a cumulative update is published, it is supposed to contain all the previous cumulative updates.

KB 4022236 size is 290.0 MB (August 14, 2018)

KB 4092472 size is 77.7 MB (December 11, 2018) on download center and 3.7 MB (???) on windows update

Is the newest cumulative update downloading all the old ones in background? That would explain why the size is not reflecting the previous ones size.

Is AWS really more expensive than Linode? [on hold]

I moved my server from Linode to AWS, however, the cost almost tripled.

Then I take a look at the pricing page of Linode, they have much more free data transfer usage than AWS.

On their pricing page: https://www.linode.com/pricing#all

The $ 40 / mo plan has 5TB transfer limit.

However, for AWS, last month I have got 1,900.969 GB which is 1.9TB and this cost me about 216USD which is a HUGE money for me. And that doesn’t count the other cost AWS charged.

Any tips for me?


Can you really not move between grapples/shoves?

Moving between attacks specifically says:

If you take an action that includes more than one weapon attack, you can break up your movement even further by moving between those attacks.

So, with a strict reading of the rules, what happens if you take an action that includes only grapples and shoves, which are not weapon attacks? Does this really prevent you from moving between them?

For example, if a Fighter with extra-attack wanted to use it to make multiple attacks, but both (or even one) of them was planned to be a shove/grapple. Would they not be able to move between the grapples/shoves because they are not taking an action which “includes more than one weapon attack”?

Is my router’s IP really public?

I have a common home network consisting of a wireless router with many devices connected to it. I understand that because of NAT, all devices attached to the router connect to the outside of it via its IP, with varying NAT ports.

My question is, is the router’s IP really public? Or is there another level of NAT in my ISP’s network? Is there a way to determine this?

Accidently removed very important file of my project by comman “cp”. Really need help

Very Long story short. In essence this is the problem.

I had some of my project files (new.cc) which I was working on for quite sometime. I created one backup of these files two months ago(old.cc), and basically what I did was “> cp old.cc new.cc”. And I have lost all the changes made in last two months.

Is there any way to recover these files. Any help is appritiated.

What is a really good book for complex variables? [on hold]

I’m an engineering student but I self-study pure mathematics. I am looking for a Complex Variables Introduction book (to study before complex analysis). I have the Brown and Churchill book but I was told that’s for engineers and physicist mostly, not for mathematicians. I also looked for Fisher and Flanigan, but they don’t seem to have as many topics as Brown. I wonder which book is best for the subject or if one of the two previously mentioned will do to master most of the topics of complex variables as a mathematician. Thanks.