Can you identify telepathically received messages sent through spells like Sending as magical via Detect Magic?

An enemy casts Sending to communicate with a player from far away. In this example, the player character doesn’t know anything about the Sending spell and he might think he is just hearing voices or going crazy.

Another player casts Detect Magic to scan the area. Can this player detect the presence of the telepathic message inside the first players head via Detect Magic as an evocation spell.

How to identify why two-factor code SMS messages are never received from certain websites

I have accounts with three financial websites which only offer two-factor authentication codes to be sent via text message or phone call, but when I request codes via text message, the messages are never received. When I choose the phone call option, however, I do receive the call.

Some notes:

  • Requesting codes multiple times does not solve the issue – I never receive any texts.

  • I’ve verified that I have not blocked any phone numbers, either on my phone’s local settings or within my account with my cellular carrier.

  • I can receive codes from all other websites on which I use two-factor authentication and receive codes via text message. This only happens with these three websites. Also, there is no relation between these three sites – they are all for completely separate financial institutions.

  • Reaching out to the customer service/technical support departments of these three websites has not produced any helpful information or solutions.

  • I’ve had this phone number for over 15 years so I’m wondering if at some point my number has inadvertently ended up on an SMS blocked list that these three websites subscribe to.

I want to be able to figure out why this happens and make it so I can receive texts, so that in the event that the phone call option is removed or temporarily unavailable for any of these sites, or I start using a new site which also has this issue but does not offer the phone call option, I won’t lose access to my accounts.

Are there SMS block lists that text messaging services subscribe to? If so, is there a way for someone to find out if their number is blocked? If not, would there be any way to troubleshoot this problem?

How does a company check the password received from your phone keypad during a call?

I had to call customer service recently regarding my 401(k) and robo call in the beginning asked me to enter my social security number using the keypad followed by a # and then asked for my account password using the keypad followed by # where special characters are *.

If the passwords are stored as hashes in their database, how is it possible that they can compare your input and verify it matches the password stored?

Punched in through a keypad, Hunter21 becomes 48683721 which would be indistinguishable from gtmtd7b1. It does not seem reasonable to compare all possible combinations of 48683721 to the hash because when including special characters and capitalization, it becomes more complex.

My only thought would be that they are storing my password as plaintext and comparing my keypad entered value to it and that would be concerning. I suppose when I first create the password they could convert it to the keypad equivalent number and hash/store that.

Is this common practice?

Reasons why there would be no EXIF data at all on a received photo?

I received a photo and it’s critically important for me to be sure of its veracity.

The photo was received on my iphone via imessage. I downloaded an EXIF data app and imported the photo, and the app said there was no EXIF data available. This individual has sent me many other photos via imessage so I checked some of those – all of them had full and complete metadata available. I checked other photos sent by other people – they had metadata too. This one particular photo has none (just file size and image size).

Can someone please explain some other possibilities as to how this could happen OTHER than the individual purposefully wiping the metadata from the image?

How do I decode a received polynomial code with an error?

As a message I get (5,0,1,3), which is coding a sequence of numbers of length 2 in $ \mathbb{F}_7$ as polynom with the 4 support points a1 = 0, a2 = 1, a3 = 2, a4 = 6. In the transimission occured an error. Calculate the original message.

How do I do this? In my script we didnt’t talked about polynomial codes directly just about the cyclic code. And the topic of this exercise is polynomial codes.

Could someone please get me through this or explain a way? Thanks for any help!

How could I verify that a contract was actually sent to me from the client as soon as the contract is received?

If I want to store electronic contracts for clients over a long period of time. I need to make sure that those files are not readable by anyone other than the client until the client retrieves them at a later time. But, I do need to be able to verify that a contract was actually sent to me from the client as soon as the contract is received. How could this be done? what would the client do, and what algorithms would they use? What would I do, and what algorithms would I use?

IC3 Scam Email Received 20/4/2020 – Is this a Scam Email? [duplicate]

Andrew Spencer Mon 20/04/2020 3:55 PM More actions

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) In Partnership with: Swiss National Fraud Relief Center (NFRC)

Case/Reference ID: IE3033900045

We regret to inform you that you have been a victim of identity theft. Your identity and consumer credit files were compromised during a Microsoft data breach where millions of Australian tax payers information were exposed to hackers and used in an identity theft scheme now uncovered by federal authorities.

Your more personal details have been undisclosed in this email for your own security as your email might have been compromised as well. The offenders have since been prosecuted, tried and ordered to pay restitution to victims involved willingly through wire fraud and romance or other scams, or unwillingly through identity theft and hacking. This means victims that had direct contact with the offenders by telephone or email in response to some type of scam and those who are hacked and are unaware of the incident prior to this notification.

For more detailed information about this case and the settlement pay outs that you are entitled to, immediately contact the Office of International Affairs at the Limerick City District Court by replying to this notification, or by visiting in person at 38 Roxboro Road, Limerick, Ireland. If you are visiting in person, set up an appointment prior to your visit. If you are unable to make a trip, you will be rendered proper assistance online and on the telephone, which is recommended due to social distancing and isolation protocols.

Notice: Due to the current global pandemic, all court visits and services are strictly by appointment only, all court mailings have been temporarily suspended and all time-sensitive notifications such as the above are being emailed out until further notice.

Best Regards,

Andrew Spencer Administrative Clerk

Like Mycroft I also received 72 emails from Mailer-Daemon from me to various foreigners. I didn’t send them. Help [closed]

I enlisted company,JustAnswer, to help me with a bad problems with PC. They took my initial $ 1 and sent me a virtual tech expert. He supposedly worked all day to no avail, then disappeared. He accomplished nothing. He also gave himself a 5 star rating. (probably how I got roped in when I googled company.) I gave them a bad rating and asked for money back and to cancel account; people have 6 days. Some mysterious way, my virtual replies disappeared. The next thing I know, I received, on 2 different e-mails addresses, over 72 Mailer-Daemon replies saying I sent many TO: people an e-mail, which I did not. I need help as what to do. They listen to basic info over phone, saying they are recording, blah, blah, blah, and then hang-up. Hopefully, you can see the copied email sample I have below. Andee31