How can I completely record and replay a VM/Docker instance?

Let’s say I have a program which is not open source, or I want to exactly reproduce the result of previously executed program. It may have Web-calls or may lookup the system time or access any resource dynamically. Is there any tool that can record all the computations of a Docker container or virtual machine instance and repeat it later (this means mocking all the dynamic resources again)?

Microsoft Flow Record Form responses in SharePoint Yes/No

This is my first time on StackExchange, and I haven’t found the answer to my question in the forum…

I have built a Form in order to get some data recorded into a SharePoint list using Flow. I would like to fill a SharePoint item with the format type Yes/No. In Flow, I cannot even select a field from the Form I made (I setup some other SharePoint items and it worked like a charm).

Can you please let me know how to format the question in Form, and how to setup my Flow?

Many thanks in advance!

Can we update multiple record with join of two query

Can we run Update query to update multiple records with join ? Below query is working fine when we running with one employee number – update java set JAVA_MECHANISM=’RECONCILIATION’ where usr_key =(select usr_key from usr where usr_emp_no=’******’ and usr_status=’Active’) and JAVA_MECHANISM= ‘ACCESS’;

Now requirement is want to run this query with all users who exist with where filter of 2 tables where usr.usr_status=’Active’ and java.JAVA_MECHANISM= ‘ACCESS’;

i.e. update oiu set OIU_PROV_MECHANISM=’RECONCILIATION’, POL_KEY=null, OIU_POLICY_BASED=null, OIU_POLICY_REVOKE=null where usr_key IN(select usr_key from usr where usr_status=’Active’ and usr_udf_isexecutiveuser=’1′) and OIU_PROV_MECHANISM = ‘AP HARVESTED’;

it’s taking too much time more than 10 mins but not completed as IN takes much time so any idea how we can get with oracle query ???

Calculated column to determin a due date of a record

I’m looking for some help. I’m trying to setup a calculated field to determine a due date of a record.

The due date needs to exclude weekends, and also is dependent on two addition columns. Organisation and Severity

For example:

  1. Organisation N has severity of standard (12 hours) and priority (48 hours)
  2. Organisation T has severity of Standard (72 hours) and priority (24 hours)

If the due date lands on a Saturday – then I have to plus 2 days to the due date, if it lands on Sunday, then I plus 1 etc.

I’ve tried the below, but I’m not getting any return on this, and I need to replicate it 3 more times to meet all 4 criteria. Any help appreciated.

=IF(OR([Organisation Clear]="T",Severity="Standard"),(AND(WEEKDAY([Case Start Date]+3)=1,[Case Start Date]+4,([Case Start Date]+3)=7,[Case Start Date]+5,[Case Start Date]+3))) 

get rid of master boot record

Have old hard drive that had ubuntu on it. Now I have a new machine. It came with ‘windows 10 but it is a what I would call a boot leg copy and can’t be registered. I have decided to return to ubuntu 18.04. That is coming along well. I have 2 new hard drives and have formatted my old hard drive and want to use it for storage but it still is master boot record and I can’t get rid of that. it is still trying to boot from that and I have to turn it off when booting up. I haven’t run into any in fo on just this problem. formatting does no good. I am still stuck. I am like Forest Gump not a smart man.

Does anyone know any program to record screen with video perfectly?

Hello someone knows a program to record screen in Ubuntu perfectly with internal audio system. I have tried almost all that there are but none does well.


Hola alguien sabe un programa para grabar pantalla en Ubuntu perfectamente con audio interno del sistema. He probado casi todos los que hay pero ninguno lo hace bien.