Is there a really good and powerful website builder you would recommend?

Is there any website builder that is good and powerful enough for a blog with 100 – 200 posts?
It can be a premium version, just needs to be good enough, with very little bugs, and etc.

I am currently using SitePad and I am not really satisfied with how it handles some things, it has bugs, and blog acts weird

Which approach to avoiding unvoluntary sound recording do you recommend?

I unplug my microphone from my computer when I am not using it. The same with my webcam. I am not using Alexa or similar.


My smartphone has an included battery that I can not take out.

I might see no wificonnection on the smartphone screen, but do I know there is none? No. The same with the microphone. The same with the camera. I put stickers over the cameras. Yet the microphone is still there. I have to believe what the screen shows. Not to mention audio recording devices from the neighbouring flats, who knows which kinds of recording devices THEY have…

Which approach to avoiding unvoluntary sound recording of any kind do you recommend?