Can the iPhone XS or iPhone X record screen at 1080p via QuickTime?

I need to record some gameplay of my app at 1080p, and I am considering buying an iPhone XS or iPhone X to do so. I currently record the screen of my iPhone 7 via QuickTime for better quality, and the output is 750×1334, matching the resolution of the iPhone 7.

Before I commit to buying a new iPhone, I wanted to confirm whether I can record the screen of an iPhone X or XS via QuickTime at full 1080p. Anyone know of this is possible? Thank you.

Pinging Domain doesn’t give A Record IP

Should pinging a domain give you the IP the same as the A Record? Are there conditions where it shouldn’t? A client’s website isn’t pointing to the A record IP, it’s point to a Cloudflare DNS server. I can’t redirect to HTTPS, I get a too many redirects error, I cant go to the CPanel, it’s not reading the CSS and giving me a broken page. My client’s IT support company isn’t very helpful, Any ideas?