US Visa likelier with good track record?

Are you more likely to get approved a new nonimmigrant US visa if over the years you’ve entered and exited the US several times legally, properly and on time?

For example, if you’ve entered the US via J1 visa once before, you’ll have a higher chance to get a new J1 provided you respectfully entered and exited the US on time the last time you had the J1?

I’m travelling from Canada with a criminal record. Which countries are sticky about criminal records?

I’m wondering which countries may not let me in with a criminal record.

I’m planning on doing a bunch of travelling in the next few years and I wanna know which countries might give me a hard time getting in and which ones won’t. and which charges these countries care about.


Can I measure time by counting frames and trusting on the ‘240 FPS’ that my iPhone 7+ slow motion camera is capable of record?

I’m using a slow motion video recorded using an iPhone 7+ to track something but would like to avoid recording a chronometer to know the time the process is taking. I need to measure about 10 seconds with an uncertainty of at most 0.1 s… Is this possible by just counting 2400 frames of my homemade video?

Delete a record from several tables using a specific value

Today, I want to delete all test record from several tables in sql server. Here is what I want to achieve..

Select ID from sourceTable where acctType='S' and acctroot<>0 

Suppose this query returns 5 rows..

   | ID|     ---    | 1 |    | - |    | 2 |    | - |    | 3 |    | - |    | 4 |    | - |    | 5 | 

Now These are the tables that I need to clean

delete from tmpA where ID=1 delete from tmpB where acctID=1 delete from tmpC where userID = 1 delete from tmpD where sID=1 . . . delete from tmpA where ID=2 delete from tmpB where acctID=2 delete from tmpC where userID =2 delete from tmpD where sID=2 

Can I loop through sourceTable and extract the ID and then delete from the tables?I know I could use joins but I want to do that using While loop..

Should the form used for “editing” a record always echo the fields which were in the form used for “adding” the same record?

I am designing a form for editing some employee records of an attendance marking system. In the system, when a manager is adding an employee, he has to assign the employee to a workgroup.

Later when editing the same employee, I thought not to include the workgroup selector because managing workgroups are done in a separate view.

I made the workgroup selector available in the “add employee” form to make the “add employee” flow easier for manager because then it reduces the risk of manager forgetting to add the new employee to a workgroup.

I assumed that manager will be navigating to workgroup section directly and do the task when he/she wants to remove or add an existing employee to another group.

So the questions I have regarding this are:

since we had the workgroup selector in “Add employee” form, will the users expect to edit workgroups at the “edit employee” form too?

Will the user’s mental model be interrupted by having workgroup selector separated from the edit employee form?

Is there any conventions about echoing the same fields in edit mode which were available in add ?

Is there a way to record whatsapp calls?

Do you know of a reliable (and preferably simple) method to record audio calls made using whatsapp on android phones ?

The method should record both correspondents, not just the voice of the local phone user. Permission to record the voice of the remote correspondent would be asked before recording, of course. The goal is to record an interview, where the would-be-interviewed person proposed to use whatsapp.

I’ve tried a few apps so far, but they seemed to record only the voice of the local phone user, or worked with normal phone calls, but not whatsapp calls. I’m not sure why.

How to record internal audio on Android X86?

I would like to know how to screen-record on Android X86 (I am using PrimeOS which is based on Android X86) with Internal Audio.

I have tried using Mobizen from Play Store. I have tried using AZ-Screen recorder from Play Store. I have tried using RecMe screen recorder with Internal Audio Plugin but it gives device not supported error. All these things didn’t work for me.