Can’t reboot system

I’m using the latest stable release of Kubuntu. I’m dual booting it off a SSD with Win10. It’s mostly a fresh install, all I’ve done is tinker with the desktop.

Everything works fine, except when I got to reboot. I do this by using the desktop environment, and click on reboot. When I reboot, my screen goes black, the OS system seems to turn off but the hardware is still running. No amount of time will allow it to reboot, it gets stuck. I have to manually turn it off and on again. I have no problems with rebooting in some other Linux distros I tried.

Not sure how to approach this. Any help is appreciated!

Redmi Note 4. ADB pm uninstall some packages, Stuck in Reboot

So I wanted to remove some apps pre installed.

I connected to my Redmi Note 4 ( Nougat ) via adb shell.

Used pm uninstall -k --user 0 <name of package>

Removed the following packages. com.miui.cleanmaster com.miui.cloudservice com.miui.cloudservice.sysbase com.miui.securitycenter com.miui.weather2 com.xiaomi.mipicks com.xiaomi.oversea.ecom 

According to me, I did not remove any system apps. However now when I Reboot I am stuck at Reboot Screen (bootloop) with adb devices showing as connecting

I am able to boot into fastboot mode. Dont know how to make use of that here. Also I have a Ubuntu machine, so I am not able to use official MI tools which are mostly for Window users

Reboot to secondary user

So, my kids phone. I need her to be able to reboot the phone and access her account without going through primary account. How can this be done (without rooting). I don’t want her be left without call access if her phone reboots or battery runs out.

Why I had to set her as secondary user is that as primary user she was able to circumvent parental control restrictions by creating and switching to guest account before parental control could prevent it. She figured that the lag works for her benefit because she can buffer commands by clicking icons where they will appear while the phone still lags behind.

Close chrome normally when shutdown or reboot ubuntu 18.04

Problem: When I reboot or shutdown ubuntu, and have chrome opened, I think chrome close normally, but not, and after start ubuntu and reopen chrome it say: chrome has closet anomaly, and you want to restore tabs?(something like that.), I try to create a script to close chrome before reboot or shutdown, but maybe I have miss something.

Want: close chrome normally before shutdown or reboot, and start normally without error message about anomaly close.

My solution didn’t work, I reboot or shutdown ubuntu with chrome opened, then start chrome and it say error.

Script for close Chrome

#!/bin/sh killall -1 chrome 

Path of script

# path script etc/init.d/closeChrome 

How I create

# how I create script for reboot and shutdown sudo ln -s /etc/init.d/closeChrome /etc/rc0.d/K99closeChrome sudo ln -s /etc/init.d/closeChrome /etc/rc6.d/K99closeChrome sudo chmod a+x /etc/init.d/closeChrome 

Second monitor is gone after reboot in GTX 1060 Nvidia

I have MSI GTX 1060 graphic cart on my Ryzan 2700x pc.

GTX1060 has HDMI and DVI output.

One of my monitors (LG BRAND) has HDMI input and it is connected to GTX1060 via HDMI cable as primary and works well with no problem.

I have an old monitor (SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER) that has only RGB in input port. so I purchased a DVI TO RGB convertor (UGREEN brand) in order to connect the second monitor to GTX1060 graphic cart.

here is convertor image…

every thing work well and I have extended dual monitor. But when I reboot the PC, the second monitor (DVI) is not detected !!

And when I unplug DVI from graphic card and plug it again, then second monitor detects and it works with no problem.

I check NVIDIA control panel, Bios and etc but I couldn’t find what is the reason? why DVI port is not working after system boot !!?

I tested another scenario, I removed HDMI cable from graphic and did reboot the system and pc booted via monitor connected to dvi correctly.

it seems when both hdmi and dvi monitors are connected to graphic card, only hdmi monitor detected and dvi is not.

it is very hard to unplug and plug cables physically each time after rebooting and also it may damages for ports for a long time.

Please help me. sorry for my poor English.

2 physical interfaces change the link to a different interface name, on reboot


I have two physical network interfaces on my system:

  1. Qualcomm Atheros Ethernet
  2. Realtek Ethernet (RTL-8169)

On the system, i have Ubuntu-18.04.


I have configured:

  • Realtek to be used as a management-network – (with eth0, e.g a.b.c.20/24)
  • Qualcomm Atheros to be used as a provider-network – (with eth1, e.g a.b.c.120/24)

When i reboot, sometimes Realtek adapter gets eth0/eth1. I don’t want this behaviour.

Is there a way to bound each physical-interface to a specific interface name, statically.


I don’t want to configure network-interfaces from the directory /etc/network/interfaces. I want to configure it using the GUI that Ubuntu-18.04 provides.

Error: 823, Severity: 24 –> error 21 device is not ready after System Reboot. How do I prevent it?

During a scheduled reboot of the machine running my SQLServer 2014 instance tonight, several live servers became corrupted and had to be restored from backup.

Checking the error log/event viewer I found Error 823/Error 21 respectively.

I took the affected databases offline, detached them, and restored the most recent backup; I later re-attached them on my dev machine to take a look – they seem to work fine. I have read elsewhere that taking them offline and then online again might have solved the issue.

It’s good to know how to deal with this kind of problem, but I would rather be proactive and not see it happen again.


How can I prevent, or at least reduce the likelyhood, of Error 823/”Error 21 device not ready” from happening again in the future?