CANNOT receive iCloud calendar on Evolution

I was trying to set up iCloud Calendar on Evolution (3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.1).

After everything settled, I found that I could not RECEIVE the calendar online, which says:

The calendar backend servicing “Personal” encountered an error.
The reported error was “Failed to read resource: HTTP error code 404 (Not Found)”.

Error Report Image

However, when I add a new appointment in the Evolution, the appointment will also appeared on iCloud Calendar or masOS Calendar.

Therefore, I suppose my settings are correct because the pushing service works pretty well.

Is there anyone encountered this problem before? I am a newbie in Ubuntu, the Calendar function works perfect on Evolution in Manjaro, and the settings are all the same.

I have already read the posts on Ask Ubuntu, but no one has post questions like this.

The settings are as followings:
Find Calendars Shows Calendar List
Choose Calendar from Find Calendars and get URL

iPhone SE occasionally won’t receive calls, I get missed call notification instead

At first I didn’t think that was such a big problem, because it happened only every now and then, but now it’s becoming frustrating, because I missed some important calls because of it. Long story short: Sometimes I simply won’t receive a call, instead I get a missed call notification, sometimes even few minutes after I was called. ‘Do not disturb’ is turned off, so that cannot be a problem. Sometimes I don’t receive a call even while using a phone. Has anyone else had such problems before?

Kind regards

Send / receive wrapper for System.Net.Sockets

The following NetworkEndpoint class serves as a simple send / receive interface for either side of a network connection (client or server) when provided with a socket to operate through.

I have two main concerns about the code in it’s current state:

  1. What can I do to improve to exception handling to better deal with the socket becoming disconnected (both unexpectedly and intentionally)?

  2. As far as I can tell I have protected against multiple receive loops begin started. (if (Receiving) return; in void InitializeReceiveLoop()) but are there any other major thread safety issues I have overlooked??

My knowledge of C# is primarily self taught so I apologize if my code does’t reflect best practices or standard style guides.

Any advice on either of these issues or advice in general on improving my code would be greatly appreciated.

public class NetworkEndpoint {          private Socket connection;         public bool Connected { get => connection != null ? connection.Connected : false; }         public bool Receiving { get; private set; }          public event EventHandler<NetworkReceiveEventArgs> DataReceived;         private void OnDataReceived(NetworkHeader header, byte[] data) =>             DataReceived?.Invoke(this, new NetworkReceiveEventArgs(header, data));          public event EventHandler Disconnected;         private void OnDisconnected() =>             Disconnected?.Invoke(this, new EventArgs());          public NetworkEndpoint(Socket socket) {             connection = socket ?? throw new ArgumentNullException("socket");             Receiving = false;         }          public void Send(NetworkHeader header, byte[] data) {             if (!Connected) throw new InvalidOperationException("NetworkEndpoint must be connected before sending.");             try {                 connection.Send(ByteUtils.Combine(header.Serialize(), data));             } catch (SocketException ex) {                 Disconnect();             }          }          public void Disconnect() {             connection?.Shutdown(SocketShutdown.Both);             connection?.Close();             connection = null;             OnDisconnected();         }          public void InitializeReceiveLoop() {             if (Receiving) return;              Receiving = true;             BeginReceive();         }          private byte[] headBuffer = new byte[NetworkHeader.ByteSize];         private void BeginReceive() {             connection.BeginReceive(headBuffer, 0, NetworkHeader.ByteSize, SocketFlags.None, EndReceive, null);         }          private void EndReceive(IAsyncResult result) {             bool fullyReceived = false;             byte[] dataBuffer = null;             NetworkHeader header = null;              try {                 if (connection.EndReceive(result) > 0) {                     header = NetworkHeader.Deserialize(headBuffer);                     dataBuffer = new byte[header.DataSize];                      int receivedLength = connection.Receive(dataBuffer, 0, dataBuffer.Length, SocketFlags.None);                     fullyReceived = (receivedLength == header.DataSize);                 }             } catch (SocketException) { }              if (fullyReceived) {                 OnDataReceived(header, dataBuffer);                 BeginReceive();             } else if (connection.Connected) Disconnect();         }     } 

Any way to receive LinkedIn emails at an alternative address?

LinkedIn requires you to set a “primary” email address, which will be visible to the others. However, they also send tons of emails to this address.

With some services such as Github, you’re able to have one email address shown publicly while receiving notifications at another email address.

Is there anything similar for LinkedIn?

macOS Mojave 10.14.5: Can receive emails but cannot send

Since upgrading to macOS Mojave 10.14.5, I cannot send emails from They receive fine. This is not a network issue because if I open iCloud and use the web mail client, then it does send. This is the same for my Apple account and my other Yahoo email accounts. They also send fine from my iPhone 8.

I have tried following some of the suggestions on other websites but to no avail. It is frustrating to have a “state of the art” machine and not be able to use a basic function.

Any solutions?

Receive Apple Watch messages notifications from select contacts only

Is it possible to receive message notifications on an Apple Watch only from selected contacts?

I’ve tuned my Watch notifications so that I basically only get notified of all calendar and call events, but I’d like to also be able to receive messages from some selected contacts.

On a related note, I also wonder if it’s possible to raise to view a notification on the Watch if I hear a notification from my iPhone. This way I can leave the phone in another room and not be bothered by distractions, but should I hear something I can quickly view the notification on my Watch.