Disk encryption with automatic reboot and no-network

I am using crytsetup with LUKS to encrypt a data drive, separate to the system drive, under Ubuntu 16.04. The issue I am facing is that this system will also be required to automatically start itself up in the event of power loss. The other constraint is that this system can not be connected to a network.

Essentially the only security risk with respect to the data is the case that someone physically steals the system with the HD on board. So of course I can provide an associated key to the drive but given that I have no network access, and yet I still require unattended rebooting, I’m a bit lost on how to proceed.

Looking for general thoughts on how to handle such a situation. Perhaps there are physical security solutions (i.e. self destructing USB -though who knows upon what condition given my requirements!) that might be helpful. Or really any comments from anyone who has faced the same constraint: i.e. encrypted drive with unattended reboot, and no network. Maybe I’m thinking about the problem the wrong way?

Thank you in advance.

The usability drawback of using biometrics for device authentication but not for device decryption after reboot?

What if your device gets locked down for a long while because you cannot remember the password? Well, that used to be a rare case.. because people used to use their device’s passwords to access them frequently and the chances this would happen depends on how long they don’t use that device. (Cause part of the capability of remembering things could depend on how frequent you use that thing, retrieve it, or think of it.. but what happens when you don’t retrieve that information for a while? )

Many devices are now switching to biometrics authentication (both mobiles and laptops), and this authentication is only used to unlock the screen, not for decrypting the disk after rebooting for many valid reasons.

However, I was concerned with the fact that using the password less frequently (because people reboot their systems less frequently) and relying on biometric authentication for being easy & fast, can increase the chances of the user forgetting his password, which makes it a big difficult challenge when the system forces a reboot for an update, or suddenly shutdown for battery shortage (which usually occurs in the middle of your work 🙂 ), and you end up wasting so much valuable time trying to remember the password, and if you’re lucky, you will figure out what password you used. If not… am not sure what’s gonna happen, you’ll have to take a very long route to recover it, cause it ain’t as simple as “Forgot password? Send reset email”

What I am saying is, is it true that relying on biometrics increases the likelihood of forgetting an essential-hard-to-recover password?

If yes, how can we minimize that? Is it by supporting better techniques to recover password ?

Or is the actual problem resides in remembering passwords? And users must be aware of the fact that they should use a password that they are almost sure they would never forget?

How to mount S3 bucket automatically on reboot

I am using s3fs to mount an s3 bucket on my Ubuntu server:

sudo apt-get install s3fs  sudo vim /etc/passwd-s3fs // <--put user access ket and secret key here  sudo chmod 640 /etc/passwd-s3fs // <-- change permission to password file  sudo vim /etc/fuse.conf // uncomment user_allow_other 

Now mount the s3 bucket:

sudo s3fs -o allow_other s3-bucket-name /home/myuser/s3 

I want to make sure that the bucket is mounted automatically after reboot, how can I do this?

During reboot my screen goes black, how long should I wait before hard reset?

For whatever reasons I need to reboot my laptop every 5 days now. Normally it is suspended/resumed a couple/few times a day. Sometimes during reboot my screen goes black for a long period. How long should I wait before performing a hard reset (holding power button down for 10 seconds)?

Ubuntu unable to reboot

I am very new to Ubuntu/Linux system. After installing systems and a few softwares I try to reboot. But the message below shows up and I can’t do nothing about it.

enter image description here

It just keeps blinking on my screen and there is nothing I can do about it.

I tried somethings on the internet but nothing helps.

I tried reinstall from a rebootbale usb, but it shows that start_img is missing. I can get into grub shell, but nothing much can be done there.

Can anyone please tell me how I can solve this? Im really stucking here right now.

sudo reboot issue

so I am a complete newbie. I am trying to use sudo reboot and it comes up with the error. My Ubuntu in the Windows app, where it’s just the terminal.

System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate. Failed to talk to init daemon. 

Thank you in advance for helping me with this issue!

18.04 Boot freezes at “Started Hold until boot process finishes up” boot reboot, FYI I’m not using ubuntu as dual

I tried to install some updates and after that when I rebooted the laptop it runs some commands and at last shows “Started hold until boot process finishes up. ” Ctrl+alt+f2 opens command line but there is no display whatsoever. I tried recovery mode and deleting some files but that is of no use as I already had enough memory. Please help thanks in advance.

Output channel for audio resets after every reboot

I use my “Line Out – Built-in Audio” for my speakers, but for some reason, every time I reboot my computer, it changes by default to “Digital Output (S/PDIF) – Built-in Audio”.

The funny thing is that, if I unplug and re-plug my speaker connector, the channel changes by itself to “Line Out” without me having to do anything.

What could I do so that I can stop doing this annyoing step every day?