SPF record permerror showed in an email header, but no reason for it

Our customers are complaining about the spam issue,which means our SPF record does not work. We have set up the SPF record in our DNS record and we have used some SPF checker tools to check the validity of our SPF record, but no problem was reported in the check results. I have checked an email of our customer and find that there is an item “X-Bordeaux-SPF: PermError” in the email header, but no more detail was presented in the email header. I have read many resources about permerror in SPF, but I still did not find the answer which can explain the reason in this case. Now I have no idea what’s the problem with our SPF record. What could be the cause for this kind of permerror?

Manual Mode dark in “Picture Mode” and normal in “Record Mode” [Canon T5i]

I was taking some pics with my Canon T5i + Rokinon 35mm T1.5 Cine and it was normal. Then, I switched to my kit lenses 18-55mm (which is a auto lens in terms of aperture). Then, I switched back to my Rokinon lens.

The problem is that when I’m taking pictures in Manual mode, the live view is too dark, but when I see the picture afterwards it’s as it was supposed to (much brighter). But when I’m recording, the light is normal. The LCD shows it just like when I see the picture after it’s taken.

The main problem is when I’m about to take the picture, I cant barely see anything, even setting the ISO higher and lowering the shutter speed (with 1.5 apperture). It just started happening now, before it was really working just fine.

PS: In AV and Tv mode the brightness is just as normal as when I use the Manual mode to record.

PS 2: When I’m using the kit lenses the light in Picture and Record mode (in Manual Mode) is both equal, as it was before with the Rokinon.

So, what could have happened? What can I do to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

Postfix not resolving MX record


relay=none, delay=21311, delays=21301/0.04/10/0, dsn=4.4.3, status=deferred (Host or domain name not found. Name service error for name=localdomain type=MX: Host not found 


When I run the following command, it does resolve

host -t MX p.example.com p.example.com mail is handled by 10 host.p.example.com. 

I compare my postfix config with a working config on another host and they’re the same.

inet_protocols = ipv4 mynetworks_style = host inet_interfaces = loopback-only relayhost = $  mydomain 

There’s more to the config than what I pasted above but nothing related to dns. smtp_host_lookup hasn’t been set (default value = dns).

I do not have any resolv.conf files under /var/spool/postfix. Would appreciate any directions on how postfix resolves DNS records.

Paypal payment method does not create customer record Magento 2.1

we allow guest checkouts in our multi-site/multi-store magento setup. When a guest customer checkouts out by credit card or invoice, when you visit the order in the adminhtml, the customer is identified as “Guest” but the entry is linked to a customer record. My guess is this “guest” customer record is not missing much more than a password. I can browse to the record from the customer grid.

However, when a guest customer checks out with Paypal (Express) this is not what happens. No customer record is created that I can find, and the word “Guest” on the adminhtml edit order page is not linked to an account.

This is very problematic for us. Anyone else have this issue, and is there a solution? Paypal checkouts must create a customer record regardless of whether the customer wants to “create an account” or not.

QuickTime Recording – Unable to record the active program

Likely a simple answer, but I want to use QuickTime to record so that I can provide instruction using another program. However, when I attempt to open QuickTime within that program, it minimizes/closes the window I want to record. And since QuickTime opens in the empty desktop, I can’t select what I want to record.

I want to run QuickTime over the other program, simply stated. I was doing this about an hour ago, but it stopped working and I can’t make it work again.

Is there any way to record live input from my camera without any other hardware?

I have a Nikon Coolpix 510 and I was hoping to use a live feed from it without getting any more external hardware than the cable. Do you know of any way to do this? iMovie detects it and opens up its previously taken photos and videos but doesn’t allow live input like with the built in camera.

How can I use audacity to record audio output along with mic input?

My goal is to record 4-5 hours of audio for my long form podcast. I need it to be able to accept input from the mic and output from the laptop audio (so I can record conversation I have with other people over discord), and create files that aren’t too huge.

People suggested audacity to me, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make it record the audio output.

Someone told me I should:

Use JACK (useful for routing sound from one program to another among other things) together with Audacity. To get the sound output from your laptop (assuming you use PulseAudio), use a PulseAudio JACK Sink. qjackctl is a GUI interface for JACK that makes the routing a bit easier (and visual).

I have audacity and qjackctl installed, but it’s really overwhelming trying to figure out how to make this work when I don’t know what most of these words mean.

Could you help me with this process, or suggest a simpler alternative?