What is the recommended way to have a software RAID1 desktop install in Ubuntu 19.04?

I have a system with 2 512GB SSDs that I’d like to install in RAID-1 configuration (including /boot) with Ubuntu Mate 19.04, without encryption.

In the past this was possible using the Alternate installer ISO, which is no more. The normal installer doesn’t include options to manually mark partitions for RAID and setup RAID, the closest I found was using the server install and then adding the desktop with tasksel. This brought other problems including unmanaged network, bluetooth not fully installed, etc.

In the past I’ve used Raider succesfuly to convert 1-disk installs to RAID with success but the project hasn’t any activity for almost 7 years.

The Software RAID documentation in the Ubuntu Wiki is also 4 years old although it looks like it could still work.

Have there been significant changes in Ubuntu 19.04 regarding software RAID ? Am I missing something in the standard installer or is it really not possible to have a desktop on RAID without manual paritioning ?

What would be the recommended, upgrade-able, best supported way to do this in Ubuntu 19.04 and later ?

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Is there a recommended format for writing a technical debt story?

Our team is starting to refine a set of stories that cover components and UI as part of an upgrade to a newer version of Angular. These components will then be used to recreate screens in an existing application. We are considering this work technical debt.

Is there a recommended format for writing technical debt stories?

We use the “As a … I need to …so I can …”, as well as Gherkin’s “Given > When > Then” acceptance criteria, for our standard stories that are more directly customer focused.

Is there something similar that should be used for these tech debt stories? Or should we just list technical requirements?

How to remove (ban) a twitch stream from recommended?

So on twitch I have 3 channels (streams), which are recommended to me at a given moment, depending on my interest. There is a channel, which I strongly dislike, but the system keeps to recommend it to me. I want both 1. free a slot in recommended channels for another, may be good channel, and 2. never see a name of that channel again.
Is there a way to do it?

I tried /ignore command, it doesn’t help.

Magento 2 recommended approach to applying patches

So far had to apply patches through command line. Bugs me there is not version control for this as in some cases changing vendor folder contents which is ignored. More for accountability with time and date of change instead of ability to revert. But then I came across this article.


Its hard to gauge from this article. Is this the recommended approach to applying patches? Or is there another method?

Hide all recommended videos and channel on homepage in YouTube

How to hide all recommended videos and channels on homepage in YouTube? It used to be easy, I changed something in settings, and I closed new channel recommendations whenever they appeared, and my home page was nice and clean.

Apparently Google changed an algorithm, and closing recommendations doesn’t help any more.

I’ve tried to find and apply filters I found in the internet, but it seems like they are outdated.

Magento 2.3 – what is the recommended way of looping through a large product collection

When working with large product collections (50,000 products +) in Magento 1 I ended up using something similar to the following.

public function getProductCollection() {     $  productsCollection = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')         ->getCollection()         ->addAttributeToSelect(array('name', 'price', 'visibility'));      $  productsCollection->setPageSize(50);      $  pages = $  productsCollection->getLastPageNumber();     $  currentPage = 1;      do {         $  productsCollection->setCurPage($  currentPage);         $  productsCollection->load();          foreach ($  productsCollection as $  _product) {              echo $  _product->getId() . "\n";             echo $  _product->getSku() . "\n";             echo $  _product->getName() . "\n";              /* do stuff */           }          $  currentPage++;         //clear collection and free memory         $  productsCollection->clear();     } while ($  currentPage <= $  pages); } 

Does anyone have experience on working with very large product collections in Magento2? What is the recommended approach?

What is recommended spacing between controls for a fat finger friendly interface?

I have tried searching anything related to fat finger friendly sized controls and spacing between. I could only find that it is a common rule to make controls at least 44 pixels big (from what I understood, that would be both in height and width).

I was unable to find anything related about the space between those controls. Would anyone have any more information regarding what the recommended amount of pixels between controls (e.g. buttons) would be for a fat finger friendly interface?

Is a ticket, in addition to Gadearmbånd, recommended for Copenhagen Distortion music festival?

For the Copenhagen Distortion music festival, on cphdistortion.dk they list various tickets. It looks like the only I need to get is Gadearmbånd.

Quote from visitcopenhagen:

The legendary street raves are financed by the thousands of guests who buy the “Gadearmbånd” so Distortion can clean up the streets when the incomparable music and street rave labyrinth ends. Distortion Ø and Distortion Club are ticketed events and the Distortion Pass will get you access to all the music-mayhem.

Can anybody tell me what I will get with Distortion Ø? Do most people buy it? What is the benefit? Can I also buy local when I am there?

Is it possible to play the D&D Starter Set with fewer than recommended players?

I’m interested in D&D and pen-and-paper style games already for a long time.

I’m trying to convince my… lets call it social contacts, for now already… years.

I have to add that I have a social competence disability, that makes it hard for me to establish an solid group of people around me that I can call kind of “friends”. So my social habits are more like meeting new people and loosing the contact after some time (unintentional caused by my self). In fact it is hard to find people that are at least open minded to give an game like D&D a chance and try it. So getting together a group of 5 people is for me almost impossible.

To prepare a situation that may occur where some one would be willing to give it a try, we would be at most 2-3 people. And myself as some one who never DMed before playing with 1-2 players a starter adventure made for 5 people. Would be already tough to present it superior as no one has previous experience with it. Imagine that in addition to that I had to crunch the numbers to adjust the adventure without having any knowledge of the balancing behind it, appears to me like my player(s) will have an session that wont be that enjoyable for them, and I guess (s)he/they wont after that play it again as result of the first impression.

So my question, to prevent this scenario, (just in the future case where I’ll come finally to play D&D) is:

Is there an enjoyable and easy way to adjust the difficulty of the beginner adventure (or a general method for adventures) to be designed for a single PC? And Optional still providing the same gaming impression?

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