Can’t send sms to short code recipients like 567676,56161 etc. From galaxy note 8

The message I get is “Failed to send message. Review and send again”. I’ve tried entering the correct smsc number, allowing premium access , nothing has worked.

I’m able to send sms to normal phone numbers.

Ps: I tried the sim in another phone., I couldn’t send it from there too.

Limit number of recipients in To: and CC: on emails outgoing with ASSP

Too many Mail Service Providers, such Hotmail, Google, has limitations about number os sender into To: CC: and BCC: headers of mail messages.

I’m not finding a possible configuration, in ASSP.

The closest, but not 100%, with this situation, would be, LocalFrequencyInt and LocalFrequencyNumRcpt located in the documentation itself

Is there another way to block this unhealthy practice of putting hundreds of emails in the To: field?

How can i recieve multiple recipients messages; in the group message, instead of downloading individually before opening in group?

I was added in group message, yet i recieve single message from each person. How can i recieve all recipients in just the group message? Why do i have to download then first before going to group message, just to read it there?. Should my character encoding be on auto or default alphabet?

In Gmail, how can recipients be moved back and forth between the To and CC fields?

In the Gmail web interface, when composing a message, is there an easy way to move recipients that are already entered in the To and CC fields back and forth between those fields?

I’m looking for a better way to do this than manually cut-and-pasting the text representing the recipients back and forth between those fields, making sure all comma separators are correctly in place.

Example scenario where this would be useful:

  1. User Alice sends out a message to Bob, Chris, Dave, and me asking for opinions on a topic.
  2. Bob does a “reply all” with his opinion.
  3. Now I start composing a “reply all” to Bob’s message to continue the thread with my opinion. At this point, Bob is in the To field, and Alice and the other recipients are in the CC field. My message is primarily for Alice (since she sent out the original message with the request for comments), so I want to move Bob to the CC field, Alice to the To field, and leave the other recipients where they are, before I send my message.

Gmail Forward email to group, with recipients replying to specific person

I forward a LOT of emails every day. Most of the time, people reply to who they need to. Example. “Do you need money?” Email. Forward to people who need money. But I don’t need them to reply to me, I need them to reply to Mr. Money.

I hope this makes sense. But if you click “reply” in the email you received from me, I get the reply. It would be nice to have it go to another specific email which changes with almost every forward. In Mozilla’s version of email Thunderbird, you can set a specific reply to email address. But due to security, they don’t allow Thunderbird used here.

SMTP recipient’s server gives 5.0.0 Service unavailable for some messages but not for others

I run a CentOS 7 sendmail SMTP server. For some addresses (, a virtusertable entry causes my server to forward messages addressed to that address to the client’s ISP ( or gmail. This works for 80-90% of the messages; but for other messages, or gmail reject the message with DSN 5.0.0 Service unavailable. Note the DSN code is not 4.X.X, deferred, but 5.X.X, rejected. I suspect this happens when the receiving server thinks the message is spam, but it sometimes happens on legitimate emails from, for example, the client’s accountant. It seems more likely to happen when there is an attachment to the email.

Does anyone know for sure why this happens? What can I do to reduce the probability of legitmate email being rejected? Might it help to set up SPF/DKIM/DMARC records for For my server’s canonical name (which it sends in EHLO records)? Can a server add a DKIM signature to email it is only forwarding?

Thanks for your attention, Bob