How can I replace a feat that I received as a class feature

I took 2 levels of Monk, for Invisible Fist and free Improved Trip from Passive way. The latter gave me the quite unusable Combat Expertise.

Is there a way to replace it? I know the Dragonborn template makes it possible to replace a feat for a Draconic feat. Unfortunately my DM does not let me become one.

How else can I replace a feat obtained from a class?

Official 3.5 material only. Dragon magazine is not accepted by my DM.

Can I travel to Canada? | Received RFE for H1-B transfer petition

I have my current H1-B visa valid upto July-2021 on my passport. However I recently moved to a different team within the same company and hence had to file a H1-B COE petition. But we received an RFE (Request for Evidence) lately and we are currently working with Immigration team to frame the response to USCIS.

With this in my mind, can I still travel to Canada & return back to the US on my current H1-B visa? Please advise.

Thank you.

Received all dependent UK visas but not the primary visa

What could lead to dependents receiving their entry visas before the primary applicant? Main question: Is it true that my application has to be successful before they would issue dependent visas?

I applied from the U.S. for a tier 4 student visa for a PhD program in the UK. What makes my application somewhat unique, perhaps, is that I have 5 dependents coming with me (spouse and 4 children).

I have now received the 5 successful dependent visas via UPS, but mine (the primary or sponsoring visa) has not even shipped yet. I have the return label tracking numbers for all of the 2nd Day Air UPS packages. 5 are delivered (obviously, I have them in hand) but mine has not even been picked up by UPS yet.

New orders are not showing in the orders grid but payement received?

I upgraded from Magento 2.5.0 to 2.3.1

I am using only PayPal as a payement method.

new orders are not showing in the orders grid in Admin > Sales > Orders and emails are not sent !!

when I check PayPal summary I can find the invoice number so it is created in Magento but not showing in the grid

I already tried to change

Store > Configuration > Advance > Developer > Grid Settings

Enable / Disable, flush cache, reindex, but not working

When I check sales_invoice and sales_order tables there is no recent invoice !!but in PayPal summary I have the invoice number and items !!

Any fix please.

How can I keep emails received from certain email addresses out of my “promotions” tab in Gmail?

I’m OK with GMail’s promotions tab keeping away most of the corporate newsletters I receive out of sight whenever I want to read my email.

Sometimes, however, GMail thinks an order confirmation qualifies as a promotion. I don’t want that. And for some companies, I do actually want to receive every single promotional email among my ordinary mail, so I’m less likely to miss out on it.

I read somewhere that adding an email address to the address book should prevent this, but this definitely doesn’t always work. For example, if an email is sent through MailChimp, GMail doesn’t seem to care if an email address in your address book and it will put an email under the promotions tab even if its from address is an address in my address book.

Is there a better way to configure GMail, so emails from a certain email address (or a certain domain) never are labeled as promotions, regardless of whether they’re sent through a bulk mailing vendor like MailChimp?

How to cast the List received in the primary constructor to MutableList so that we can delegate the class to MutableList

I want to implement the kotlin’s MutableList interface by adding some thread safe features and if i want to implement MutableList interface and overriding only the stuffs which are unsafe for thread, hence I choosen delegation.

Every time using List.toMutableList() it returns a new Instance of MutableList containing all the items in data.

class ThreadSafeList<E> constructor(data: List<E>): MutableList<E> by data.toMutableList() //different reference (new object created when using toMutableList()) {     private val data = data.toMutableList() //different reference (new object created when using toMutableList())     ...      //default constructor when no argument is supplied     constructor(): this(listOf())      //override, locks & stuffs for thread safety } 

Expectation: I want to cast List to MutableList in constructor itself so that the implementation delegate holds for the same reference as the val data holds, but I am unable to find how to do so.