How does the receptacle power actually work?

This is actually several questions, but closely related enough I felt they should be asked as one question. If the community disagrees, I’m happy to split them up.

The 2nd Edition Complete Psionics Handbook actually has a number of issues where it seems like the writers failed to consider there might be more people in the world besides a single psionicist and their target, to be honest. But one of the places this is most apparent is the receptacle power – it only indicates that the psionicist who creates the receptacle can then draw the stored PSPs from it, but never specifically indicates whether other psionicists (or even psychically active monsters) can draw those PSPs out as well.

Additionally, it indicates that to create a receptacle from an empowered object, you don’t need to give it powers using empower, but doesn’t indicate you cannot do so. So, my questions about this power:

  1. Can another psionicist use a receptacle that wasn’t created by them? 1a) If so, does that also extend to monsters with "natural psionic ability" or only true psionicists?

  2. Can you use an empowered object that was given powers as a receptacle? 2a) If so, can the object itself access the additional PSPs stored in it by the receptacle power to pay for its own powers, or are they only accessible by others?