How to hide ‘Recently modified’

I have used the following as suggested in another post. and it seems to work, however when I save changes and reload page the ‘recently modified’ section comes back. I am missing something or is there something else I can try? thank you #s4-leftpanel {display: none} .s4-ca {margin-left: 0px} .s4-recentchanges {display:none}

Show recently used files in Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome like in Unity

I have been using Ubuntu 16.04 with Unity for a while before switching to Ubuntu 18.04 with Gnome 3.28.2. But Gnome dash doesn’t show recently used files as Unity dash does.

I have had a look through some extensions like Journal, Jump Lists, Recent Items but they are either too old or using dropdown list.

So, How can I get the gnome dash to display recently used files?

Machine recently started freezing. Ubuntu 18.04 and 19.04. Kaby Lake GPU with intel HD 620

* Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04 keep freezing due to video driver issues *

Until about a month ago, I had been running Ubuntu 18.04 successfully on my Dell Latitude (7th Gen Intel i7 processor, Kaby Lake, and Intel HD 620 GPU).

However, after a recent update to 18.04, I am experiencing constant freezes, after ive been logged in for 2 to 5 minutes.

I tried reinstalling 18.04, and upgrading to 19.04, neither solved the problem.

I know that the issue is related to my video drivers, because if I edit the grub to ‘nomodeset’, the machine will boot and run (but obviously with very poor video performance).

Ive tried installing the ppa open graphics drivers /oibaf drivers, but that doesnt work either. After installing, I check my drivers to ensure that the box for the oibaf drivers is checked (within ‘other software’ in the drivers app), and restart… and inevitably when I restart, the system is still using the i915 drivers.

(I run ‘lshw -c video’ within terminal to see which video driver is being used, and my system seems to still be using the i915 driver, which is causing the crashes)

Is there anything else I need to do to force Ubuntu to use the PPA drivers?

Hoping one of you fine people can help me out here?

Save file dialog does not show recently open files

Under ubuntu 18.04, when saving a file, the ‘recent’ folder is not present in the sidebar. Screenshot of the save file dialog

Meanwhile, when opening a file, the ‘recent’ folder is present. Screenshot of the open file dialog

This problem is annoying, because I often save files to a folder I have recently visited. Of course, I could use a bookmark, but most of time these folders are not for a longtime usage.

Is there a setting to enable a ‘recent’ folder in the save file dialog?

webcam not working “showing device not Found” (Recently installed ubuntu 18.04 )

I have recently installed ubuntu 18.04 .while operating through cheese application webcam is still not working .the screenshot i tried to find the solutions through the forum but doesn’t worked for me .my laptop specifications are dell inspiron 3542 core i7.i haven’t found anything related to dell laptops solutions for this .please help

Extending Recently Viewed & Recently Compared Grids

I am struggling to extend the following two files in mageno 2.3.1




I tried extending them at:




I then ran setup:upgrade and setup:static-content:deploy -f

But no changes took place.

To troubleshoot I then tried editing the files in their original location. Ran “setup:upgrade” and “setup:static-content:deploy -f “

But still no changes?

Are these files no longer used?

To clarify it is the blocks that are inputed into the TinyMce Editor as below image. enter image description here

Any Help much appreciated.

Get most recently created list item with MS FLow

I am new to Flow and want to use it to retrieve a single list item and copy it’s contents to another list on a different site. I have found many guides explaining haw to retrieve all the items in a list but I only want the most recently created one (the item whose creation triggered the flow)

Can anyone suggest how to accomplish this in baby-steps as this is my first attempt at using Flow instead of SharePoint Workflows.

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : I recently got a ticket for running a school bus stop sign in Georgia. Help!!?

I recently got a ticket for running a school bus stop sign in GA. The ticket says it is a civil monetary penalty and will not add any points to my license. I can pay the fine, but do not know how this will affect my car insurance rate. I am wondering if I need to get a lawyer to help fight it. This is my first ever offense. What should I do ? Thanks for the help

Can’t find recently edited numbers file nor the folder the file was in

I have an iMac running High Sierra. I created a spreadsheet in Numbers a couple of months ago. I have been updating it a few times each week. Last edit was this month a couple of times. The Numbers file was stored in a folder named finance. When I tried to edit it yesterday, Saturday, I couldn’t find the file nor the folder. I tried searching for the file and found a couple of files with the same name but they were older copies. I started the Numbers app and tried the “open recent” option in the file menu. I again found a couple of files with the correct name but they were the older files mentioned earlier.

What could have happened to the file and folder? I suppose I may have accidently deleted them. Is there any way to tell? If I deleted them do I need a 3rd party app to try and recover them?