Intel 9260 really slow under Ubuntu distros

The Intel 9260 Wifi+BT card is supposed to be well supported by linux right? Intel offers official drivers for it on their websites. The firmware files are in every major distro by default but how come it performs so badly for me? It has really, really slow speeds on Ubuntu /Ubuntu derivatives and manually copying over the firmware files from Intel’s website doesn’t do anything to fix it. Even installing the latest kernel on Ubuntu doesn’t fix it. The only time the wifi card would work at full speeds was when I installed Fedora (stock ISO with gnome. the issue is still there when I used the KDE spin even when it was updated) and fully updated the kernel (it was really slow with the kernel that came with the ISO. It took forever for it to update the kernel). I even tried copying all the firmware files for the 9260 from a fully updated Fedora to an Ubuntu install and it wouldn’t work. Any idea on what I should do? It is really holding me back from using Linux full time again.

Is “Reachable Object” really an NP-complete problem?

I was reading this paper where the authors explain Theorem 1, which states “Reachable Object” (as defined in the paper) is NP-complete. However, they prove the reduction only in one direction, i.e. from 2P1N SAT to Reachable Object. This only proves that the problem is NP-hard; do we not need to prove the reverse direction (2P1N to Reachable Object) to prove NP-completeness?

Edit : It was my mistake. “A problem $ \text{Prob}$ is $ \mathbf{NP}$ -complete if $ \text{Prob} \in \mathbf{NP}$ and $ \text{Prob}$ is $ \mathbf{NP}$ -hard” and authors have proved that $ \text{Prob} \in \mathbf{NP}$ as mentioned by dkaeae.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Will Trump really release immigrants in sanctuary cities?

If he really follows through with this plan, then I am all for it! I’d rather live next door to immigrants than a confederate flag-waving, gun-toting Trump supporter any day! Trump might think he’s being vindictive, but he is really helping some of us. Immigrants are LESS LIKELY to commit crimes than US-born citizens!

Trim PX Keto SHOCKING RESULTS – Does It Really Work?

Trim PX Keto the US total population. It means that more than two-third of the population have high risk of health problem. Over weight people are having risks from getting health problems. The minor health problems are cold, achy knees and joints. It also can lead into serious problems like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. There are also some severe health Trim PX Keto…

Trim PX Keto SHOCKING RESULTS – Does It Really Work?

Got 3 HP Proliant DL365 G1 for really, really cheap. Can I run Hyper-v or ESXI?

Title. I got them for really cheap, including the rack, and I was thinking of setting them to virtualize stuff for home use and for some labs. First I tried to install Windows Server 2019 (I have MSDN Subscription so licenses are ok), got an error. Then Every single image (Windows Servers from 2003 to 2019, Ubuntu Server latest, EXSI from 5.5 and upwards) I tried to boot up from, getting the same error (Ilegal Opcode).

Since these servers are really old, do any of you remember what can I run? Do I need to do special stuff that a guy like me with only PCs have never done?

Can customers really request a return of restaurant food in the USA?

In the US version of the TV show Kitchen Nightmares, I see customers returning food for any reason. But when I am in the US, I pointed out problems with the food in restaurants. They apologized but didn’t give me replacements and just asked me to pay. In the first occasion, the worker sneezed on my plate. The restaurant owner says that is normal for a person to sneeze and they can’t do anything about it. In the second case, I had pizza with crust that was still dough, clearly not finished cooking. They still asked me to pay for it. Should I be able to expect replacement food in such cases? Can they call the police if I refuse to pay?

lsof still really slow

I want a list of files open within a tree. lsof +D does the job. It takes 0.1 second on linux and 30 seconds on Mac for a tree of 1000 files. (MacBook Pro – Mojave)

Read the previous thread: Why is lsof on OS X so ridiculously slow?. It’s a few years old and I wondered if anything has changed. Tried the options suggested. Didn’t work.

Does anyone know if things have changed since that thread, or if there are faster alternatives?

I’m expecting a time of a few seconds at most but get this:

$   time lsof +D /users/j/OneDrive COMMAND    PID        USER   FD   TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF       NODE NAME OneDrive 37206 j   30r   DIR    1,4      384 4301634248 /users/j/OneDrive OneDrive 37206 j   32r   DIR    1,4      384 4301634248 /users/j/OneDrive  real    0m33.390s user    0m0.132s sys 0m33.187s 

beta keto Review – DOES IT REALLY WORK?

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beta keto Review – DOES IT REALLY WORK?

Does Captcha Really Affect UX?

From my own personal experience, I don’t like CAPTCHA when filling a form, especially encountering unrecognizable picture or calculation-required one.

When I submit some advises to the website, it’s really annoying to fill a CAPTCHA at last. Always, I will give up my pulse to say something to the administrator or do some enquiries.

So here’s the question. Does CAPTCHA really affect UX? And will a CAPTCHA-enabled contact form be disliked by users?